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Christy Branham

Tomorrow's Tech in Today's Schools: Wikipedia project... - 7 views

    Wikipedia template to use with students on Power Point
Kate Pok

Workflowy, example of bad productivity app and 7 features that would make it awesome - 3 views

    • Kate Pok
      I also agree with most of these needed features.
    • Here is the list of things that every productivity application should have:

      • Integration with iCal / Google Calendar - for those who rely on Google SMS texts as reminders
      • Powerful search – so I don’t have to waste time looking for the things that I need
      • Available on all platforms (Mac, PC, Android, iOS, Black Berry…) – so if I change the device, I don’t need to be left apart
      • Sharing options (Facebook, Twitter, @mail) – so I can share my thoughts with my friends without writing it twice and copy pasting
      • Tagging – so we can organize ourselves better
      • Reminders – so we can setup alarms without finding the native app
      • Offline access – so we don’t have to rely on internet in order for our system to work.
    But I have to admit, I LOVE WORKFLOWY
    While this site lists some of the limitations of Workflowy, I have to admit I LOVE workflowy
Kate Pok

Student-Led Discussion Manual - 8 views

  • 2) Formulate and write down four or five discussion questions based upon the assigned reading.

    3) On the assumption that you will lead the day's discussion, write a brief (less than 5-minute) opening statement about the assignment. Your statement should set the stage for, and end by raising, one or more of your discussion questions.

    very useful
Glynda Pflieger

Public & School Libraries in Decline: When We Need Them - 2 views

    Council Chronicle September 2011
Len Horn

Print Your - 5 views

    Fillable Tournament Brackets
Dave Vieglais

Top Web Annotation and Markup Tools - 4 views

    • Dave Vieglais
A Gardner

10 Reasons the Tests Are Lowering Our Standards « Cooperative Catalyst - 94 views

  • Kids will work hard to learn, because they are naturally curious.
  • extrinsic motivation
  • extrinsic motivation, it moves to economic norms, where they learn to do the least possible work for the highest results
  • ...5 more annotations...
  • The test is longer than the Bar Exam or the MCATs. It’s insane
  • Students should be able to have instant feedback regarding how well they did.
  • two things vying for a student’s attention: the grade and the learning
  • Risk Aversion: Learning involves taking risks.
  • same myopic view of success
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