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Thomas GL

Groups' bookmarks in the Firefox sidebar - 55 views

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started by Thomas GL on 10 Oct 09 no follow-up yet
  • Thomas GL
    > Excluding topics?

    I don't know, I don't really care about topics. What I'm after is a good tool for sharing bookmarks within work teams, and that's why I'm evaluating Diigo and its groups features. We already use other tools for forum discussions.

    > Intending to exclude all groups except one?

    We can imagine an additional "All my groups" entry in the select list.

    But my main interest really is "one group at a time", just like I would get with the web interface, for at least two reasons:
    - one same tag often exists with different meanings within different groups. Both my work team and Diigo_HQ uses "bug", for instance, but I'm more likely to search through bugs my own projects than through Diigo's ones.
    - searching for one particular bookmark would not be the only purpose of this sidebar tab. There's also a linkroll-like aspect (display most recent bookmarks of a group). That's what you would get when not entering keywords (just like you see your own recent bookmarks in the "My Library" tab). And there, I don't want to mix bookmarks from the work team (the ones i really care about and that I would display most of the time) with bookmarks from some groups which I'm only subscribed to for spare time web browsing.
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