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Contents contributed and discussions participated by fishead ...•∞º˙

Skeptical Debunker

Diigo (Automatic!?) Censorship? - 46 views

diigo censorship private public why help resolved
started by Skeptical Debunker on 26 Feb 10 no follow-up yet
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yc c

ROUNDUP : Group Requests & Suggestions - 116 views

diigo suggestion request roundup group groups spam (electronic)
started by yc c on 03 Feb 10 no follow-up yet
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  • fishead ...•∞º˙
    A method of creating "super-groups" that is, a group of groups, where a major category such as "Tablet Computers" would be the super group, and then sub groups might include iPad, Kindle, JooJoo, etc. At least as a mechanism in Group View to better arrange and collapse/roll-up--my groups list is expanding to the point where it is getting unmanageable, and a method to categorize would be a big help!
François Dongier

"Show more recent items" - 26 views

suggestion wording resolved

First Impressions & some issues - 108 views

Help delicious groups tags curation search replace bug suggestion
started by chrisdymond on 11 Jan 10 no follow-up yet
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  • fishead ...•∞º˙
    take a look at 'lists" for curation tools--lists let you reorganize disparate data from multiple sources into a whole new entity, as well as save out as a report document, similar to a slide presentation. Veryy Interesting!!!
fishead ...•∞º˙

diigo toolbar - 91 views

suggestion toolbar button netbook
  • fishead ...•∞º˙
    using a small netbook, the toolbar poses a problem, as it occupies an entire row on the browser, effectively reducing the visible space of the browser window itself.

    It would be nice if instead of a whole toolbar, a simple bookmarking button could be added, and fit in with the other tool buttons the user chooses to maintain.
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  • fishead ...•∞º˙
    ahhh--had not discerned the diigolet....location was not intuitive. also, to the admin,s on the update page for these notes, the word "discussion" is misspelt.
  • fishead ...•∞º˙
    Thanks Russell--already have shareaholic installed, unfortunately, it does not include the highlight/bookmark features that the toolbar provides, which I have found quite invaluable. I'm sticking with the toolbar for now, at least for enhancing my shares. I (and I believe others) really find the preview of images and highlighted text to be beneficial when reviewing new posts.
  • fishead ...•∞º˙
    @Jack--have an HP Mini to play with now. Rather cute, rather small, rather annoying at times, especially when pages and/or apps have windows that expand below the view-frame with no way to reach the bottom. Diigo is one in particular, when using the toolbar bookmark, and posting to a group, the ENTER button at the bottom of the frame to save the post drops below the screen, and I can't move it up, because the window is not resizable, and I can't scroll. The only workaround is to use the TAB key on the keyboard and guess when it has highlighted the proper button to save.
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