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Jennifer Jensen

December Traditions - Collaborative Project - 21 views

    This free project has students sharing their December Traditions. Students will create either a digital or paper/pencil representation of a December tradition their family celebrates. Using a Web 2.0 tool, students can add a verbal component to their drawing and then publish their work to share other students around the world. Finally, students and teachers will have the opportunity to view and comment on the work of other students.
Jeff Johnson

Guidelines for Educators Using Social Networking Sites - Home - Doug Johnson... - 0 views

    Social networks are rapidly growing in popularity and use by all ages in society. The most popular social networks are web-based, commercial, and not purposely designed for educational use. They include sites like Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, and Xanga. For individuals, social networking sites provide tremendous potential opportunities for staying in touch with friends and family.
    Other educational networking sites are also growing in use. These sites are usually restricted to only certain users and not available to the general public. These include resources such as Moodle, educational wikis, a professional online communities such as the Classroom2.0 Ning, or district adoptions of online applications such as Google Apps for Education.
Kyle Stevens

Kesmit-ing: The Twitter Experiment - Bringing Twitter to the Classroom at UT Dallas - 0 views

    Reflections on the use of twitter by professor at UT Dallas
Ricardo Oliveira

Wordle - Beautiful Word Clouds - 11 views

shared by Ricardo Oliveira on 19 Apr 09 - Cached
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  • word clouds
  • print them out
  • Wordle is a toy for generating “
    word clouds ” from text that you provide. The clouds give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in the source text.
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  • Wordle is a toy for generating “word clouds” from text that you provide. The clouds give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in the source text. You can tweak your clouds with different fonts, layouts, and color schemes. The images you create with Wordle are yours to use however you l
    • Ricardo Oliveira
      nuvem de palavras criadas em poucos instantes
    This is a cool website. You put in some words and it creates word art.

Moving a district to engage in Web 2.0 teaching and learning | ISTE's NECC09 ... - 0 views

    This guest blog post by New York School Superintendent Neil Rochelle provides insight about his district's journey to integrate Web 2.0 tools with teaching and learning. Neil is the superintendent of Iroquois Central School District. His personal blog is titled "Changing High Schools" and he also blogs on LeaderTalk.
Jeff Johnson

Collaborative Learning Using Web 2.0 Tools (Erin Freeman and Heath Sawyer) - 0 views

    Moving at the Speed of Creativity
Jeff Johnson

Essential Tools for Professional Learning | Life Long Learning! - 0 views

    Cool Web 2.0 Tools Flowgram Kwout Skitch Jing ShareTabs iShowU SimplyBox (presented at ICE 2009)
Jeff Johnson

ISTE | Web 2.0 - 0 views

    The journey unfolds when teachers decide to move away from traditional teaching and toward a new vision of instructional design. It's a learning journey-for teacher and student alike. The journey focuses on learning, not the technology. Taking the journey is critical in preparing students to live, learn, and work in a technology-rich world.

    On the journey you'll discover a world of resources to transform learning through the effective and appropriate use of technology. In addition to giving you resources, we're also going to give you the opportunity to share your thoughts, ideas, inspirational stories, and favorite resources with your colleagues through blogs, wikis and the ISTE Web site.
Cathy Oxley

Class Blogmeister - 0 views

    Class Blogmeister is one of several blogging engines that have been developed
    specifically for classroom use
Jeff Johnson

Official Google Blog: SearchWiki: make search your own - 0 views

    Have you ever wanted to mark up Google search results? Maybe you're an avid hiker and the trail map site you always go to is in the 4th or 5th position and you want to move it to the top. Or perhaps it's not there at all and you'd like to add it. Or maybe you'd like to add some notes about what you found on that site and why you thought it was useful. Starting today you can do all this and tailor Google search results to best meet your needs.
Jeff Johnson - 0 views

    "I really believe that true PD happens in small chunks. That's what social networks like Twitter and Plurk and Ning provide - small bits of real feedback, right there at the exact right time. Teachers have always talked and shared their ideas in the hallways of their school between classes. Well, now those hallways have gone online," says Lori Reed, a 20-year veteran third-grade teacher from Kress Independent School District in Kress, Texas. Social networking, she adds, connects her to people and resources that help her do her job better.
Jeff Johnson

Digital Education - 0 views

    This blog post on Ewan McIntosh's points out a new peer-reviewed study that links Web 2.0 to academic improvement. The report found that Web 2.0 tools encourage participation and engagement, especially for those students who are timid; help students continue classroom discussions outside of the classroom; let students who are so inclined continue researching anytime, anywhere; and instill a sense of ownership and pride in students for the work they publish online, which can lead to more attention to detail and a better quality of work.

    The report also found that one of the biggest obstacles to using Web 2.0 tools in the classroom was the time it takes teachers to incorporate those new tools into lesson plans. Although many teachers were familiar with the tools and used them in their personal lives, they were apprehensive about how to monitor Internet use in the classroom and the time needed to figure out how those tools should be used to teach.
Jeff Johnson

Education | Glogster - 0 views

  • Glogster gives support and help with creating school accounts and keeping Glogs PRIVATE
    Education version of Glogster allows for school accounts and private glogs
    Glogster is proud to present, a NEW addition to the site for all your educational needs! This is just the first step in making education and technology more engaging for educators and students! We will continue to add more and more features and improvements to make sure all your educational needs are fulfilled! Feel free to give us any feed back that you think would make this site better for educators and students.
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