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Collaborative annotation of images | speakingimage - 0 views

    An interactive tool for group annotations of images - great for art, maps, anatomy, diagrams and more. Allows embedded wiki pages linked to points within the image, advanced selection and highlighting tools, links to video within the image.
    This is a very robust tool, when it works. Early versions were not capable of handling too many people and the group function broke down. However subsequent communication with the authors of this software revealed they had invested quite a bit of effort in the new beta to overcome some of the early issues. I want to test this for my class.
Joan McCabe

20 ways to make the lecture more participatory - 0 views

    Includes various methods from the start of the lecture to the finish of the lecture to make it more participatory, collaborative, interactive, and engaging.
Joan McCabe

Learning Styles and Student Perceptions of the Use of Interactive Online Tu... - 0 views

    Study done on learning modalities and learning styles and their affect if any on perceived learning and participation in the online learning environment as supplemented to an f2f class. Describes online interactive multimedia resources as appealing to different learning styles.
Erin Fontaine

BrainPOP Español | Contenido educativo en español para niños - Ciencias, Mate... - 2 views

    I use brainpop all the time when I teach. The kids love it because it is engaging and funny. The activities are also good to assess what they learned.
    Victoria, Thanks for you comment. I'm really excited to use this for the fall semsester!!
Gary Bedenharn

Learn Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Latin, and German | Conjuguemos - 2 views

  • Think of Conjuguemos as an online workbook for your Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese or Latin language students
    • Erin Fontaine
      Amazing resource!! This site actually has the kids doing stuff! I can't wait to use this in September!
    • Gary Bedenharn
      Will the school buy into this program to purchase it?
      Looks like a great program.
    Amazing resource!! This site actually has the kids doing stuff! I can't wait to use this in September!
alexandra m. pickett

Discovery Education | Siemens Science Day - 0 views

    "Siemens Science Day website"
Joy Quah Yien-ling

ClassTools: Create interactive flash tools / games for education - 0 views

    " allows you to create free educational games, activities and diagrams in a Flash! Host them on your own blog, website or intranet! No signup, no passwords, no charge!"
Bill Hooper

Economics Interactive Tutorial: Elasticity - 0 views

  • In each of the following examples, choose whether you would expect demand to be elastic or inelastic. In none of these examples will the demand be as elastic as the demand for gasoline at a particular gas station on a street with many gas stations. Drivers will flock to a gas station with a price a few pennies below its neighbors' prices, and will abandon a gas stations with a price a few pennies higher. Choose "Elastic demand" if you think that buyers will buy somewhat less if the price goes up, or somewhat more if the price goes down. Choose "Inelastic demand" if you think that the buyers will buy about the same amount if the price goes up or down.

    An unconscious bleeding man is brought to a hospital emergency room.

    A patient is given a presciption for a drug to control high blood pressure. The patient's insurance doesn't cover drugs, so the patient must pay out of pocket.

    A hospital in-patient has insurance that will pay all charges. What would the demand be like for nurse-administered propoxyphene (Darvon), a pain-reliever?

    A senior signs up with a managed care plan to get the Medicare drug benefit. Even though the senior is locked in for a year, the plan can, at any time, change which drugs it will pay for, based on the plan's judgement about a drug's effectiveness and price relative to other drugs that do about the same thing. For members of that plan, what might the demand for the Darvon be like? Darvon's cheapest alternative might be acetomenophen (Tylenol) in this case.

    A family has a high-deductible health insurance policy. The effect is that the family pays for primary care office visits out of pocket. Now, one of their children has an earache. What would their demand be like for an office visit to get this checked out?

    In general, if the decision-maker has an incentive to spend less on some product
    if there is an adequate substitute for that product, then demand is more ...

    • Bill Hooper
      This area is a perfect tool for the student to self-assess whether or not he/she grasps the concept of elasticty. The student reponds to each scenario and is provided with an immediate solution to confirm their answer.
  • Health Savings Accounts -- The Best Way to Make Demand More Elastic?

    • Bill Hooper
      This section would be the perfect way to take the concept of elasticity and apply it to a current event. It could also be an excellent prereading for a discussion or blog.
  • Elasticity

    • Bill Hooper
      This initial section provides a nice summary of elasticity and would be useful to assign as a reading to provide background at the beginning of the module.
  • ...1 more annotation...
    • Bill Hooper
      Terrific website to use as part of a short unit on elasticity. It provides all the basic background information, provides a self-assessment, and applies it to a current event. Students should have no trouble getting some good information out of this site.
    This is a very cool interative activity for students to use in their learning about the concept of elasticity.
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