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Brandi Knight

A Walk In The Woods - 193 views

    Cool Site, interactive actual walk...
Brandi Knight

Tops and Bottoms - 82 views

    Large list of websites that go with a soty in Third Grade Reader (WV)
Brandi Knight

Echo the Bat - 7 views

    This is a fun site that depicts the true story of Echo the Bat
Tracy Goergens

Discovery Education: Web 2.0 Tools - 130 views

  • Web 2.0 is about revolutionary new ways of creating, collaborating, editing and sharing user-generated content online
    This is a simple definition of Web2.0 I found helpful.
Meg Franks

K-5 iPad Apps to Evaluate Creating: Part Six of Bloom's Revised Taxonomy | Edutopia - 7 views

    • Meg Franks
      this is cool
Rick Vettraino

- Top 100 Sites of 2011 - 14 views

    List of 2011 best websites for education

ePals Global Community - 31 views

    Where learners and teachers connect. International collaboration
    listing on of schools participating in adobe connect or vc type projects. The idea of thinning the classroom walls and going more global. 

LC Home Page - 1 views

    useful web site to partner with schools and use VC equipment funded for ontario thought

Math GAINS Home - 2 views

    VC conferencing that has examples, 
Perry Angelonga

6 Ways To Make Online Education More Inviting | Edudemic - 92 views

  • The most popular complaints about online learning are lack of engagement, slow response time from the instructor, and a loss of the sense of community.
  • Anxiety is the enemy of learning. Students need to know their teacher, environment, and peers. In a virtual environment, you can only rely on your user interface to do this for you.
  • A Participants List
  • ...5 more annotations...
  • Instructor Bio and Contact Information
  • A Calendar
  • Learning Objectives and Expectations
  • Media
  • An Introductory Discussion
    • Perry Angelonga
      watch this
michael ruff

The Solar System - 9 views

    Great Site!
Roland Gesthuizen

What if the Secret to Success Is Failure? - - 11 views

    For the headmaster of an intensely competitive school, Randolph, who is 49, is surprisingly skeptical about many of the basic elements of a contemporary high-stakes American education.
Roland Gesthuizen

5 Ways Higher Education Is Leveraging Mobile Tech - 61 views

    Mobile technology is on the minds of higher education professionals more than ever before. At the recent HighEdWeb conference in Austin, the itinerary included several ways schools can use social media, blogs and mobile technologies to better captivate its student body .. As tomorrow's grads become increasingly married to their mobile devices, here are five ways that mobile tech matters just as much as social technology in the higher ed space.
Gordon Hultberg

Free Technology for Teachers: Embed Plus - Clip & Annotate YouTube Videos - 173 views

    edit videos
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