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Nigel Coutts

Moving beyond linear plans for learning - The Learner's Way - 7 views

    An important part of the role of any educator is that of planning learning sequences. Perhaps you are tasked with designing curriculum or more likely you are translating a mandatory curriculum into workable units of learning. The task is complex and there are multiple arrangements. The goal is to design units that connect students with learning in ways that are meaningful and relevant. A well-designed unit of learning fits seamlessly alongside other learning opportunities and the overall sequence of learning should match the learners developing expertise. As we plan units of learning we must consider a great variety of factors which impact the learning we design. Our knowledge of our students and where they are with their learning is crucial and a strong place to start. We also need to know what it is we are required to teach and have a grab bag of pedagogical moves that bring this content alive.
Terry Smith

Beyond Borders - National Geographic Society - 36 views

    The overall theme of this teacher-tested unit is using maps to understand borders and their impacts in Europe. The materials will help your middle school students to use maps to think about how borders intersect physical and human geographical features, and how those intersections can lead to cooperation and/or conflict. The educator resources provided in the unit include maps, multimedia, and case studies that will enable students to develop skills in map analysis and apply that analysis to specific situations. Other parts of the unit will invite you and your students to explore similar cases in Europe and your own community.
robert morris

Semi-automatic method for grading a million homework assignments - O'Reilly Radar - 34 views

    The above figure is the landscape of ~40,000 student submissions to the same programming assignment on Coursera's Machine Learning course. Nodes represent submissions and edges are drawn between syntactically similar submissions. Colors correspond to performance on a battery of unit tests (with red submissions passing all unit tests). In particular, clusters of similarly colored nodes correspond to multiple similar implementations that behaved in the same way (under unit tests).
teacherboyle - 37 views

    MC3 Units

STEM Across the Middle Grades Curriculum - 24 views

  • based on the current Maryland Educational Standards; the difference is the thematic problem-based approach to covering the content. Unit design within the program is driven by the grade-level science curriculum.
  • The team plans the units around an overarching question or problem that meets the following criteria: The problem is valid. Students can relate to the problem. There can be multiple paths to a solution. The problem can be applied to the various classes to truly integrate the unit across the grade-level curriculum
    • anonymous
      Standards Based!
  • ...6 more annotations...
    • anonymous
      Good question is posed and students discover!
    • anonymous
      Notice that they mention only one unit.  Probably started with one unit and can expand from there.  No need to change everything in a year.  Just take baby steps and add one good unit at a time that can be tweaked and improved the next year.
  • continue their exploration of this topic throughout their other classes as well.
    • anonymous
      Cross-curricular = creates cohesion, greater interest, deeper learning, relevance
  • we try to include guest speakers and field trips to give the students the opportunity to engage with the content beyond the classroom.
    • anonymous
      Could have guest/field trips be virtual through WebX, etc.
Kathy Matis

Education News : Professional Development Articles :: 100+ Google Tricks for Teachers - 114 views

shared by Kathy Matis on 18 Apr 11 - No Cached
  • Convert units. Whether you want to convert currency, American and metric units, or any other unit, try typing in the known unit and the unknown unit to find your answer (like "how many teaspoons in a tablespoon" or "10 US dollars in Euros").
  • Search within a specific website. If you know you want to look up Babe Ruth in Wikipedia, type in " Babe Ruth" to go directly to the Wikipedia page about Babe Ruth. It works for any site, not just Wikipedia.
    That's a pretty comprehensive list. Good stuff. Would make for a good workshop.

American Civil War - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - 1 views

    • cjohnson2004
      Start of Civil War
  • In response to the election of Abraham Lincoln as President of the United States, 11 southern slave states declared their secession from the United States and formed the Confederate States of America
  • n April 1861, Lincoln announced the Union blockade of all Southern ports; commercial ships could not get insurance and regular traffic ended. The South blundered in embargoing cotton exports in 1861 before the blockade was effective; by the time they realized the mistake it was too late. "King Cotton" was dead, as the South could export less than 10% of its cotton.[134]

Image Map Tool - On-line Image Map Creator - HTML & CSS - 120 views

    can create a linkable image, such as a flowchart for a unit of work, and then students can click the link to each section of the unit.
Michele Brown

United Classrooms | Where Your Class Meets The World - 9 views

    United Classrooms is a FREE platform that connects classrooms around the world. When a teacher signs their class up, students can log in to a secure classroom profile page where they can share content with their own teachers, classmates and parents AS WELL AS collaborate with other classrooms across the globe. It unites students from diverse backgrounds in the creation of a safe and dynamic global community where knowledge, experience and relationship are shared beyond the classroom walls.
Colleen Shabluk

Latin American Countries - 25 views

    While geographic neighbors, the United States and Latin American countries experienced different political and economic development patterns, which has often contributed to a differing and uneven political relationship between the United States and Latin American nations

Why French children don't have ADHD - 166 views

    In the United States, at least 9% of school-aged children have been diagnosed with ADHD, and are taking pharmaceutical medications. In France, the percentage of kids diagnosed and medicated for ADHD is less than .5%. How come the epidemic of ADHD-which has become firmly established in the United States-has almost completely passed over children in France?
Teresa Shepherdson

Convert metric units of length - 48 views

    Year 3,4,5,6,7
Steve Kelly

Creating Online Content Mistakes | HotLunchTray - 66 views

  • No pattern to a unit/module. This is a functional component for students; if students can predict what comes next they are thinking about their learning. If you are just starting out, consider either creating one complete unit first or adding the same element/item to each unit at once. For instance add all discussion posts first, then go back and add all submissions to each unit – keep that symmetry as it equals predictability! Consider 3 Things your Online Content Says about You.
    • Steve Kelly
      Predictability is important for students... lets them focus their attention on the the content, and answer questions about it, not bog them down in questions about the format or what is expected of them...
    Quick reminders on mistakes to avoid when creating online content. Some you may not even think of considering...

Display Content Printable Version - 33 views

  • old by Governor Harrison to place his faith in the good intentions of the United States, Tecumseh offers a bitter retort.
    • adler71
      A retort is a response. 
  • revitalize their societies so that they can regain life as a unified people and put an end to legalized land grabs.
    • adler71
      Revitalize.. .To bring back to life What does it mean to  regain life as a unified people? 
  • You wish to prevent the Indians from doing as we wish them
    • adler71
      You wish... Tecumseh is talking to Governor Harrison. 
  • ...8 more annotations...
  • unite and let them consider their lands as the common property of the whole.
    • adler71
      This is showing what Tecumseh wants to happen. 
  • ou take the tribes aside and advise them not to come into this measure.... You want by your distinctions of Indian tribes, in allotting to each a particular, to make them war with each other.
    • adler71
      What strategy is the United States taking to gain the tribes land? 
  • ou are continually driving the red people, when at last you will drive them onto the great lake
    • adler71
      What is happening to the tribes? What choices do they have?
  • endeavored
    • adler71
      Endeavored: Work to do something. 
  • this land that was sold, and the goods that was given for it, was only done by a few.
    • adler71
      Who are the people selling the land? What is the problem with this? 
  • If you continue to purchase them, it will make war among the different tribes,
    • adler71
      Why will the tribes fight amongst each other? 
  • If you will not give up the land and do cross the boundary of our present settlement, it will be very hard, and produce great trouble between us.
    • adler71
      What is Tecumseh asking Governor Harrison to do? 
  • the only way to stop this evil is for the red men to unite in claiming a common and equal right in the land,
    • adler71
      How will the tribes (red men) make improve their lives? 
    Use the prompts to help you summarize what is happening. 
Marc Patton

Course: The Dakota People of Minnesota - 7 views

    The Dakota People of Minnesota unit by Paula Kostman is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.
Martha Hickson

Measuring Worth - User Guide - 13 views

    The principle of the MeasuringWorth is that there is no one standard measure for comparing what a monetary value in the past is worth today. The best measure depends on the question asked. At present, we have comparators that give you seven answers for the United States (from 1774 on), five for the United Kingdom (from 1270 on), five for Australia (from 1828 on). These dates are determined by the limits of available data.
Holly Barlaam

My Science Box - 134 views

    Gives organizational tips on how to organize everything for a particular unit. Also has sample units available on the website.
jodi tompkins

maths online Gallery - Table of contents - 67 views

    A gallery of interactive multimedia learning units on various issues. Most units are Java applets.
Peter Beens

Opportunity Lost « doug - off the record - 0 views

    The issue is around the speech that United States President Obama plans to make on education on September 8. Advance word is that the speech will contain an encouraging message to the youth of the United States to study hard and stay in school. A read here will indication how a speech became propaganda. The big issue here is that some school districts will allow students to watch the speech in school and some will ban it. As we get closer to September 8, expect the conversation to pick up and get even more brutal than it is now.
Gregory Louie

Curriki - TerrariumsandVivariums - 1 views

    In this comprehensive five to ten week unit, late elementary students (grades 5-6) will plan, create and observe three different environments: woodland, desert, and tropical. Each environment provides opportunity for activities studying adaptations of plants and animals, with focused activities on the earthworm and isopod. Humane treatment of organisms is stressed. This resource includes correlations with NY state standards. Each "kit" in the Curriki repository includes a teacher's manual and student activity book. The teacher's manual includes a unit overview, scheduling information, extensive and clear background information materials, preparation instructions, discussion questions, an assessment, cross-curricular extension ideas, a glossary and teacher references. Each student manual includes clear, reproducible student handouts and a glossary. The last section in the "kit" is a wiki, and Curriki members are encouraged to edit and build up the existing curriculum. It may take some time initially to organize and order all the necessary supplies, but these written materials are excellent and can be used immediately in the classroom.
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