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Anthony Santagato

The Female Factor - In Germany, a Tradition Falls, and Women Rise - Series - - 20 views

  • Ten years into the 21st century, most schools in Germany still end at lunchtime, a tradition that dates back nearly 250 years. That has powerfully sustained the housewife/mother image of German lore and was long credited with producing well-bred, well-read burghers.
    • Anthony Santagato
      It's amazing on how much we don't know. I had no idea Germany had a half day school system. I would love to hear what all interested parties think about this traditional system comapared to a full school day? It must be positive socially and economically since Germany has the highest GDP in Europe
  • “The 21st century belongs to women.”
    • Anthony Santagato
      Belongs to woman and what about the children? They should analyze how this all day system impacts youth and society before they throw away this more humane system
  • “The 21st century belongs to women.”
    Germany moving away from traditional 1/2 day schooling in response to economic demands that require relieving woman of homebound childcare duties
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