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Martin Leicht

A Breakthrough for A.I. Technology: Passing an 8th-Grade Science Test - The New York Times - 13 views

  • But others, like this question from the same exam, required logic:
    • Martin Leicht
      Why do we still test rote memory? Why do not more tests in involve logical choices?
  • A science test isn’t something that can be mastered just by learning rules. It requires making connections using logic
  • “We can’t compare this technology to real human students and their ability to reason,”
    • Martin Leicht
      And yet, AI continues to improve/make logical connections. What are we doing to help keep students improving?
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  • The new research could lead to systems that can carry on a decent conversation.
  • the world’s leading A.I. labs have built elaborate neural networks that can learn the vagaries of language by analyzing articles and books written by humans.
    • Martin Leicht
      This was an improvement. Before, they showed AI thousands upon thousands of photos of dogs. In the end, AI can recognise a dog.
  • Bert learned how to guess the missing word in a sentence.
    • Martin Leicht
      Bert (from Google) learned to fill in these missing words by analysing thousands of pages of wikipedia and online books. Bert soaked up so much with so little effort. Never send a Human to do a robots job.
Deborah Baillesderr

Reframing Failure as Iteration Allows Students to Thrive | Edutopia - 51 views

    Love this idea!
BalancEd Tech

BalancEdTech - Mini Maker Faire - 49 views

    Mini Maker Fair is designed to get students making with found materials, documenting the process, tweaking/hacking someone else's design, and reflecting throughout.
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