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Roland Gesthuizen

It's the End of an Era - Enter the Knowledgeable Networker - Forbes - 26 views

  • Knowledgeable networkers are very good at what they do, and at the same time, do not pretend to know it all. They consider the entire puzzle, not just their own area of expertise. They’re integrative thinkers with broad interests and connections. They see how puzzle pieces fit together without needing to know everything about each piece
  • They have instant access to multiple knowledge workers via a phone call, email, Twitter post, or LinkedIn InMail. They can bring experts and expertise into a team, a department, or organization to fulfill a specific need or help seize an opportunity.
  • The knowledgeable networker can also seek out, find, assimilate, and translate useful information into workable solutions.
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  • In a faster-and-faster moving world, the ability to tap your team members’ or former colleagues’ networks to bring expertise to a situation and then set it free, will allow your organization to be faster, more nimble, and more capable than ever before.
    "My colleague Ken Perlman is fascinated by the employee and team dynamics within large organizations. Here he shares the type of skills and sensibilities that he has observed in the most efficient workers."

Udacity - Online Education Disruptors - Forbes - 41 views

    Disruption in online education
Roland Gesthuizen

Can We Prevent An Education Bubble? - Forbes - 45 views

    • Roland Gesthuizen
      Delivering quality education is more than about lowering costs. Any teacher that can be entirely replaced by a video or a computer, probably should be.
    "Many media have finally recognized the education bubble and the potential that it may hurt our economy more than the housing bubble. However, two experts in the field of education know this and are trying to change the way we see education - Dr. Raymund Paredes and Salman Khan."
Angela Wilson

Billionaire Investor Jim Coulter on Why New Orleans is One of the Best Cities for Entre... - 22 views

    Education Technology in NOLA
Donna Canuel

The Single Best Idea for Reforming K-12 Education - Forbes - 112 views

    Interesting theory on ed reform
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