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Matt Renwick

5 Social Media Must Knows for Every Teacher | Getting Smart - 112 views

  • we must embrace opportunities for social media to expand capacity and facilitate education
  • Communication, Collaboration and Coordination
  • Use social media for a call to action.
Matt Renwick

Why some schools are giving letter grades a fail - The Globe and Mail - 41 views

  • Instead of reporting to parents only two or three times a year, teachers began regularly communicating using an online student portfolio system called Fresh Grade.
  • ritish education researchers Paul Black and Dylan Wiliam published a widely-cited article demonstrating how increasing descriptive feedback raises student academic achievement
    • Matt Renwick
      Inside the Black Box
  • Instead of Ms. Samson telling students how they are doing, they are expected to articulate to her what they learned in class, how it relates to their learning goals and where they’re struggling.
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  • standardized tests don’t predict later life success such as employment and income level
  • Ms. Samson is still required to give students a letter grade at the end of each semester, but the letters have taken on a whole new meaning to her and her students.
  • The move away from grades matches a growing belief among employers that traditional assessment is not the best way to help students develop the skills they need to succeed in today’s world.
Tracy Tuten

Public vs. Private Universities: A Reply From the Trenches | Mother Jones - 0 views

    Thoughts on why private education may be better than public
Michele Brown

Givit -Online Video Sharing - 66 views

    Private online video sharing.  No view limit.
Michele Brown

VideoSprout - 88 views

    Private online video sharing.  Only the people with the link can see the video.  No public searching.
Kalin Wilburn

Write In Private: Free Online Diary And Personal Journal | Penzu - 2 views

  • Write in Private
  • Your own personal journal and online diary.
  • Don't want to share everything with the world? Easily keep your personal thoughts, memories,and ideas safe and secure in the cloud!
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  • Rich in Features Privacy First  Penzu was designed to focus on your privacy. Unlike blogging,your entries are private by default. A Picture Is Worth A Thousand…Insert your own photos (now with flickr) and bring your entries to life! Share If You Want To  You can shareyour individual entries via email or createa public link and share with the world... Instant Search  Find long-lost entries quickly and easily with our fast filtered search and sorting.
  • Good for You Less Stress  Expressive writing is an extremely cathartic process, helping you to relax and release stress. More → Be Healthier  Numerous studies have shown that keeping a journal can improve your immune function. More → Get Smarter  Keeping a journal or diary can not only boost your "working memory" but your grades too. More → Lose Weight  Keeping a food diary has been suggested to double weight-loss when combined with a diet. More →
  • Serious Privacy
  • Locking  You can password protect your individual entries for extra privacy. Or, with a Penzu Pro account, you can lock the contents of your entries using military-grade encryption and a unique distributed security process to keep your data safe. SSL  Your entries are even more secure with 128-bit SSL, the same technology used by online banks to transfer information across the web. That means all entries, passwords, and data are safely sent to our servers from your computer or device. Read All About Security →
Martin Burrett

Sendoid - Instant, Private, P2P File Transfers - 1 views

    Send huge files (music, videos, etc) in seconds and for free.
    A fast peer to peer file sharing site. Because the file is being transfered directly from your computer to your recipient it is very quick. Download the app or use it from the site.
Roland Gesthuizen

When is it in the public interest to do something unethical and unprofessiona... - 27 views

  • When is it a matter of legitimate and compelling public interest to do something unethical and unprofessional?
    'Blowing the whistle' on wrongdoing, misconduct or incompetence is usually considered heroic. There have been some celebrated cases in the last couple of years of people who have done it , with mixed success.  Nurses and teachers for example, have found themselves in front of disciplinary panels of their professional bodies for taking hidden cameras in to their workplace and secretly filming their clients - the patients and students they believed were getting a poor deal.
Bill Graziadei, Ph.D. (aka Dr. G)

Imagining College Without Grades :: Inside Higher Ed :: Higher Education's Source for N... - 1 views

    Inside Higher Ed offers free online news and job information for college and university faculty, adjuncts, graduate students, and administrators, higher education jobs, faculty jobs, college jobs and university jobs
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