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Amber Bridge

models - 7 views

    A look at the different applications for a flipped classroom
Steve Ransom

Idaho Teachers Fight a Reliance on Computers - - 1 views

  • how teachers would be trained when some already work long hours and take second jobs to make ends meet.
    • Steve Ransom
      The stark reality policy makers seem to ignore
  • Giving them easy access to a wealth of facts and resources online allows them to develop critical thinking skills, he said, which is what employers want the most.
    • Steve Ransom
      No... TEACHERS help students develop critical thinking skills. Information and tools are but opportunities to be leveraged..
  • said there was no proof that the technology improved learning
    • Steve Ransom
      A typical politician who doesn't bother to really investigate the full body of research. There's also no proof that pencils, football, and textbooks improve learning either.
Donal O' Mahony

Geotagging by football jersey! | eLearning Island - 2 views

    One teachers observations on geotagging Tweets visible to your students and the world!
Christy Branham

learningIT - Mac Related ICT, Art & Creativity Info for Teachers & Students - 0 views

    Art & Creativity Info for Teachers & Students

How to create a Word for Mac merge document by using Excel data - 2 views

    Great tutorial for creating forms using data from Excel
Mike Dunagan

9 YouTube Tips and Tricks for Teachers | The Whiteboard Blog - 235 views

    Some very good suggestions if you want to use YouTube and want to:
    * show the video without the clutter
    * show the video from a certain starting point
    * show the video even if YouTube is blocked to your classroom.
Kate Pok

Idaho Teachers Fight a Reliance on Computers - - 32 views

  • Last year, the state legislature overwhelmingly passed a law that requires all high school students to take some online classes to graduate, and that the students and their teachers be given laptops or tablets. The idea was to establish Idaho’s schools as a high-tech vanguard.

    To help pay for these programs, the state may have to shift tens of millions of dollars away from salaries for teachers and administrators. And the plan envisions a fundamental change in the role of teachers, making them less a lecturer at the front of the room and more of a guide helping students through lessons delivered on computers.

  • “Teachers don’t object to the use of technology,” said Sabrina Laine, vice president of the American Institutes for Research, which has studied the views of the nation’s teachers using grants from organizations like the Gates and Ford Foundations. “They object to being given a resource with strings attached, and without the needed support to use it effectively to improve student learning.”
    • Kate Pok
      What a pity, a sign of how little respect people actually give to the profession of teaching; the only profession where people don't take the comments of practitioners seriously.  Can you imagine saying to your doctor, "I know this is your diagnosis, but I'm going to go with my Great Aunt's diagnosis."
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  • They complain that lawmakers listened less to them than to heavy lobbying by technology companies, including Intel and Apple.
  • under the state’s plan, that teacher will not always be in the room. The plan requires high school students to take online courses for two of their 47 graduation credits.
    • Kate Pok
      I actually find this somewhat little research exists as to how students are actually learning online.  Are they using Facebook or are they going through MIT's Open Courseware?  I'm inclined to think the former.  I'm slowly adding more and more technology to my classes and frankly, I'm surprised that students are not more technologically savvy... the first and second digital divides are increasingly evident...
    • Carol Pearsall
      Interesting article, however, you can't ignore that students today will be doing a significant amount of learning on a computer. If our high school students can't master managing an online class in high school, how will they fare later on? It's another learning tool. 2 classes out of 47 credits? How is that detrimental to the development of lifelong learners?

      We can research until the cows come home, but at some point if we don't dive in, we miss the boat. While we can all wish for all our students to graduate high school and then go on to college, the reality is that most of them won't. That's reality... Preparing our kids for future learning and building those skills necessary to be successful to master online courses is a skill they will need to succeed in their digital world.
Kate Pok

BalancEdTech - Commenting - 15 views

    Agree ...
    Question ...
    Connect ...
    Extend ...
    Critique ...
    Synthesize ...
    Meta Analyze ...
    Related Links ...
Martin Burrett

BBC Maths - Angles - Mission 2110 - 127 views

    Battle evil robots and save the world with your knowledge of angles with this great BBC maths adventure.
Martin Burrett

Calendar Labs - 135 views

    Make a variety of different calendars with this useful, easy to use site. Download as PDFs and Word Documents.
Martin Burrett

GifGear - Make animated GIFs - 119 views

    Make animated GIF files with this easy to use GIF creator. Just upload your images to make a sequence.
evag pardo

Spotzi - 156 views

    A wonderful site for seeing information layered over a map. Includes temperature data, habitats, volcanoes location and natural resources.
Tracy Tuten

The Best of The Teaching Professor - Ike Shibley, Ph.D. - Google Books - 71 views

    On teaching
John Trampush

UnBoxed: online - 54 views

    The author shares findings from her action research, focusing on the question, "How can I use critique to improve the quality of student feedback, student work and create a culture of collaboration?"
sanford arbogast

Gapminder World - 4 views

    this is a great site fro demonstrating visual statistics
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