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Trevor Cunningham

Students Find Ways To Hack School-Issued iPads Within A Week : All Tech Considered : NPR - 68 views

  • "Children are growing up today [with] the iPad used as a device for entertainment. So when the iPad comes into the classroom, then there's a shift in everybody's thinking." And sometimes that shift is hard for everybody. Hobbs says this isn't the first time educators have tried to co-opt things that lots of people use for fun. "Back in the 1930s, there was a big initiative to use radio in education," says Hobbs. "It was the original distance education." But, Hobbs says, that all fizzled out. "Within a decade, we discovered that the commercial use of radio, for soap operas and music shows and game shows, actually eclipsed the educational use of radio. And the entertainment function is just so [dominant]. You can't compete," Hobbs says.
    • Trevor Cunningham
      This is so very true! Trying to engage students with what adults think are their trends bears terrible potential for perceptual error. A European study recently reported a decline in teen use of Facebook as parents and schools were beginning to get more and more involved. Engagement in learning is accomplished through meaningful experience. The context for which is unique to the learning outcomes and not necessarily what's trending.
Roland Gesthuizen

Hacktivities - 11 views

  • An icebreaker is an activity that gets the blood pumping, forms connections between learners, and introduces a topic. There are thousands of different ways to introduce a topic and get learners interacting with each other.
  • A Diving In activity is one that gives pointed instruction to participants on tools or procedures.
  • A Hands on Hacking activity is a practical activity that allows learners to delve deeper into the essential questions of your session
    "This page lists all the Icebreaker, Diving In and Hands on Hacking Hacktivities found in the various Hacktivity Kits."

Hacking lessons for teens reduce security threats | - 39 views

    Teaching students to see the big picture in computer science rather than just functionality of programming.
Donal O' Mahony

Ethical hacking - 1 views

    If you teach, if you think digital citizenship is important and if you know some of the students you teach are coding, you have I believe some responsibility to teach yourself about ethical hacking, so as to advise the students about rights and responsibilities in the coding environment that motivates them.
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