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Miles Beasley

Children's A.D.D. Drugs Don't Work Long-Term - - 1 views

    Interesting NY Times article on the use of Ritalin in the States
Tonya Thomas

Thrun leaving Stanford for online startup - Technology & science - Innovation - - 0 views

  • Online education can also leverage the "flipped classroom" technique used by a few innovative educators, Thrun said. Students watch lectures on their own so that teachers can spend their time and energy helping students solve problems.

    Many of his online students have written to share their stories with Thrun. One student told of finishing online assignments in between mortar and rocket attacks in Afghanistan. Another described herself as a single mother of two young children who suffered from both job and family worries.

    "I took the midterm this weekend, mostly while holding a teething infant," said the anonymous mother. "None of my other issues have gone away. But I feel more determined than ever to see this through … for myself."

Erika Daleiden

Believing in Tim Tebow - ESPN - 1 views

  • I've come to believe in Tim Tebow, but not for what he does on a football field, which is still three parts Dr. Jekyll and two parts Mr. Hyde.
Juan Arbulu

Aplicaciones curation - 0 views

    Aplicaciones que se utilizan para almacenar y distribuir contenidos.
Greg Clinton

iPad Academic - Animating and Explaining Meiosis with iPads - 3 views

    Great use of multiple apps to get students thinking in creative ways about meiosis. Has potential to be applied in a number of different settings - I'm thinking about drama to show dramatic power of movement, or in interesting digital story-telling applications. High School level.
Martin Burrett

Diipo - 157 views

    A beautifully made Twitter-like social network for schools that supports photos, videos, files and embed html. The site also has a blog feature, calendar and many other fab features. You can set your class to private or public.
Martin Burrett

Smories - new stories for children, read by children - 124 views

    An amazing digital storytelling project. Watch videos of children telling original stories.
Martin Burrett

Random Words - 121 views

    This is a superb random word generator split into nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs. Great for infusing a little magic into creative writing sessions.
Bruce Gurnick

60 Resources and Job Search Websites | Job Search Tips and Advice - Applicant - 71 views

    A wealth of resources for anyone looking for a job. Links to articles on resumes, interviews, job searches.
Mrs. Lail2

Don't Lecture Me | American RadioWorks - 85 views

    Links to several stories on lectures.
Mrs. Lail2

Transcript for Don't Lecture Me - 82 views

  • Mazur believes the purpose of education is changing. It used to be about mastering a certain amount of knowledge. But knowledge is growing and changing at such a rapid rate that it's impossible to learn it all. The key now is to find and use information, not remember and repeat it. And Mazur says the goal of educators should be to help students develop the skills to understand all the new information that will be coming at them throughout their lives. In other words, the purpose of education now should be to learn how to learn.
Bob Rowan

"The YouTube Trick" - Videos - Viddler - 117 views

    how to show a Youtube video without ads (still includes related videos when movie ends)
Holly Gerla

Moving at the Speed of Creativity - Use Appointment Slots on a Google Calendar - 102 views

    What a great tool to use for parent-teacher conferences, or student-advisor appointments! 
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