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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Liz Keeney

Liz Keeney

Progressivism & America's Rise to World Power - 0 views

  • With input from the “muckrakers”—journalists such as Ida Tarbell, Lincoln Steffens and others—and under the leadership of Theodore Roosevelt and many other political and business leaders, the nation began to clean up its act.
    • Liz Keeney
      This is a great general statement of what my online course will entail.
  • Progressive Era Documents
    • Liz Keeney
      Great documents that can aid student learning. This contains primary source materials that should help students in my future course complete their "artifact" portfolio
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  • Imperialism & War Documents
  • External Links
    • Liz Keeney
      Students (and instructors) are able to further their research and understanding of the Progressive Era by following the below links to outside websites.
    An online social studies textbook for the Progressive Era. It contains articles, resources, and activities to teach this time period in a social studies environment
Liz Keeney

EBSCOhost: The Academic Bookshelf. - 0 views

    Learner-centered assessment: asking the right questions
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