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Peter Beens - 41 views

    Gamification is the application of game elements in nongaming situations, often to motivate or influence behavior
Bill Genereux

Gates' latest mission: fixing America's schools - Business - Bloomberg Businessweek - m... - 65 views

  • small schools are overrepresented among the country's highest achievers
  • were not as prescriptive about how they wanted their money spent.
  • want public education run more like a business
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  • what we do know about is management and governance
  • We don't know anything about how to teach
  • Because the smaller a school, the more likely its overall performance can be skewed by a few good or bad students
  • Was Mozart a better musician than Babe Ruth was a hitter?
  • Giving several tests a year can sort out each teacher's contribution
  • if you do raise these issues, it's seen as making excuses or pulling back from commitments
  • The only way to tell a good teacher is to go into their classroom spontaneously
  • tying pay to performance is not at all important in retaining good teachers
  • significant portion of teachers do believe in merit pay
  • states' rights advocates have blocked federal efforts for a national curriculum
  • videotaping math, English, and biology lessons
  • Music instructors questioned the district's decision to evaluate them on their students' grasp of music theory instead of instrumental proficiency
  • Gates is paying $1,500 apiece to more than 600 Hillsborough teachers whose lessons are being videotaped.
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