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Steve Ransom

Think Before You Tweet (Blog or Update Status) - 18 views

  • Speaking these words can be a way to commiserate with colleagues, or they can become “in jokes” among friends.  These exchanges can be OK when we are face-to-face with others, as we have body language and voice inflections to help us understand the meaning and context behind the statements.  Online is a different situation, however.
  • Suddenly my Twitter stream was a teacher’s lounge.
  • if we have an online presence, we must be responsible in what we say or write.  This seems simple, doesn’t it?  Nevertheless, we forget that we are not in the company of friends when we say or write the things we do.  Almost anyone can read our words, and they might misunderstand our intent.
    Good advice.
Jeff Johnson

Crossroads in Education: Issues for Web 2.0, Social Software, and Digital Tools - 1 views

    We are at a crossroads in educating our youth. Since public schools became the norm for education, we've identified curriculum based on the social, political, and economic need. We've classified what counts into tight packages of content in subject areas as math, science, social studies, and so on. Echoing Owen, Grant, Sayers, and Facer (2006), our approach to teaching and learning, including the order and how information is presented to students, the stages of assessment and what constitutes appropriate discussion on those subjects have also been tightly defined (p. 31). Advancements in technology, principally Web 2.0, social software, and digital tools, have challenged what it means to be educated and how we proceed to educate our youth in a culture where innovation and creativity, lifelong learning, personalization (my own learning space), and knowledge from and with the collective vie for a rightful place.
Sheryl A. McCoy

n2teaching: Lives of Teachers: Public or Private? - 0 views

    a multi-dimensional concern for teachers and the communities where they teach and live;D
    Because the internet is interactive, it seems that no problem can be solved in a 20th century manner. As we learn more about how to protect ourselves from identity theft, we need to teach our communities. All teachers, young and old, deserve enough respect to be allowed to defend their honor and not be condemned without due process.
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