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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Cammy Torgenrud

Cammy Torgenrud

Learning to Slow Down - 116 views

  • Students must still learn to communicate complex ideas. They must be able to create entire thoughts that run together in recognizable patterns in order to function in school and at work. Most importantly, they must be able to master this skill to participate as informed citizens in our shared civil discourse. Students who are flooded by facts think that the best way to answer a question is to search for more facts instead of organizing and marshalling the information they already have to develop a strong case. As long as the Internet is readily available, a search is faster and easier than a thoughtful and challenging discussion.
  • When my students learn to be nuanced, when they learn to listen carefully and find agreement, those are human tasks. When they learn to disagree carefully and logically, those are human tasks. These interactions that take place at the speed of conversation are essential building blocks for survival in the 21st or any other century.
    A thoughtful commentary on the need to help students value deliberation and "brain pacing" rather than just "internet retrieval speed."
Cammy Torgenrud

Teach Parents Tech - 94 views

    Really quick clips on the things parents should but don't always actually know how to do w/ a computer.
Cammy Torgenrud

20 Things I Learned About Browsers and the Web - 111 views

    very cool synopsis of basics everyone should know/understand.
Cammy Torgenrud

Tech Learning TL Advisor Blog and Ed Tech Ticker Blogs from TL Blog Staff - TechLearnin... - 41 views

  • Email writingFacebook updates and commentsTweeting and replying Discussion Boards - Replying and initiating topicsCommenting on blogsWriting a guest post on a blogCommenting in newspapers or magazines about subjects of interestWriting an article for a newspaper or magazine about a subject of interestWriting to persuade someone / some place to do something you want them to doWriting to teach others how to do something and knowing how to reach those who care
    "# Email writing # Facebook updates and comments # Tweeting and replying # Discussion Boards - Replying and initiating topics # Commenting on blogs # Writing a guest post on a blog # Commenting in newspapers or magazines about subjects of interest # Writing an article for a newspaper or magazine about a subject of interest # Writing to persuade someone / some place to do something you want them to do # Writing to teach others how to do something and knowing how to reach those who care"
Cammy Torgenrud

Project Red: Do 1:1 right or don't do it at all | ZDNet - 61 views

  • those 9 factors (called Key Implementation Factors, or KIFs in the Project documentation) that need to be present in a school to truly realize the full potential of major 1:1 investments
Cammy Torgenrud

HP Blogs - Successful EdTech: First the Verbs, then the Nouns - The HP Blog Hub - 62 views

  • In teaching, our focus needs to be on the verbs, which don't change very much, and NOT on the nouns (i.e. the technologies) which change rapidly and which are only a means. For teachers to fixate on any particular noun as the "best" way (be it books or blogs, for example) is not good for our students, as new and better nouns will shortly emerge and will continue to emerge over the course of their lifetimes. Our teaching should instead focus on the verbs (i.e. skills) students need to master, making it clear to the students (and to the teachers) that there are many tools learners can use to practice and apply them.
Cammy Torgenrud

Free online tutorials for learning to use technology and ict in education - 16 views

    I liked the recent post on Lyrics Training... using international music to teach students foreign language in an interactive game-like mode.
Cammy Torgenrud

Educational Leadership:Closing Opportunity Gaps:The Myth of Pink and Blue Brains - 36 views

  • Few other clear-cut differences between boys' and girls' neural structures, brain activity, or neurochemistry have thus far emerged, even for something as obviously different as self-regulation.
  • Our actual ability differences are quite small. Although psychologists can measure statistically significant distinctions between large groups of men and women or boys and girls, there is much more overlap in the academic and even social-emotional abilities of the genders than there are differences (Hyde, 2005). To put it another way, the range of performance within each gender is wider than the difference between the average boy and girl.
  • epigenetic
  • ...8 more annotations...
  • Baby boys are modestly more physically active than girls (Campbell & Eaton, 1999). Toddler girls talk one month earlier, on average, than boys (Fenson et al., 1994). Boys appear more spatially aware (Quinn & Liben, 2008).
  • Avoid stereotyping
  • Appreciate the range of intelligences
  • Strengthen spatial awareness
  • Engage boys with the word
  • Recruit boys into nonathletic extracurricular activities
  • Bring more men into the classroom
  • Treat teacher bias seriously
Cammy Torgenrud

Factory Schools? A Debate | Redu: Rethink / Reform / Rebuild Education - 38 views

    Great post by Steve Hargadon, explaining why educational technologists may lead the way to effective alternatives - decentralization, differentiation, transformation in schooling.
Cammy Torgenrud

Inside Google | A Consumer Watchdog Investigation - 36 views

shared by Cammy Torgenrud on 27 Oct 10 - Cached
    • Cammy Torgenrud
      Creepy look at Google's potentially nefarious influence. Ah, privacy shouldn't ruin a good ice cream cone.
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