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Jackie Cope

Differentiated Instruction with UDL | National Center on Accessible Instructional Mater... - 92 views

    • Jackie Cope
      How does UDL work with standardized testing?
  • To begin, we recommend that teachers have a basic understanding of UDL and a commitment to make the curriculum and learning accessible for all learners
  • The process includes four steps, based upon the principles and concepts of UDL, proven professional development strategies, and effective teaching practices; (a) Set Goals, (b) Analyze Status, (c) Apply UDL, and (d) Teach the UDL Lesson.
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  • Set Goals
  • Analyze the Current Status
  • Apply UDL to the Lesson/Unit.
  • Teach the UDL Lesson/Unit,
  • When teaching and evaluating students work, also evaluate and revise the lesson/unit to assure student access and success.
Amy Burns

UDL Examples and Resources | National Center On Universal Design for Learning - 25 views

    "Below, you will find teacher-friendly examples and resources that illustrate each of the UDL checkpoints. Exploring these examples and resources not only helps to clarify what is meant by each of the checkpoints but also gives teachers ideas of ways to implement UDL in their classrooms. These lists are meant to be a sampling of the different examples and resources that are available. All products listed are free, but some may have fee-based versions."
Quynh Vu Do

UDL: The UDL Guidelines - 26 views

    "The UDL Guidelines are a tool used in the implementation of Universal Design for Learning, a framework to improve and optimize teaching and learning for all people based on scientific insights into how humans learn."
Beth Panitz

Response To Intervention & Universal Design For Learning Central - The place for sharin... - 64 views

    Central site for sharing RTI and UDL information
Mallory Burton

Getting from Here to There What GPS can teach us about education - 0 views

    David Rose uses GPS navigation system to introduce principles of UDL
A Strang

iepssn.pdf (application/pdf Object) - 17 views

    The BC Ministry of Education has included UDL as a strategy for designing learning materials that meet the needs of diverse learners.
Brian Licata

UDL Adaptation Strategies | Goalbook Common Core & UDL Toolkit: IEP Goals in Reading, W... - 2 views

    Adaptation Strategies
A Strang

adaptations_and_modifications_guide.pdf (application/pdf Object) - 26 views

    The BC Ministry of Education has included UDL as a strategy for designing learning materials that meet the needs of diverse learners.
Beth Panitz

What does UDL look like? | EdReach - 69 views

  • “Universal design usually means creating buildings that are physically accessible to everyone, with hallways wide enough for wheelchairs,” he says. “But, in promoting ‘universal design for learning,’ we have to simultaneously confront the technological, social and psychological barriers to equal education.”
    confronting barriers to equal education for all
Beth Panitz

Joy Zabala SETT Framework - 26 views

    Source of information and guidance to support implementation of UDL.
Bonita Hall

Canvas Voluntary Product Accessibility Template | Canvas by Instructure - 13 views

    • Bonita Hall
      UDL: Alternative formats of Product support free in accessible text-based format is free and available online; alternative formats may be charged. 

UDL Book Builder - 86 views

    Create, edit, publish, and read digital books.
    Create and Share eBooks
Tricia Hunt

Download UDL Guidelines Version 2.0! | National Center On Universal Design for Learning - 55 views

    • Tricia Hunt
      Great resource for using Universal Design to create lesson plans.  The Educator worksheet is especially useful!
Susan Stevens

UDL Examples and Resources | National Center On Universal Design for Learning - 55 views

Patti Porto

McGraw-Hill upgrades digital textbook with new SmartBook - 2 views

    "McGraw-Hill, one of the more prominent textbook publishers, is looking to take digital textbooks to another level, announcing its new SmartBook for college students."
David Hochheiser

The union wants an evaluation deal  - NY Daily News - 1 views

    • David Hochheiser
      This shouldn't be an issue, but I don't like the word "sunset" either in that it implies a need to start over, from scratch.  Perhaps it should be stated that certain pieces will be reviewed and re-considered for a formal signing again in 2 years, after evidence is presented.
    • David Hochheiser
      This is posturing and politics on both sides.  Get over yourselves. 
    • David Hochheiser
      Are teachers really "waiting to receive a curriculum from the DOE"?  That seems ridiculous.  Aren't we all working on improving the work we already do and infusing the CCSS into our learning objectives?  Has there ever really been a full curriculum handed to teachers?
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    • David Hochheiser
      The state tests are getting more difficult this year? Yet to be seen.
    • David Hochheiser
      The union should come up with a better system for this.  Even if there are tough principals to work for, this is a problem.  
    • David Hochheiser
      This writing ought to have been edited by Mulgrew and the paper.
    • David Hochheiser
      Framework of best practices???  What's that going to look like?  Different from UDL?
    • David Hochheiser
      It is insincere of you to take none of the responsibility for this.  Seriously...the union's innocent?  Where is your concession?  
  • w evaluation system for every district in the state, pointed out that hundreds of other districts have precisely these provisions, and that such provisions do not prevent the districts from getting rid of teachers who don’t measure up
  • put on the table a two-year “sunset” provision that would have negated the effects of the evaluation process
  • We are now working on a framework of best practices that the Education Department can use as part of the training system it must outline to King by Feb. 15 if it wants to avoid the loss of even more state and federal funds.
  • But if we are going to be successful, we will need people on the other side of the table who are interested in creating a system that will truly help teachers improve, not in leaving a legacy of blame.
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