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audrey wei

Free Online Learning at - 93 views

    Free Online Learning at
    Just an excellent resource particularly for business or the IT curriculum. Better than many of the paid resources we have.
Derek Hatch - 65 views

    Inquiry Learning Rubric from Galileo
Steven Engravalle

Historic American Newspapers - Chronicling America (The Library of Congress) - 94 views

    Search America's historic newspapers pages from 1836-1922 from Chronicling America (The Library of Congress).  Great for research.
    Very nice, thanks for sharing.

20 Technology Skills that Every Educator Should Have | Digital Learning Environments - 171 views

  • could be/might be used in a classroom.

    1.    Google Tools Knowledge
    2.    Google Earth Knowledge
    3.    Wiki Knowledge
    4.    Blogging Knowledge
    5.    Spreadsheets Skills
    6.    Database Skills
    7.    Social Bookmarking Knowledge
    8.    Social Networking Knowledge
    9.    Web Resources in content area
    10.    Web Searching skills
    11.    Web2.0 Tools
    12.    Interactive White Board skills (SmartBoard and Promethean)
    13.    Website design and management skills
    14.    Presentation Tools
    15.    IM knowledge
    16.    Video and Podcasting

    lists skills with resources
    Useful re: Tech Competencies - 20 Technology Skills that Every Educator Should Have #edtech

"Game Changers: Education and Information Technology" a free publication from EDUCAUSE ... - 7 views

    published by EDUCAUSE, 2012 - asks "How can we reach more learners, more effectively, and with greater impact?" also....
    * How will your institution negotiate the new geography of learning?
    * In a world where information is always accessible, how will teaching and learning change?
    * What will constitute an institution of higher education in the future?
    * How do we ready our institutions, our students, and ourselves for what higher education can-and must-become?
    'Game Changers: Education and Information Technologies explores the tools and processes that can improve the quality, flexibility, and scalability of postsecondary education. The book takes a hard look at the education landscape today and asks what that landscape might look like tomorrow. It asks important questions and pushes us to open our minds about how technology will shape the universe of possibility for tomorrow's students'
    Edited by Diane G. Oblinger
    "Game Changers: Education and Information Technology" a free publication from EDUCAUSE (pdf)

LibriVox - 55 views

shared by meldar on 15 Nov 09 - Cached
    Free public domain downloads of audiobooks. Great resource to share with teachers of ELL students and exceptional learners with reading related disabilities.
    Free public domain audio books
Martin Burrett

Communication 4 All - Literacy - 129 views

    An extensive literacy site with hundreds of resources to download and use on whiteboards.
Roland Gesthuizen

The Curious Case of the Flipped-Bloom's Meme - Blog - HappySteve - 145 views

    "Bloom's taxonomy was never meant to be linear or sequential. The version I always knew was a pyramid: But as with the general flipped learning meme, if you look you can find plenty of examples dating back years. This looks like a flipped pyramid right here"
N Butler

StoryKeepers - VideoMaking ToolKits - 191 views

    Resources for digital storytelling
N Butler

About Bernajean Porter | Digitales - 67 views

    Great site for ideas for digital storytelling.
    Great site for ideas for digital storytelling.
Mark Gleeson

Household Maths - real maths in the classroom - 103 views

    A summative description of. Maths program related to real Maths in the household context. 
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