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Roland Gesthuizen

Why A Badge Is Better Than an A+ - Getting Smart by Alison Anderson - badges, EdTech, I... - 61 views

  • A traditional “A-F” report card doesn’t inspire that type of insight for the students or the people they need to share it with in order to get into high school or college or get a job. A collection of badges from would be much more like sharing a personal “yearbook” of academic accomplishments. I love that idea.
    "I admit this title makes a pretty bold statement for a society that pretty much uses the first five letters of the alphabet to define every child from about age 5 until adulthood. But, I am hearing more and more about the use of badges in the classroom, especially in conversations about gamification and self motivation."
    I have been trying out some grading apps and am intrigued by ActivGrade because instead of being focused on a letter grade A-F, I could see students being more concerned with mastering a goal. Their "grade" is a color toward mastery of a standard. Red means I have a lot of work to do to master this, yellow means I'm making progress toward mastery and green means I've mastered this goal at this point. One grading algorithm to choose from in the app is a calculation which puts a 75% weight on the student's most recent assignment for a given concept. This means that as I get better at a skill, my most recent attempt at showing my mastery over the skill is worth more for my grade than my prior attempts. This seems like smart grading practice to me.
Roland Gesthuizen

BadgeStack: A Badge-Empowered Learning System - Produced by LearningTimes - 77 views

    "BadgeStack is an innovative system with a game-like approach that assesses skills, recognizes learner achievement, sparks community, and excites learners of all ages."
Maggie Tsai

Diigo Blog » Wear your "Diigo Education Pioneer" Badge with pride :-) - 1 views

  • With all the interaction and kind help that we’ve received from the education community, we’d like to recognize those educators who are taking pioneering steps in getting their students and/or their peers started on collaborative research using Diigo’s powerful features. To express our appreciation, we’ve designed a “Diigo Education Pioneer” badge especially for you! Along with that, a big “Thank you”!
  • So, who gets to have this “Diigo Education Pioneer” badge?  Well, once your account has been approved for the education upgrade and you have started using and sharing Diigo with your students and/or colleagues in an educational setting,  you can get your own in your “Teacher Console” area >> Get Your Own Badge! We have a whole array of nice looking badges to suit your own personal style
    Hi Maggie and everybody, I asked for a students account for my students but we are using a normal account. Why? Because my students are 16 or older and most of them use several services like Messenger, tuenti (a very popular social net of sharing pictures and comments), photolog... and I'd like to teach them to use REAL internet, the net they use at home and in real life. Now I have some frontbattles at the same time in different ways. My groups are: Unfortunately all of them are written in Spanish, but feel free to take a look and give me your opinion. thanks to the Diigo Community and specially to Maggie for her quick replies to my mails. see 'virtualy' you, Jose
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