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The Plot Against Public Education - Bob Herbert - POLITICO Magazine - 57 views

    More on how the money of billionaires is changing American education.
Chris Hale

Doing Literary Criticism - Stenhouse Publishers - 64 views

    Interesting read and super materials for teachers looking to add/enhance literary criticism in HS English classes.
Steve Ransom

AASA :: Public School Bashing: A Dangerous Game - 58 views

    One of the best articles that I have read on change, reform, school bashing, Waiting for Superman,...
    Really liked this! I sent it to all my teacher friends. She does a good job addressing a much better way to enact change in our districts than the method used by media and Hollywood. I think Waiting for Superman is a cop-out. A bonafide cop-out. It's so easy for the media and entertainment industry to just throw sticky-bombs at public schools. The ironic thing is there are so many privileged individuals in the media industries that were taught in elitist environments. When is someone going to make a movie bashing parents who do nothing to help their children succeed? Lastly, I loved her comment about the decision being dumber the further the person making is from a real classroom. Classic. Thanks again for sharing.
    Glad you found it helpful. I thought it was very clear, well written, and offers some solutions... solutions that require social and moral change, not just political and hegemonic change.
James Davis

Education and computers - 47 views

    Links to articles by Steve Talbott (_The Future Does Not Compute_, _Devices of the Soul_, NetFuture online newsletter) going back more than 10 years, generally critical of the rush to technology in schools, but always thoughtful and thought-provoking.
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