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Martin Burrett

Some children can 'recover' from autism, but problems often remain - 2 views

    "Research in the past several years has shown that children can outgrow a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder (ASD), once considered a lifelong condition. In a new study, researchers at Albert Einstein College of Medicine and Montefiore Health Systemhave found that the vast majority of such children still have difficulties that require therapeutic and educational support. The study was published online today in the Journal of Child Neurology."
Martin Burrett

Pupils with autism twice as likely to be bullied - what can teachers do? - 6 views

    "In the UK, there are about 100,000 children with autism - about one in 100 - according to the NHS and 70% are educated in mainstream schools. Learning and socialising with neurotypical children can pose a challenge for pupils with autism who find it hard to read facial expressions and body language and have difficulties understanding the intentions of their peers. They may also prefer to play alone which sets them up as targets in the playground, with other children finding it easier to pick on them as they do not have a support structure around them."
Martin Burrett

Children with autism thrive in mainstream pre-schools - 2 views

    "In a world first, breakthrough research from La Trobe University has shown that toddlers with autism are just as capable of learning important life skills through early-intervention delivered in mainstream pre-schools as in specialised settings. Over a period of three years, 44 children aged between 15 and 32 months were randomly assigned to classrooms that included only children with autism or to classrooms with typically developing peers."
Matt Renwick

Autism Issues Complicate Anti-Bullying Task - Education Week - 15 views

  • examine the entire school environment
  • Positive Behavioral Supports
  • target students' conversational ability and social skills
  • ...7 more annotations...
  • increase the empathy and social skills
  • paraprofessionals were taught to initiate games and age-appropriate activities
  • understanding the 'hidden' curriculum
  • Those types of interventions can work if they're embedded in a systematic framework for addressing a school's climate
  • One-shot approaches—such as a school rally or asking students to sign pledges promising not to engage in bullying—"have relatively little impact
  • teach bullies different ways to behave
  • supports schoolwide approaches that spell out clear behavior expectations and schoolwide monitoring, such as the models of positive behavioral supports
Mika Lathrop

AnxietyBC - 6 views

    • Mika Lathrop
      Youth & Young Adults button leads to interactive web pages. Resources button leads to handouts and worksheets. Also leads to links that teach relaxation strategies.
    Anxiety resources, including printable handouts, videos, etc.

News: The Exclusion of Autistic Children | - Supporting the #UKEdChat Educ... - 1 views

    New campaign to stop the exclusion of pupils with Autism

Book Review: The Little Book of The Autism Spectrum | - Supporting the #UK... - 2 views

    A great book full of information for those wanting to understand Autism
Steven Szalaj

In the 'silent prison' of autism, Ido Kedar speaks out - - 31 views

    A high-school student with autism becomes an advocate for a better understanding of autism.
Roland Gesthuizen

Pathfinders for Autism | Articles - 17 views

    "Autism can block, delay, or distort signals from any or all of the senses. It is difficult for people with autism to interact with other people through social activities and spoken communication. Pragmatic language skills, including gestures, facial expressions, body language, and other nonverbal communication, may also be impaired. Autism may also be associated with difficulties with learning, imagination, and reasoning. "
Deborah Baillesderr

Meet Anthony. He's About To Educate Us On One Of The Most Perplexing And Obvious Signs ... - 43 views

    Of The Most Perplexing And Obvious Signs Of Autism. Man, this kid is adorbs. He's about to define a word you may have never even heard of. He talks about it from his own perspective, but I bet lots of people can relate to what he says.
tom campbell

Kids With Autism Quick To Detect Motion : Shots - Health News : NPR - 19 views

    A new study and some new knowledge!
Deborah Baillesderr

Special Education Apps | Best iPad Apps for Kids | Educational iPad Apps - - 121 views

    Apps for children with special needs
    A great variety of iPad apps specifically collected for students with learning differences. All of the ones I've checked out so far are free or under a dollar.
Michele Brown

The Social Express - 0 views

    The Social Express™ is an engaging, interactive software application designed for children with autism, Asperger's, and ADHD. Teaches children how to think about and manage social situations through video modeling, thus enabling them to build social-emotional skills and develop the meaningful relationships they need to navigate life. There is a purchase price
Beth Panitz

The proposed DSM-5 changes with regard to ASD | Autism Support Network - 30 views

    The American Psychiatric Association ( is responsible for writing and publication of the DSM. At the bottom of this blog find their proposed changes to autism spectrum disorders (ASD), as copied from their website. In a nutshell, effective with the release of DSM-5 in May 2013 we will change the way we describe autism-related disabilities to the singular "Autism Spectrum Disorder." Clients will no longer be diagnosed as having "autism" versus "PDD-NOS" or "Asperger Syndrome" as all of these different classifications will officially go away. However, individuals with ASD will be referred to as having one of three severity levels (see chart at end). Read more:
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