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Connie Pilato

JingProject: Add Visuals to your Online Conversations - - 56 views

    With Jing you can quickly capture a picture of your screen, record video of onscreen action, and share instantly over the web, IM, email.
Connie Pilato

Snipd: Save and Share Anything on the Web - - 64 views

    Snipd helps you save and share your favorite content from within pages you enjoy. Save a snippet of an article, image, or any flash content (YouTube, Hulu, MetaCafe, etc.) without leaving the page.
Tonya Thomas

Screencasting/Screen Capture Options - Screencasting - Library Guides at Johns Hopkins ... - 7 views

    Camtasia/Jing/Captivate Chart
Cameron Bell

Screen Capture Utilities for Macintosh - 90 views

    List of Screen Capture programs for Mac
Doug Henry

Best free screen capture tools - 215 views

    Ever need to capture a scrolling window entirely? This link has tools that can.
Julie Whitehead

Tegrity - lecture capture - 4 views

    same sort of product as Wimba and Elluminate
Nigel Robinson - 80 views

  • is a new service for clipping and sharing parts of websites. The idea is this; when you want to share just a portion of a webpage with someone you can now highlight the text you want and share it.
Bill Selak

Aviary Screen Capture - Google Chrome extension gallery - 38 views

  • Take a screenshot of any webpage and edit it directly in your browser with applications
Jac Londe

Scientists capture first direct images of theoretically predicted magnetic monopoles - 19 views

  • first direct images of
  • magnetic monopoles
  • Image representing 12 micrometer x 12 micrometer of artificial magnetic metamaterial where monopoles can be seen at each end of the Dirac strings, visible as dark lines. The dark regions correspond to magnetic islands where the magnetization is reversed. (Image courtesy of Paul Scherrer Institute)
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  • “Some of the most important theories explaining how quantum matter behaves in the universe are based on their existence, but they have eluded direct imaging since they were first theoretically conceived in the 1930s.”
  • “A magnetic monopole is a ‘hypothetical’ particle that is a magnet with only one single magnetic pole,” says UCD Theoretical Physicist, Professor Hans-Benjamin Braun from the UCD School of Physics, who co-led the study with Dr Laura Heyderman from the Paul Scherrer Institute in Switzerland.
  • Initially conceived by the British-Swiss theoretical physicist Dirac in 1931, monopoles were proposed to occur as emergent quasiparticles in so called pyrochlore spin-ice systems by Castelnovo, Moessner and Sondhi in 2008.
Deedra Kaake

FRAPS show fps, record video game movies, screen capture software - 36 views

    • x b
      Good resources.
    video sharing
Todd Finley

LittleSnapper - Screenshot and Website Capture for Mac OS X Leopard - 0 views

  • LittleSnapper's beautiful vector-based annotation tools allow you to mark up your images with text, callouts, shapes, lines, arrows, blurs and highlighting. Best of all, the annotations are all non-destructive allowing you to hide and show them at a moment's notice.
sharon thistlethwaite

Community Clips - 0 views

    A Microsoft product for screen capture.
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