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Martin Burrett

Learning Chocolate - 117 views

    A superb language site for learning vocabulary. Choose to learn to and from English, Spanish, Japanese and Mandarin Chinese.
web2write Idensen

Social Bookmarking (Diigo) - Collaborative Learning Online - 134 views

    4 SLIDESHARE INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Creating an Educator Account (19 Slides)2. Creating Student Account (11 Slides) 3. Managing Groups Tutorial (22 Slides)4. Installing and Using the Diigo Toolbar Tutorial (29 Slides) 
Carol Mortensen

If Computer Problems Were Real - Awkward Spaceship - YouTube - 84 views

    Because we all need to smile sometimes!
Jac Londe

The Electron is round. Incredibly round | ZME Science - 59 views

  • The experiments, which spanned more than a decade, suggest that the electron differs from being round by less than 0.000000000000000000000000001 cm. Just so you can get an estimate, if the electron were as big as the solar system, it would still be spherical to within the width of a human hair.
  • a team from the Imperial College London concluded that the electron is actually incredibly round, thus making the most accurate estimate of its shape.
Jac Londe

How the brain makes memories: Rhythmically! - 7 views

  • How the brain makes memories: Rhythmically!
  • "Our work suggests that some problems with learning and memory are caused by synapses not being tuned to the right frequency."
  • "To our surprise, we found that beyond the optimal frequency, synaptic strengthening actually declined as the frequencies got higher."
  • ...2 more annotations...
  • Their research also showed that once a synapse learns, its optimal frequency changes. In other words, if the optimal frequency for a naïve synapse -- one that has not learned anything yet -- was, say, 30 spikes per second, after learning, that very same synapse would learn optimally at a lower frequency, say 24 spikes per second. Thus, learning itself changes the optimal frequency for a synapse.
  • the findings raise the possibility that drugs could be developed to "retune" the brain rhythms of people with learning or memory disorders, or that many more of us could become Einstein or Mozart if the optimal brain rhythm was delivered to each synapse.
Josh Flores

Batch adding new users using the Blog & User Creator -Edublogs Help and Support - 1 views

    Here's the help page to setting up your students on an edublog

epcop_learnspace - 3 views

    EpCoP learnspace for the e-Portfolio MOOC

Eportfolio Resources - Out of Practice - 11 views

    Eportfolios are a popular practice the world over.  However, although eportfolios have been in existence for over two decades, the effort to share resources about how to develop, implement, and assess an eportfolio program has been a more recent phenomenon.  What follows is a partial list of such materials.  If you would like to add an item to the list, please send an email to wendebmg [at] gmail [dot] com.  Two references are required for new resources.

Wikis in the Classroom: Three Ways to Increase Student Collaboration - Faculty Focus | ... - 200 views

    I've long said that professors who want to explore teaching with technology should begin with a social media tool rather than a Learning Management System. Web 2.0 tools are simple to use, invite student collaboration, and are usually less administratively clunky and complex than an LMS.One of the easiest and most powerful tools is the regular old wiki. Wikis are simply web pages that can be edited by their users. Instead of only carrying content from the administrator, they harness the power of crowdsourcing to create a powerful communal resource.
Jim Tiffin Jr

Many Eyes - Data Visualization - 131 views

    Create atypical visualizations of different types of data for a variety of purposes. Beyond just bar charts and pie charts, this platform will allow you to analyze existing data sets, or upload your own to see what story the data may be trying to tell you.

    An experiment brought to you by IBM Research and the IBM Cognos software group.
Deven Black

0-startpage4 education - 63 views

    What a great tool! The ability to embed code, import live web sites and include other tools such as Google calendar and translator is really useful. The only trouble I had was accessing the templates the site includes.
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