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Steven Szalaj

Creativity vs. Quants - - 42 views

    Timothy Egan's essay examines the value of creative efforts vs quantifying and producing, particularly relating to the political penchant for reducing education to only quantifiable goals.

About Generation Z - 47 views

    Technology has created a whole new culture of learners. This site looks at the characteristics of Generation Z and what educators need to understand about their learning styles. Marketers can learn a lot about their buying and brand affiliation.
Roland Gesthuizen

ISTE 2013 Attendees used as marketing tools. Shame on Microsoft. - Holt Think: Ed, Crea... - 84 views

    "If you were one of the 10,000 ISTE 2013 attendees in San Antonio this past June, congratulations.Along with all that juicy professional development, you received a free Microsoft RT Tablet just for showing up. You also were taken for a ride and you were used as Microsoft Marketing Tools for a failed product. "
Steve Ransom

For Public Schools, Twitter Is No Longer Optional - Forbes - 0 views

    Good points, but completely misses the most powerful part of this - learning with others. but, from a branding expert, I guess this is primarily what they are concerned with - protecting and promoting one's brand. The sad part in this is that for some admins, it might actually take a piece in Forbes by a marketing person to catch their attention rather than the countless educators who having been promoting this message... and more.

Mashed Up Atlanta SEO - 3 views

    Top SEO and Social Media marketing company in Atlanta Georgia. They are known for their reputation management and their local search results.
  • please comment on the latest in atlanta seo and social media marketing "mashed up"...
Roland Gesthuizen

5 Insider Tips for a Better Social Media Strategy | - 55 views

    "Social media analytics can be a boon for businesses that use it wisely. Two founders of social data start-ups explain what they've learned so far."
Tracy Tuten

Social Media and Education, JME Table of Contents - August 2011, 33 (2) - 38 views

    Table of Contents to JME's special issue on social media in marketing education
Roland Gesthuizen

Teachers Should Battle Poor Publicity | Edutopia - 40 views

  • teaching must become a profession that demands more positive attention. We can't afford to be modest anymore
  • new teachers to take a course in publicity, learn to pitch and sell what you do, so that people know your worth. Learn how to control your own public relations
  • Teachers have insider knowledge of school successes, so it is our duty to go public with those victories, big and small
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  • So, it's up to you to get it out there. It's not just for the good of you, the individual teacher, but also for the good of the staff, and even the profession. It's now your duty.
    ".. the more productive way to battle these teachers and the bleeding out of our profession's reputation is for those of us who love this job -- and we are the majority -- to battle the poor publicity with the sword of our own successes."
Roland Gesthuizen

Why You Should Stop Obsessing Over Your Competitors - 22 views

  • You cannot discover new oceans unless you have the courage to step away from the shore
  • doing something unprecedented is not just adventurous but imperative, and that the far bigger risk is focusing on current competitors as the barometer of strategy.
  • Eliminating competition by trying to beat it is dangerously shortsighted. It deflects the attention and the resources of an organization away from the far more important and exciting question of how to shape consumer lifestyles. 
    Gabor George Burt is an internationally recognized expert on innovation, creativity and strategy development. His book Slingshot explores the connection between systematic creativity and smart strategy.
    Some good lessons here for school leadership that is always focussed on what other schools are doing.
Roland Gesthuizen

E-Book Sales Rise in Children's and Young Adult Categories - - 28 views

  • now that e-readers are cheaper and more plentiful, they have gone mass market, reaching consumers across age and demographic groups, and enticing some members of the younger generation to pick them up for the first time.
  • Kids are drawn to the devices, and there’s a definite desire by parents to move books into this format,” Ms. Vila said. “Now you’re finding people who are saying: ‘Let’s use the platform. Let’s use it as a way for kids to learn.’ 
  • I didn’t buy it until I knew that the teachers in middle school were allowing kids to read their books on their e-readers
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  • the family used the local library — already stocked with more than 3,000 e-books — to download titles free, sparing her the usual chore of “lugging around 40 pounds of books
    "Ever since the holidays, publishers have noticed that some unusual titles have spiked in e-book sales. The "Chronicles of Narnia" series. "Hush, Hush." The "Dork Diaries" series. At HarperCollins, for example, e-books made up 25 percent of all young-adult sales in January, up from about 6 percent a year before - a boom in sales that quickly got the attention of publishers there. "
    Interesting to read how children are now increasingly choosing to buy eBooks and a role for schools.
Bill Genereux

Great moments in collegiate marketing: Drake University's 'D+' campaign | The Upshot Ya... - 26 views

    D+ The Drake Advantage
Derrick Grose

Resources for Teaching the Performing Arts - 33 views

    Anna Thornton's article links teachers to superb resources from the Arts Alive web site for teaching about music, theatre, dance and marketing and design for the Arts.
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