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Nigel Coutts

The Eight Cultural Forces - The lens & the lever - The Learner's Way - 15 views

    This unavoidable and irreducible complexity means that schools are challenging place to study, to understand and to manage change within. Even for the teacher who spends everyday inside the school there is so much going on that unguided observations and the plans based upon them come with no guarantee of success. - We need a lens and a lever to manage this complexity. -  Such a lens is offered by the 'cultural forces'.
M Holthouse

eGFI - For Teachers » Lesson: Concrete for Kids - 36 views

    hands-on project for experimenting with concrete
bruce mcbrien

Scholastic Study Jams - Elementary School - 94 views

    A great site with activities, quizzes, videos and even karaoke about every area of the science curriculum. Very useful when introducing new topics.
    This is a resource-rich site, with a math, language and comprehensive science content. Slideshows, videos and comprehension quizzes have made this a site I will use often.
Martin Burrett

Roller Coaster - 103 views

    Good science game where player must construct a roller coaster with just the right forces to make it fun and safe.
Anthony Santagato

The Female Factor - In Germany, a Tradition Falls, and Women Rise - Series - - 20 views

  • Ten years into the 21st century, most schools in Germany still end at lunchtime, a tradition that dates back nearly 250 years. That has powerfully sustained the housewife/mother image of German lore and was long credited with producing well-bred, well-read burghers.
    • Anthony Santagato
      It's amazing on how much we don't know. I had no idea Germany had a half day school system. I would love to hear what all interested parties think about this traditional system comapared to a full school day? It must be positive socially and economically since Germany has the highest GDP in Europe
  • “The 21st century belongs to women.”
    • Anthony Santagato
      Belongs to woman and what about the children? They should analyze how this all day system impacts youth and society before they throw away this more humane system
  • “The 21st century belongs to women.”
    Germany moving away from traditional 1/2 day schooling in response to economic demands that require relieving woman of homebound childcare duties
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