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Martin Burrett

Loom - 51 views

    "A very useful tool to capture videos of your computer screen, webcam and audio as a shareable upload which can be downloaded for offline use and editing."
Glenn Hervieux

The new way to create flipped video in 60 seconds without adding software (using Office... - 83 views

    Nice step by step tutorial with screenshots on how to use Office Mix to easily create videos.
    This is really nice, however, one must be careful that the video created is ADA compliant. Written transcripts and/or CC must always be made available. Our institution, as well as others that I am aware of, will not allow faculty to use anything that ADA compliant.
Ann Steckel

ScreenChomp Serve up Tasty Screen Videos with your iPad - 47 views

    This recordable whiteboard is just the canvas you need to jot your ideas down and share them - with the world, or just a friend or two. Helpful to anyone, but developed with teachers and students in mind, ScreenChomp records your touchscreen interactions and audio so you can…

Education App - Barry Screencapture | - Supporting the #UKEdChat Education... - 29 views

    A great iPad app that screen captures whole web page
Glenn Hervieux

Explain a Website - iPad screen recording & annotation app - 158 views

    iPad screen recording and annotation app - 99 cents
Martin Burrett

Rylstim Screen Recorder - Recording On-Screen Manipulations to AVI File | Rylstim - 57 views

    Download this simple screen capture software. The videos do not have a watermark and are made using a easily editable AVI format.
Martin Burrett

Quick Screen Share - 132 views

    An amazing tool for sharing what's on your screen live over the Internet. Just share a link to see.
    You can even take control of the remote computer to fix any problems (user has to agree to this).
Deborah Baillesderr

Screenr | Instant screencasts: Just click record - 195 views

    • Share your knowledge on Twitter and Facebook
    • Reveal tips, tricks and software shortcuts
    • Showcase the ins and outs of new products and apps
    • Build brand and expert reputation
    • Embed video tutorials on sites and blogs
    Shared at edubloggercon
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    Web site that allows publishing of screencasts, with no software installed locally
    create and share screen casts from power points, flip charts, smart boards for example. Add a short recap of your lesson and upoload to share with absent students or as a study guide.
    Very much like screen-o-matic
Bill Selak

Aviary Screen Capture - Google Chrome extension gallery - 38 views

  • Take a screenshot of any webpage and edit it directly in your browser with applications
Cindy Sheets

Welcome to Aviary - 75 views

  • Myna Audio Editor

    Myna Use Myna to remix audio tracks and audio clips. Learn more

    Popular Myna Creations

    This is SO awesome! I can't wait to try the tutorials and start making art! I'm definitely passing this one on to my students right away!
    Free, web-based art and photo editing tool. Very cool looking.
Virginia Meadow

snagit - 0 views

Todd Finley

LittleSnapper - Screenshot and Website Capture for Mac OS X Leopard - 0 views

  • LittleSnapper's beautiful vector-based annotation tools allow you to mark up your images with text, callouts, shapes, lines, arrows, blurs and highlighting. Best of all, the annotations are all non-destructive allowing you to hide and show them at a moment's notice.
adria kempner

Jing - 2 views

    Use Jing to capture anything you see on your computer screen and share it an image or short movie. Great for tutorials in learning. Can tape your voice as you help students with online procedures.
    Screen capture video with audio or slideshow
Kelly Christopherson

GoView™ Beta : Home - 0 views

    As it says, this is a screen capture tool that allows you to capture with audio and then share online.
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