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robert morris

Semi-automatic method for grading a million homework assignments - O'Reilly Radar - 34 views

    The above figure is the landscape of ~40,000 student submissions to the same programming assignment on Coursera's Machine Learning course. Nodes represent submissions and edges are drawn between syntactically similar submissions. Colors correspond to performance on a battery of unit tests (with red submissions passing all unit tests). In particular, clusters of similarly colored nodes correspond to multiple similar implementations that behaved in the same way (under unit tests).
Michelle Kassorla

5 Innovated Mind Mapping Tools - 5 views

    Includes some tools that aren't on the usual list, including Xmind that includes a very handy "fishbone" map that can be used as a timeline for projects!
    OOPS! Sorry for the strange spelling above--my phone "corrected" me. Sigh.
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