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Steven Engravalle

40+ Super Secret iPad Features and Shortcuts | iPad.AppStorm - 18 views

    I'll bet you don't know all of these...
Wayne Holly

Here comes Yahoo's own Web browser -- Axis | Internet & Media - CNET News - 35 views

    Yahoo's search group attempts to take control of its destiny by launching its own browser. Surprise: It's good.
A Gardner

MaKey MaKey: An Invention Kit for Everyone by Jay Silver - Kickstarter - 97 views

    same makers of scratch
Sue Bailey

Tech Talk for Teachers: Jux--Easy as 1, 2, 3! - 92 views

    Learn how to create works of art from your class photos with the easy to use options available at
Melissa Wilson

A Navy SEAL's wise advice to graduates - - 69 views

  • He is not a household name, but he should be. The 38-year-old Rhodes scholar and humanitarian worker turned U.S. Navy SEAL served multiple tours overseas fighting terrorist cells and received several military awards. Today, he is the CEO of the Mission Continues, a nonprofit foundation he created to help wounded and disabled veterans find ways to serve their communities at home.
    • Melissa Wilson
      These are the heros students should hear about.
Ryan Donnelly

Smart Notebook Gallery 2.0 : Beta now available | The Whiteboard Blog - 88 views

    Smart Notebook Gallery 2.0 : Beta now available
Michele Brown

100 (Updated) Ways To Use Facebook In Your Classroom | Edudemic - 4 views

    A good list of ways Facebook can be used in the classroom.
Jeannie Anderson

Exploring the Use of Social Bookmarking Technology in Education - 8 views

  • As the price of higher education keeps increasing
    • Jeannie Anderson
      sticky note
    Implications for how social bookmarking can impact online and offline learning are discussed.
Michele Brown

TeachTec's Tools for Schools - 17 views

    Some very interesting Microsoft applications that might be suitable for schools.
    It includes Beginner Developer, Chemistry Add-in for Word, Education Labs for Maths test creation, Microsoft Robotics and others.
    Hat tip to Skipz
    A great place to find tech tools to use with MS Office programs. Find and download alll of Microsoft's free tools for teachers and students.  Updated 3.18.2012 Microsoft Partners in Learning helps educators connect, collaborate, create and share. TeachTec is a Microsoft Partners in Learning resource that helps educators find relevant and effective ways to use technology to inspire teaching and engage students. Together we have consolidated the latest and most popular teacher and student resources that Microsoft provides to all schools, districts and education organizations around the world.

The Future of the Phone Transcript - On The Media - 1 views

    The Future of the Phone: an interview with Tom Vanderbilt, who says the phone call's day may be passing.

Kids prefer free gaming apps to other mobile content » Kidscreen - 3 views

    Looking at the mobile app habits and preferences of kids ages two to 14, The NPD Group's new study, Kids and Apps: A New Era of Play, has revealed that gaming apps are the most popular and the majority (88%) of apps kids have access to are acquired for free.
Michele Brown

Ribbon Hero 2 - 6 views

    Learn MS Office programs through this interactive game.  Great way to introduce students to the MS Office programs.  The program is free to download and will be integrated into your Office programs.
Josh Flores

Librarydoor: Thus Saith the Common Core about Graphic Text - 7 views

  • graphic texts are actually embraced as "knowledge product"
Sean Flynn - 1 views

shared by Sean Flynn on 23 May 12 - Cached
    videos and commentary on free market responses to economic issues
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