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Jac Londe

Pacific Animation Meteo - 18 views

    How the weather is developping in real time on the Pacific East Coast
Don Doehla

CASLT/ACPLS - 7 views

    l'Association canadienne des professeurs de langue secondes

How Canadians Are Integrating Technology Into The Classroom - Edudemic - 1 views

  • Ever wonder how a particular country uses technology in the classroom? There’s a new infographic that spells out exactly what classrooms in Canada are up to.
Roland Gesthuizen - 1 views

    "We have a set of guiding principles, which has informed our planning and  served our network well over the past number of years. Many of these  principles, at least the ideas themselves, did not originate with us but  were gleaned from a variety of sources. We did, however, synthesize  these ideas into a coherent set of principles and provided our own  explanations and clarifications."
Gwen Buck

Comparing Australia to Canada. - 1 views

    Compare countries to each other.
Peter Beens

Dusty World: The Mediocrity Virus - 22 views

    ...The coach in me suggests that if your team is performing well, you keep doing what you're doing.  Certainly you tweak it here or there, but when you turn in a world class performance, you don't bring in a coach from a team that didn't even make the show to give suggestions, but we did, because we're Canadian, and the one thing we have even more than an awesome education system is a giant inferiority complex with our big cousins to the south.
Jac Londe

Bank of Canada - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - 0 views

  • Bank of Canada
  • The bank began operations on March 11, 1935, after the passage of the Bank of Canada Act. Initially the bank was founded as a privately owned corporation in order to ensure it was free from political influence. In 1938, under Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King, it became " a special type of " Crown corporation, fully owned by the government; thus, in effect, by the Canadian taxpayers; with the governor appointed by Cabinet. The responsibility for creating small bills was transferred from the finance department and the private banks were ordered to remove their currency from circulation by 1949.[
Roland Gesthuizen

No more pencils, no more books: this Vancouver school has embraced iPads, iPods and apps - 107 views

    "For students attending one of Vancouver's most popular public schools, the classroom is an exciting world of iPads, iPods, apps, laptops and SmartBoards. Even the youngest children at Elsie Roy elementary in Yaletown are using iPads as they learn to write the letters of the alphabet, pull them together into words and tackle basic addition and subtraction with colourful and interactive applications that make learning feel like fun."
    Integrating mLearning into the primary school classroom.
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