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Peter Beens

What I want my teachers to know about me - 9 views

    This blog post inspired me to do a similar activity in my own classes. 
Peter Beens

The Edurati Review: Sailing the 7 C's of Motivation - 37 views

  • Facilitating motivation involves a multitude of processes, seven of which will be examined here.1. Challenge2. Choice3. Control4. Caring5. Curiosity6. Competence7. Connectedness
Peter Beens

shannon smith » Blog Archive » Report Card Day - 16 views

    This teacher ( blogged about her experience of getting the students to evaluate her. She used Google Forms to collect the data. Simple. Effective. Inspirational.
Peter Beens

Opportunity Lost « doug - off the record - 0 views

    The issue is around the speech that United States President Obama plans to make on education on September 8. Advance word is that the speech will contain an encouraging message to the youth of the United States to study hard and stay in school. A read here will indication how a speech became propaganda. The big issue here is that some school districts will allow students to watch the speech in school and some will ban it. As we get closer to September 8, expect the conversation to pick up and get even more brutal than it is now.
Peter Beens

EasyBib: Free Bibliography Maker - MLA, APA, Chicago citation styles - 17 views

    • Steve Madden
      Choose the type of source you want to cite.
    • Josh Flores
      It's easy to overlook the great Citation Guide. There's an especially helpful guide for evaluation websites! Worth sharing with students.
    • Ms. Nicholson
      Thanks for the tips! I loved this site in college and now I get to share it with my students. 
    • Luv2ride
      The subscription for schools is sooo worth the money. The notebook feature is incredible and allows the user to practically write the paper as s/he takes notes. Awesome!
    • Jody Conrad
      How about teach them how to cite? Easybib is like the kid in the group who doesn't always do the best work. It's a good resource, but our students must learn to be smarter than an algorithm.
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