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Walter Antoniotti

Building America's Democratic Federalist Republic 2-page class handout - 6 views

Important background for everyone especially in an election year.'s%20Democratic%20Federalist%20Republic.htm

Education resources teaching Learning

started by Walter Antoniotti on 28 Apr 16 no follow-up yet
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Walter Antoniotti

Class Handouts for history and basic math - 25 views

education resources

started by Walter Antoniotti on 03 Mar 16 no follow-up yet
Walter Antoniotti

Comparing US and German Education - 11 views

Some data on what Germany and other countries are doing compared to US.

education technology resources learning Teaching

started by Walter Antoniotti on 31 Jul 13 no follow-up yet
Walter Antoniotti

Educating the Class of 2030 - 32 views

Proposed Model. Looking for suggestions.

education web 2.0 learning teaching

started by Walter Antoniotti on 23 Jul 13 no follow-up yet
Lisa Simpkins

Photographic Memory - 25 views

Making mistakes is a part of learning. By taking the lesson from the mistake is knowledge. Therefore, knowledge is power.

education technology resources learning alternative programs higher for children resource ZOXPro PhotographicMemory

started by Lisa Simpkins on 25 Feb 13 no follow-up yet
Evelyn Izquierdo

Come join Podcasting for the ESL/EFL Classroom - 20 views

Hi all! Happy New Year! Here is an invitation for you. Come join Podcasting for the ESL/EFL Classroom, a totally free, 5-week, hands-on, TESOL - Electronic Village Online (EVO) workshop aimed at ...

podcasting web2.0 technology tools resources Teaching learning

started by Evelyn Izquierdo on 05 Jan 12 no follow-up yet
darren mccarty

SAT Review - 30 views

Over 1000 SAT words for your students to practice their vocabulary skills.

education web2.0 technology tools resources learning teaching

started by darren mccarty on 27 Nov 11 no follow-up yet
darren mccarty

Bubbabrain 10 Million Game Challenge - 51 views

K-12 Challenge for students. Go to - click on the word challenges- select your challenge- select your state-pick a game- hit play.

Web2.0 Games education

started by darren mccarty on 19 Nov 11 no follow-up yet
Walter Antoniotti

Free Internet Librraies - 34 views

I have collected written and collected free learning materials on ,any academic and non academic subjects and sorted them into 60 plus libraries.

education 2.0 tools books learning teaching cideos

started by Walter Antoniotti on 25 Aug 11 no follow-up yet
Walter Antoniotti

Computer Learning Materials - 31 views

Computer Libraries at has a collection of free learning tools.

education tools resources learning teaching

started by Walter Antoniotti on 04 Apr 11 no follow-up yet
jason mammano

Need some research data on Remedial software vs web 2.0 in the classroom - 11 views

I am trying to make the argument that remedial software use in the classroom is not as effect as using those some computers for students to create content using a variety of web 2.0 tools. Any ar...

web web2.0 learning

started by jason mammano on 16 Aug 10 no follow-up yet
Nicole Lakusta

Media Converter for school? - 38 views

Oxelon media converter works really well. We do use Zanmzar but it only will convert 100mB and lower.


Michèle Drechsler

The practices of socialbookmarking in the field of Education - 87 views

Hello About the survey :〈=en Please note that this survey is usually taken in 20 minutes, but you can save your partial answers with...

survey socialbookmarking diigo

Michèle Drechsler

Pratiques su socialbookmarking et Education. Une enquête qui peut vous intér... - 19 views

Bonjour Je suis doctorante en sciences de l'information et de la communication à l'Université de Metz.(France). Ma recherche pose le focus sur les pratiques du socialbookmarking dans le domaine d...

enquête socialbookmarking

Nico Rutten

Educational Simulations - 38 views

Hello everyone, A month ago I started my PhD research on the use of computer simulations in Physics education. From my literature review so far I created a mindmap: I'm c...

educational physics computer simulation

started by Nico Rutten on 17 Sep 09 no follow-up yet
Ruslans Moisijevics

Send SMS and Get Your Homework Done. - 46 views

pupils school homework social network

started by Ruslans Moisijevics on 14 Jul 09 no follow-up yet

Attention Webmasters - 21ct Century Safe Site Seal of Approval Opportunity - 23 views

Nominate your Website For The Institute for Responsible Online and Cell-Phone Communications Safety Lab Seal of Approval for free! This is a limited time offer that will end July 31st as all futur...

safe websites kids webmasters internet sexting online

started by EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR on 10 Jul 09 no follow-up yet
David Hilton

History Teachers Group - 19 views

Hi. We've got a group for history teachers, students and enthusiasts to share resources, bookmarks and ideas with each other. The focus is on helping history teachers and students share good-qualit...

started by David Hilton on 06 Jul 09 no follow-up yet
Liam Martin

Need Help Finding some Tutoring Software - 14 views

Tutoring software university college

started by Liam Martin on 05 Jul 09 no follow-up yet
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