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The End of Teaching As We Know It. | Edudemic - 10 views

    A great article on the future of teaching with some great implications for tertiary education.

TCRecord: Article - 44 views

  • Education as a dwelling in the human experience of reality is ending. As with the Roman Empire, it is ending with a whimper, not a bang.
  • an education is learning to see, to think, to read, and to write.
  • Education is not chasing a grade.
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  • Ultimately an education is a deep unfolding involvement with life here on earth. The deeper the involvement in seeing and thinking, the more complex is the dance in which you participate.
    A great article on the future of education with a view to a digital education - one where learners are not learning rote facts and figures but rather learning to engage and interact on a deeper level with the content and knowledge.
Ruth Howard

The "Shock Doctrine" comes to your neighborhood classroom - Mobile - 43 views

    via @IanChia Capitalism and Technology take advantage of economic downturn (Shock Doctrine tactics) which fuel policies with vested interests not education reform at heart.
Bill Genereux

What a Waste « In For Good - 0 views

    An amazing endorsement for teaching.
Bill Genereux

When It Goes Right « In For Good - 1 views

  • They also came up with some more traditional ideas like wiki, glog, poster board, and PowerPoint.
    My how the world has changed! ;-)
Bill Genereux

Teaching With the Brain in Mind - Teaching to the Brain - 1 views

    • Bill Genereux
      We started this Ning after a Kansas Science Teachers conference last fall, but all are welcome to join in the discussion.
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