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USATestprep, Inc. - Online State-Specific Review and Benchmark Testing - 4 views

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    USATestprep has been helping teachers and students prepare for Graduation Exams, Grad

  • SATestprep, Inc. is an online resource to help students learn. Each of our products is custom-designed to help high school and middle school students understand their state's required standards and prepare them for high-stakes, standardized tests. Our subscribers include thousands of teache
Steve Gall

Grovo | Video Training & Internet Education - 5 views

    Free tutorials about the Internet.
Martin Burrett

Electric Circuit Builder - 118 views

    There is no better way of learning about circuits than to get out the wires and play. But this is a good resource that helps you teach about circuits and how to build them. Good as an introduction to the topic.
Martin Burrett

Inca - 67 views

    A great resource for learning about the Inca through a well design series of games and activities.
Martin Burrett

Geographical Association - 84 views

    This is a great site to find all sorts of useful resources and information for teaching geography. There are pages of lesson plans, downloads, ideas and advice.
Martin Burrett

Yes, Pix Me! - 99 views

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    A superb collaborative image collecting site. Just drag the image into the box and share the link.
M Laks

601 Survey - 3 views

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Gayle Cole

Coexist-Documentary Film Outreach Project - 22 views

  • Teachers were also eager to explore how to make the connection between genocide and bullying. Former nun and author Barbara Coloroso says the common denominator between genocide and bullying is contempt. “When institutional and situational factors combine with a murderous racial, ethnic, or religious ideology rooted in contempt for a group of people, then bullying is taken to its extreme. The bullies are now well on their way to setting the stage for the dress rehearsals that precede a genocide.”[1]
    I don't think it is contempt, it is dehumanization. If you can believe someone doesn't deserve respect as a fellow human being, then you set the table for both genocide and bullying. Another aspect of this is that the bully and the social group or society that surrounds the victim must also feel that the victim deserves to be victimized because they won't act against that victimization. "Blaming the victim" is the halmark of both bullying and genocide.
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