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Greg Limperis

Google For Educators - 0 views

    Classroom activities for all grade levels! Excellent resources on using Google's tools in the classroom.
Jenny Davis

OER Commons: Open Educational Resources - 4 views

    The Internet is rich with open educational resources that both educators and students might want to use. However, finding those resources is often time-consuming. The OER Commons website was created to help educators, students, and lifelong learners find Open Educational Resources that are already posted somewhere on the Internet. OER Commons is not a search engine (like Google) and it is not a list of links. This site is a structured database of links to high-quality resources found on other websites. OER Commons provides a single point of access through which educators, students, and all learners can search,browse, evaluate, and discuss over 30,000 high-quality OER.
Ivan Langton

ZaidLearn: The Juiciest Learning Professionals on Twitter? - 0 views

    twitter list - educators
Ruth Howard

What is the (Next) Message?: No Educator Left Behind - 0 views

    Quotes from Mark Federman "Educators and policy makers seem to be tremendously ambivalent and confused by what is going on." "The UCaPP generation who "say everything" through diverse social media, from weblogs to Facebook, are not indulging in narcissistic wastes of time, or publicity-seeking through the realization of Andy Warhol's iconic fifteen minutes of fame. They are instead rehearsing a fundamental existential imperative, answering the timeless question, "who am I?" with a through-the-break-boundary Cartesian redux: "I blog, tweet, and post, therefore I am." That sounds very very true to me. Said with such respect, thank you that you said it Mark Federman, it is essential youth overthrow the last generation's paradigms, I understand that the content/context is pretty phenomenal tho- these learners have done all of this despite education! My hat's off! quote Mark Federman "the reframing of identity as being collaboratively constructed suggests that the foundation of our contemporary education system must similarly be reframed."
    But in the UCaPP world, the reframing of identity as being collaboratively constructed suggests that the foundation of our contemporary education system must similarly be reframed. In my view, this means replacing the 3 Rs of the modern education system with the 4 Cs of an education system that is consistent with living on this side of the break boundary. Those 4 Cs are Connection, Context, Complexity, and Connotation.
Kerry J

YouTube - Educators won't be able to watch this video - 0 views

    Greg Black, CEO of in Adelaide, South Australia, poses a challenge regarding the barriers teachers and students face in using web-based tools.
Mary Ann Apple

Debategraph home - 0 views

    Wiki debate visualization tool
Walter Antoniotti

Excel Internet Library - 0 views

    Free Internet MS Excel learning materials grouped as follows. 1) Beginners 2) Intermediate 3) Advanced 4) Business 5) Statistics 6) Educators 7) blogs 8) Free Templates 8)
Bill Graziadei, Ph.D. (aka Dr. G)

Department of Energy - For Educators - 0 views

Kate Klingensmith

CUELA Tech Fair 2008 - 11/15 in L.A. - 0 views

    Integrate, Innovate, and Inspire
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