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Walter Antoniotti

Educating the Class of 2030 - 33 views

Proposed Model. Looking for suggestions.

education web 2.0 learning teaching

started by Walter Antoniotti on 23 Jul 13 no follow-up yet
Walter Antoniotti

Free Internet Librraies - 34 views

I have collected written and collected free learning materials on ,any academic and non academic subjects and sorted them into 60 plus libraries.

education 2.0 tools books learning teaching cideos

started by Walter Antoniotti on 25 Aug 11 no follow-up yet
Clif Mims

e-Learning for Kids - 22 views

    Gail Braddock describes e-Learning for Kids as "free e-courses for kids all around the world. This site has engaging and interactive courses for kids in online safety, computer skills such as using Google, typing, and core subjects like language arts, math, and science. Most of the courses are for elementary school-aged children, and involve dynamic avatars, and are highly interactive."
Charli Solo

50 Excellent Open Courses on Teaching With Technology - 99 views

    50 Excellent Open Courses on Teaching With Technology
    Free open courses for teaching with technology
Susan Gaer

Demo - Google Docs - 39 views

    Demo site for showing Google Docs to people who don't have an account. It refreshes every hour. Very nice. Shared on Twitter recently
    Demo of Google Docs. Great for teaching students how to use it.
Ruth Howard

Identity Woman » Demand for Web 2.0 suicides increasing - 18 views

  • Demand for Web 2.0 suicides increasing Posted on Friday 18 December 2009 I went to the suidicemachine and got this message
  • Tired of your Social Network? Liberate your newbie friends with a Web2.0 suicide! This machine lets you delete all your energy sucking social-networking profiles, kill your fake virtual friends, and completely do away with your Web2.0 alterego. The machine is just a metaphor for the website which moddr_ is hosting; the belly of the beast where the web2.0 suicide scripts are maintained. Our services currently runs with, and! Commit NOW!
  • ok the FAQ’s get eve better…..
  • ...1 more annotation...
  • I always get the message “Sorry, Machine is currently busy with killing someone else?”. What does this mean? Our server can only handle a certain amount of suicide scripts running at the same time. Please consider your suicide attempt at a later moment! We are very sorry for the inconvenience and working on expanding our resources. If I kill my online friends, does it mean they’re also dead in real life? No!    What do I need to commit suicide with the Web 2.0 Suicide Machine? A standard webbrowser with Adobe flashplugin and javascript enabled. So, it runs on Windows, Linux and Mac with most of browsers available.    I can’t see my friends being killed, what happened? Probably your flash-plugin is older than version 10? But yikes – you cannot stop the process anymore! Once you entered the login details, the machine is running the suicide script.   
    Hilarious! tired of your socoal networks? Commit web 2.0 suicide!

VoiceThread - Group conversations around images, documents, and videos - 40 views

    Secure VoiceThread network for students and teachers to collaborate and share ideas with classrooms anywhere in the world. Group conversations around images, documents, and videos Messages can be text-based (computer keyboard, phone text), audio (computer mic, telephone call, upload), or video (computer webcam, upload) Can be used to put "instruction" online.
Clif Mims

Hobnox - 13 views

    "Hobnox is an online entertainment and publishing platform, a network for creatives and their fans...Hobnox combines the best of current web entertainment with the newest technological possibilities of the internet to create fascinating opportunities for both artists and audiences."
Brian Beierle

Tagul - Gorgeous tag clouds - 27 views

shared by Brian Beierle on 01 Oct 09 - Cached
    You can create an account and then save and search "My Clouds" - here is my example for Fenn Summer Reading:
Cassie Herd

Sept 26 LAN Party Invite - 0 views

shared by Cassie Herd on 22 Sep 09 - Cached
    K12 Online Live Event flyer for 9-26-09 Education Pd professional development ed tech k12 online
Kathleen Cercone

FunnelBrain - Answers, Questions, Flashcards | AP Calculus, AP History, AP Psychology, ... - 0 views

    FunnelBrain is a collaborative academic question and answer flashcard site for online learning.
LeapFish Living the Web

LeapFish: Fastest Search Engine - 0 views

    LeapFish, a multi-dimensional search engine, qualifies as my pick for the 'fastest search engine' title. LeapFish has recently introduced their click-free search.That's right, go on over to and try it for yourself. The LeapFish technology, click-free search, shows you the search results as you type. You no longer have to hit the "enter" key on your keyboard to see the search results. For many, including myself, the click-free technology actually speeds up searches.Try searching for your name on
Michelle DeSilva

BBC World Service - Save Our Sounds - Audio Map - 0 views

    Save Our Sounds audio map - preserving sounds for future generations.
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