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Deborah Baillesderr

WE THE ECONOMY 20 Short Films You Can't Afford To Miss - 75 views

    Economics is a tough subject to learn about, and this website aims to make it easier to understand. We The Economy is a great tool for teaching economics in a flipped classroom. Have students watch one video for homework, and discuss it together in class. Start with "What is the Economy" and make your way to "Supply & Dance, Man!" and "GDP Smackdown."

Econ Lowdown Online Learning - 31 views

    Online learning modules for all ages

On Academic Labor » CounterPunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names - 24 views

  • they want to keep costs down and make sure that labor is docile and obedient
  • If you have to control people, you have to have an administrative force that does it
  • we should put aside any idea that there was once a “golden age.” Things were different and in some ways better in the past, but far from perfect
  • ...3 more annotations...
  • And I think those are the kinds of things we should be moving towards: a democratic institution, in which the people involved in the institution, whoever they may be (faculty, students, staff), participate in determining the nature of the institution and how it runs; and the same should go for a factory
  • There are more and more professional administrators, layer after layer of them, with more and more positions being taken remote from the faculty controls
  • In a reasonably functioning university, you find people working all the time because they love it; that’s what they want to do; they’re given the opportunity, they have the resources, they’re encouraged to be free and independent and creative—what’s better?
    A transcript of remarks given by Noam Chomsky about the labor crisis in high ed.
Kevin Kaeser

Spent: Looking for Change - 1 views

shared by Kevin Kaeser on 09 Jun 14 - No Cached
    A movie about the unbanked in America and their struggles by Tyler Perry in association with American Express
Michele Brown

Copy of Life on Minimum Wage - 117 views

    Shows how far your money goes or not.

Quandl - Find, Use and Share Numerical Data - 52 views

    Hi Professor Neustadtl, I have developed a repository for sociology data tailored for researchers, and especially students.  The site is open and free, and has over 3 million social, financial, and economic time series datasets available for downloading.  Importantly, the ease by which a user can find, trim, transform, merge, and download time series data from is in my opinion, unmatched elsewhere. My hope is that you will visit the site briefly, and perhaps offer me some feedback.  More information about the service is below. I've also included my LinkedIN profile should you be weary of my intentions with this email. with thanks, Tammer -- Tammer Kamel
Jac Londe

World debt comparison: The global debt clock | The Economist - 64 views

    Sustainable or unsustainable ? Public Debts are crippling our lives.
Thieme Hennis

Effective Strategies for Dropout Prevention | National Dropout Prevention Center/Network - 0 views

    several strategies for dropout prevention
Michael Sheehan

Learning Never Stops: RSA Animate - Thought Provoking Videos - 4 views

    A thought provoking video collection on economics, education, and human behavior. Could be used in high school and college level courses to promote class discussion.
Sean Flynn - 1 views

shared by Sean Flynn on 23 May 12 - Cached
    videos and commentary on free market responses to economic issues
Martin Burrett

Practical Money Skills - 82 views

    A nice collection of maths games and other resources to teach students about money.
Siri Anderson

kernelsoftruth [licensed for non-commercial use only] / FrontPage - 1 views

    A web site built by the amazing students in a Social Studies Methods class at Bemidji State University to help teachers facilitate lessons on themes related to The Omnivore's Dilemma. Lesson plans, materials, games, videos. A great tool for a teacher who wants to jigsaw student learning and is looking for accessible content.
    Check this out!
Prakash Dheeriya

Teach finance to elementary, middle and high school children using stories - 6 views

    Disclosure: I am the author of these children's books.
Martin Burrett

Cosmo Learning - 65 views

    A superb site with a large amount of lecture videos for college students and teachers.
Ruth Howard

The "Shock Doctrine" comes to your neighborhood classroom - Mobile - 43 views

    via @IanChia Capitalism and Technology take advantage of economic downturn (Shock Doctrine tactics) which fuel policies with vested interests not education reform at heart.
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