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Taylor Rankin

Desalination: Option Or Distraction For A Thirsty World? - 58 views

    • Taylor Rankin
      Read the Article!!!
    discusses the positives and negatives of desalination
Taylor Rankin

Visualizing Vocabulary - National Writing Project - 221 views

    • Taylor Rankin
      Good idea!!!
    a great article on vocabulary activities
Marsha Ratzel

college readiness and Common Core blended. - 91 views

    Integrates College readiness and Common Core.
Glenda Baker

Google Forms Email Script - 149 views

    How to set up a mail function from the form to create self graded tests.
Michele Brown

Social Media for Dummies - 133 views

    A humorous and fairly accurate summary of the most popular social media platforms and a comparison to In Real Life social arenas.
Martin Burrett

Traffic Lights - 181 views

    A simple flash-basic set of traffic lights for managing the volume in your class.
    Hi Martin, I was wondering how these traffic lights work? I understand the concept but how do I use them in my classroom? I looked at the link you posted and I see the stop light but after that, I became confused:( Thanks! Connie Warner
Elizabeth Baus

TeachersFirst Edge Tips - 4 views

    Safe Web 2.0 in the Classroom
Jackie Cope

LESSON PLANS | Hector's World Information Island - 10 views

    • Jackie Cope
      "Details, Details" is about sharing personal information online.
Derek Allison

JAM - Welcome to just-a-minute - 144 views

    • Derek Allison
      Minute Meditations
Martin Burrett

The Night Zookeeper - 85 views

    A great site where teachers upload drawing and paintings of animals and stories that go with it. Basic account is free, but a paid for option with more features is available.
Martin Burrett

Jelly Golf - 128 views

    A beautifully made golf themed fractions game.
Abir Qasem

Bloomberg Businessweek First Annual 'How To' Guide: How To Be a CIO - BusinessWeek - 27 views

  • Here at Google we go to great lengths to make people productive by allowing them to have choices with the technology they choose to do their work. I had thought that would be very, very costly. To my surprise I’ve discovered, and third-party benchmarks have verified, that when you give people the choice of their toolset, they end up supporting themselves much more.
Ivo Schwalbe

GeoGebraTube - 102 views

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