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Mark Barnes

Using Animoto as an introduction tool in class. - 126 views

    For quick sharing of content, including pictures, text and music, there's no better free tool than Animoto. Students can register for Animoto for free and add their own pictures and videos or those provided by Animoto.
    Nice share Mark. FYI teachers can apply for unlimited videos at They will get a code that they can pass along to their students.
Judy Arzt

Lights, Camera . . . Engagement! Three Great Tools for Classroom Video | Edutopia - 3 views

    Three excellent ways with step-by-step information for using video production in the classroom. 
Judy Arzt

A Primary Blog For The 21st Century - 149 views

    Excellent blogged maintained by a 1st-2nd grade teacher. Includes some videos done with Animoto.
Florence Dujardin

Book Trailers with Animoto - 99 views

    Create an Animoto digital book trailer video during to motivate others to read a book that you recommend.
Tim Hornbacher

Animoto: Photostory on Steroids - 92 views

    I love this website. Educators get full video capability. If you do not have the educator access, the "Average Joe" free access is only 30 seconds.
Cheryl Corte

Animoto - Education Video Slideshows - 88 views

    • Kalin Wilburn
      Create an unlimited amount of full length videos with a FREE educator plus account.
    • Neel Brown
      Kalin, I don't see how to sign up for the educator upgrade?
  • videos and presentations. It takes just minutes to create a video which can bring your lessons to life.
  • Animoto makes it easy to share your videos via email, on a blog/website, exported to YouTube, or downloaded to a computer for use in presentations.
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  • images, video clips, music and text.
    • dawhiting
      could students use to create quick "process" math videos?
    • Cheryl Corte
      Definitely. Choose the right template to build your math videos. Add music (background), Animoto does the rest. Sign-up for an Educators account to create Math videos throughout the year.
    sign up for education account
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    Neel, You must sign up for an educator account and they automatically give you an Educator Plus account for 184 days, along with a promo code that you can share with up to 50 other individuals (typically students), after the 184 days it only costs $5.00/month or $30/yr. They also offer a referral program so that you can earn an upgraded account for FREE but each referral has to become a paying subscriber.
    I also am having trouble finding how to sign up for the educator.'s account. I follow the links but they do ot offer the educator option. Any ideas?
    could student use free version to make quick videos - you only get 30 seconds for free ... but I think that would work toward being concise and planning ahead
Ana Karina

Animoto - 2 views

shared by Ana Karina on 07 Apr 09 - Cached
    Free program used for short video presentations using audio, graphics, and video.
    creacion de videos con nuestras propias fotos
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