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Florence Dujardin

Ethnotelling for User-generated Experiences - 30 views

    This paper focuses on storytelling as a research tool for social sciences, especially for cultural anthropology. After a short review of the main methodological tools traditionally used in ethnography, with particular regard to observation and interview, we focus on collecting and crafting stories (ethnotelling) as suitable tools for conveying the relational nature of fieldwork. Drawing on the works of Orr, Chipchase, Marradi and Adwan/Bar-on, we show how stories – collected, mediated or made up – are valuable tools for representing experiences and identities. As a result, we suggest a different approach to user-experience design, based on the creation of "thick" environments enabling a whole range of possibilities, where users can imagine or live their own user-generated experiences.
Roland Gesthuizen

How to Write Dialogue that Matters: Lessons from Aaron Sorkin | Edutopia - 1 views

  • High school writers often fail to include dialogue in their stories. Perhaps this is because they over-rely on telling (1) narratives. Or perhaps skipping dialogue is a strategy that allows students to elude the punctuation rules that accompany quotations
    "students should be taught that the payoffs for learning a few dialogue-writing skills are ample: dialogue can help develop plot, reveal characters' motivation, create a visceral experience for the reader, and make average stories extraordinary"
Erin Crisp

The Digital Narrative - Find your story - 75 views

    classroom community digital narrative web example
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