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Professional Learning Board

FREE Online PD Course: How to Teach Online for the Classroom Teacher - 5 views


started by Professional Learning Board on 02 Mar 21 no follow-up yet
Phil Taylor

Are Our Educators Prepared For Their Students? | My Island View - 4 views

  • The past learning experiences of educators are so different from the current and evolving experiences of their students that relevance as an educator is extremely important.
  • In the 20th century information was for the most part slower to change and often controlled by a small group of power brokers.
  • Smartphones, which are not really phones, but powerful computers with phone capabilities.
  • ...1 more annotation...
  • Developing students who are flexible and willing to continually learn is the best we can do to insure their future.
Darcy Goshorn

Camp Magic MacGuffin - FAQ - 45 views

    What a great idea for faculty professional development or any kind of sustained, elearning that needs to occur over the summer months. Creative, motivational, feature-rich, easy to use.  Beautiful.
Jennifer Barnett

My 24/7 Personal PD Provider - 19 views

    Jennifer Barnett's blog post on professional learner at Education Week Teacher
Peter Shanks

Course: Creating Student e-Portfolios with Google Sites - 70 views

    a creative commons licensed course taking trainers and students through the process of creating and producing an e-portfolio using google tools
Maggie Verster

Intel®Teach: Skills for Success Course Overview & material - 10 views

    Skills for Success will provide you with hands-on opportunities to explore and discover how to do many things on a computer. You will have a chance to use computers to find information on the Internet as well as use computers to paint and draw pictures, write, solve mathematics problems, and create presentations.
Maggie Verster

Elluminate workshops edu calender - 9 views

    These free online workshops/webinars with great educational topics are always great. Just wish I had more time!
Maggie Verster

Tapped In Calendar of PD events - 7 views

    Always great things, talks and topics here. Check this calender regularly or add to yours. Very worthwile
Tony Searl

NZ Interface Magazine | If you can't use technology get out of teaching! - 13 views

    Is a lack of PD a barrier? Professional development is a barrier, although I think they can teach themselves much of what teachers need to be learning to be able to modernise their classrooms. The worst thing a teacher can say is: "who's going to teach me how to do that?" Teachers are teachers and should be able to teach themselves what they need to know. If they can't then they probably shouldn't be teaching. You want a teacher who can keep up. There are networks of other educators out there that can connect you with new skills. Professional development doesn't have to be something that is done to teachers - it can be just ongoing conversations they're having with other professionals that they're learning from every day.
Tony Searl

Technologically Externalized Knowledge and Learning « Connectivism - 15 views

    Reformers have largely worked within, rather than on, the system of education. Working within the system has resulted in status-quo preservation, even when reformists felt they were being radical. Illich failed to account for how educational institutions are integrated into society. Freire spoke with a humanity and hope that was largely overlooked by a comfortable developed world incapable of seeing the structure and impact of its system. To create and nurture change, a message must not only be true for an era, but it must also resonate with the needs, passions, interests, realities, and hopes of the audience to whom the message is directed.
Kathleen N

From Good to Outstanding - Uncut Lesson 1 - James Evelyn | Teachers TV - 0 views

shared by Kathleen N on 01 Aug 09 - Cached
    Teacher Tv From Good to Outstanding Follow teachers as they try to improve their skills. Will Hana and Rachel get the outstanding rating? Watch uncut footage of their second lessons, then join the discussion group to share your thoughts.
Kathleen N

Discovery Education WebEx Enterprise Site - 0 views

    free summer webinars through the end of August
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