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Jennifer Diaz

Digital Literacy and Citizenship Curriculum for Grades K-5 | Common Sense Media - 71 views

    I have use this curriculum quite a bit with elementary students. Teaching them online safety and digital citizenship is really important!
pjt111 taylor

Taking Yourself Seriously: Processes of Research and Engagement has been publ... - 3 views

    This is a "field-book of tools and processes to help readers in all fields develop as researchers, writers, and agents of change."

    For more details and how to purchase: (Printing and distribution in Australia and Europe begins end of March.)

    Comments on the influence of this book's approach
    "I was able to get engaged in a project that I was able to actually use in work, which was extremely satisfying. The whole process encouraged me, and I felt very empowered as a change agent, which could be an exhilarating feeling."
    a healthcare professional and story-teller

    "I really had not been used to thinking about my own thinking, so learning to do that also helped me to slow down and start to look away from the career path that I had been taking for granted."
    a biologist-turned-web designer

    "I found that the experience helped me to accept feedback from other professionals. I am more comfortable with listening to why my own ideas might not work or need further evaluation. This even happens to the point where I find reasons now to seek out this kind of feedback."
    a teacher

    "I had viewed research as a process of collecting information into a sort of database and reviewing it effectively. I have now revised my notions to include a more broad understanding of interconnectedness between people and ideas. An important part of research is to keep relationships going."
    an adult educator

    "One of the most useful ideas was the use of dialogue, which helps to slow down the procedures used by the company. There's a tension between management's need to make quick decisions and desire to have real dialogue around proposed changes-changes to the internal company operational procedures as well as to evaluating the quality of what the company is doing with its publications."
    a teacher, currently working in publishing

    "I was asked to pay attention to what I actually could do instead of what I could not. This enabled me to (1) step back and let go of a huge technic
Mark Gleeson

Keeping parents in the loop - Live Blogging from Camp - 1 views

    My experience of blogging from camp to keep the school community updated.
Mark Gleeson

The iPad and Maths - Are we there yet? Pt 2 (non Math apps do the job?) - 85 views

    This blog post discusses the use of apps that are not specifically designed for Math in Mathematics teaching and learning. It include a range of teaching applications and provides links to all relevant apps
Maureen Greenbaum

Education Week: Fighting the Enemies of Personalized Learning - 57 views

  • Most educators agree that the one-size-fits-all curriculum needs addressing
  • emergence of technology in education has certainly created a renewed interest in personalizing learning and providing teachers with the tools necessary for differentiating curriculum.
  • True personalization requires more than just looking at achievement levels and trying to compensate for deficiencies
  • ...5 more annotations...
  • differentiation of content requires adding more depth and complexity to the curriculum rather than transmitting more or easier factual material.
  • achievement levels, information about student interests, learning styles, and preferred modes of expression allow us to make decisions about personalization that take multiple dimensions of the learner into account.
  • Respect for learning-style variations can be achieved by using instructional strategies such as simulations, Socratic inquiry, problem-based learning, dramatizations, and individual and small-group investigations of real problems. Expression-style preferences can be accommodated by giving students opportunities to communicate visually, graphically, artistically, and through animatronics, multimedia, and various community-service involvements.
  • Our obsession with content mastery and Skinner's behavioral theory of learning are slowly but surely giving way to an interest in personalization and differentiation.
  • While it is understandable that our early use of technology was mainly an adaptation of Gutenberg-online and a teaching-machine mentality of what learning is all about, we now have both the pedagogical rationale and technological capability to use the many dimensions of student characteristics that clearly and unequivocally result in higher engagement, enjoyment, and enthusiasm for learning.
S Berrend

Foodskey - The Science of Food and Drink - 60 views

    Interesting short videos on food science..using plasma to stop fungal rotting on strawberries, UV light research on increasing broccoli shelf life and more...
Mark Gleeson

Ask a Tech Teacher - 73 views

    A must read for kids and parents online.
Nancy Schmidt

Confessions of an Aca/Fan: Archives: Connected Learning: Reimagining the Experience of ... - 1 views

    • Nancy Schmidt
      The Common Core Learning Standards focus is to provide these type of texts in ELA, Social Studies and Science.
  • new approach to learning -- connected learning -- that is anchored in research, robust theories of learning, and the best of traditional standards, but also designed to mine the learning potential of the new social- and digital media domain
    • Nancy Schmidt
      Question: Can this be accomplished with the ever decreasing school budget? Will all these agencies work together to better educate our youths without asking for payment? Budgets could potentially be the ultimate hurdle in achieving connected learning.
  • ...5 more annotations...
  • Equity -- when educational opportunity is available and accessible to all young people, it elevates the world we all live in.
    • Nancy Schmidt
      Can equity actually be achieved when we have privatization of education? I don't believe so as those who can afford private education will also contribute more toward their child's experience which continues to increase the divide.
  • Research shows that learners who are interested in what they are learning, achieve higher order learning outcomes.
  • Research shows that among friends and peers, young people fluidly contribute, share, and give feedback to one another, producing powerful learning.
  • Peer culture and interest-driven activity needs to be connected to academic subjects, institutions, and credentials for diverse young people to realize these opportunities.
Jennifer Diaz

iPad As.... - 199 views

    This is a must have resource for those schools who have iPads and want ideas to implement them with. I will share this with the teacher in my Chicago school, for they just rolled out iPads to the teachers and students. Teachers were trainied on how to set up the device and maintain it but not much practical implimentation suggestions. This gives a good idea of how the apps work, the cost and ease of use.
    Thanks for this post!!!
Bruce Gurnick

The Scale of the Universe 2 - 87 views

    An amazing sequel to Scale of the Universe. See the smallest and biggest objects in our universe. This version is animated and has lots more objects to view.
  • ...1 more comment...
    Powers of 10 for the web browser!
    compares the size of small and large objects that make up our known universe; shared by Ginny Byrne
    Zoom from the edge of the universe to the quantum foam of spacetime and learn about everything in between.
Charles Greenberg

Open Education Week - 58 views

  • Open education seeks to reduce barriers to learning for everyone while providing tools and resources that facilitate success. Initiatives in open education include open sharing of high-quality educational materials (Open Educational Resources), flexible and free learning formats that make use of open content, alternative pathways to assessment and certification of learning, and projects that support improvements in educational systems.
    Welcome to the Open Education Week website. We are busy planning activities for 5-10 March 2012 to explore open education projects, resources and institutions around the world. Events will engage you in discussions and presentations about how open sharing in education can foster improvements in teaching and learning globally, make education more accessible, and create opportunities for collaboration and innovation. All live and virtual activities will be free and open to the public. Please check back for schedules, resources and information.
    Be part of the beginning. No turning back
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