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Siri Anderson

Why Google+ Could be a Game-Changer in Higher Education - Century College Marketing Pro... - 86 views

    Stephen Kelly is an innovative thinker about online learning potential with social media. 
Siri Anderson

An Education In For-Profit Education: Infographic - 111 views

    A balance sheet between some for-profits and non-profits.
Ed Webb

The Ed Techie: Who are the reality instructors now? - 0 views

  • People from the commercial sector who believe they have some truth to reveal to the misguided people in higher education see themselves very much in the role of what Saul Bellow terms 'Reality Instructors.' The reality instructor is referenced in the marvellous Herzog, ("Moses was irresistible to a man like Simkin who loved to pity and to poke fun at the same time. He was a Reality-Instructor. Many such. I bring them out") but the character is a constant theme in Bellow's novels. It is usually manifest in a male, street-wise character who delights in teaching the main, intellectual character some truths about the 'real world'. But it's worth pointing out that the main character is aware of this, enjoys it, and that these truths are rarely as valuable and as robust as the reality-instructor believes.
  • Instead of universities being told how to operate in a tough financial climate, maybe businesses should be coming to them and asking 'you have managed to maintain a viable business and role in society for hundreds of years. You have adapted without completing ruining your entire system, and, ahem, throwing the world into a deep crisis. How do you do it?'
    Beautifully put.
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