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Siri Anderson

12 Facts Fact on Common Core | Stand for Children - 28 views

    Disturbing data on our lack of preparedness for current economy...from mcKinsey.

Mobile learning's major impact | eSchool News | eSchool News | 2 - 10 views

    • anonymous
      About HALF of all students in grades 3-5 have access to a tablet!
  • Eighty percent of students in grades 9-12, 65 percent of those in grades 6-8, 45 percent of grades 3-5 students
  • have access to a smartphone
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  • A report released earlier this year confirms the trend, which seems now to be less of a trend and more of a permanent feature in schools.
  • the majority (77 percent) of families have at least one smartphone at home, and 46 percent have at least one tablet.
    • anonymous
      Devices are available and accessibility is at hand!
  • School and district administrators say that mobile technology, including tablets (41 percent), one-to-one programs (28 percent), mobile apps (22 percent), and BYOD (22 percent) have had a significant impact on teaching and learning,
  • South Korea trains teachers in digital learning and has broadband connectivity in all of its schools. Additionally, South Korea plans to phase out printed textbooks in the next two years. Turkey has plans to distribute 10 million tablets to students by 2015, and Thailand’s government has similar aims, with plans to supply 13 million mobile devices to students by 2015
Kate Pok

A Guide to Teaching Statistics: Innovations and Best Practices - Chapter 4 Additional C... - 46 views

    Great suggestions for teaching stats...I'm going to add more activities to my classes.
Gwen Buck

The evolving Olympic athlete - 200 meter freestyle swim - London 2012 - Special Coverag... - 2 views

  • The evolving Olympic athlete - 200m freestyle swim Since the advent of the modern-day Olympics in 1896, athletes have redefined limits in pursuit of the Olympic ideal: "Faster, higher, stronger." Through a combination of training, better regimen and technology, they've continued to advance their sports -- shattering records along the way. The graph below shows the progression of gold medalists' times for the 200-meter freestyle swim since 1896. Use the zoom controls at the top right to get a closer look, and hover over the points to learn each year's result. While zoomed, click and drag the timeline to view later years.
Gerald Carey

Maths and Stats by Email activity archive - 1 views

    A reasonable number of Maths activities developed by the children's arm of the Australian group, CSIRO. You can get them delivered regularly by email if you subscribe.

QELP Data Math Topics - 1 views

    scientific real stats that can be looked at and presented by groups explaining what the data means
Smith Shots

Visualizing How A Population Grows To 7 Billion : NPR - 192 views

    NPR Making billions make sense.
Florence Dujardin

Florence Nightingale, datajournalist: information has always been beautiful | guardian.... - 13 views

    Florence Nightingale was a master in visualising statistics - see how she did it + interactive updates to her coxcomb diagram
Florence Dujardin

Beyond natives and immigrants: exploring types of net generation students - Kennedy - 2... - 33 views

    Abstract: Previously assumed to be a homogenous and highly skilled group with respect to information and communications technology, the so-called Net Generation has instead been shown to possess a diverse range of technology skills and preferences. To better understand this diversity, we subjected data from 2096 students aged between 17 and 26 from three Australian universities to a cluster analysis. Through this analysis, we identified four distinct types of technology users: power users (14% of sample), ordinary users (27%), irregular users (14%) and basic users (45%). A series of exploratory chi-square analyses revealed significant associations between the different types of technology users and the university that students attended, their gender and age and whether the student was local or international. No associations were found for analyses related discipline area, socio-economic status or rurality of residence. The findings are discussed in light of the rhetoric associated with commentaries about the Net Generation, and suggestions about their implications for teaching and learning in universities are offered.
Sydney Lacey

Gapminder: Unveiling the beauty of statistics for a fact based world view. - - 7 views

    Interesting of 'facts' and 'statistics' here - potentially useful, nonetheless, if used carefully.
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    Dynamic presentation of global statistical trends.
    Unveiling the beauty of statistics for a fact based world.
    Unveiling the beauty of statistics for a fact based world view. -
    Great tool for visualizing data
    Visualizing data. Includes downloadable tools.
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