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Adding a quick access filter isn't working? - 54 views

Happy to know this problem has been solved. If you have experienced any other problems,please kindly let us know.

bug help Firefox Mozilla

Matt Fahrner

Diigo iPad app doesn't launch on iOS5 - 133 views

Excellent! Glad I it was useful!

bug help iPad iOS5


Cannot retrieve sites using tags: Message: "no items tagged [name of tag]..." - 72 views

And - hurray - the tags magically appeared. "Only" two days delayed.

bug help

Delilah Draken

Problem with delicious import - 77 views

@sandy_diigo The problem seems to have resolved itself. When I last looked at my tags on Sunday it was still the very strange high number.

help delicious import

Ren Leek

Delicious bookmarks importing - 19 views

Is there any way to import them in the order I saved them and if possible to have the dates that I saved them in?


started by Ren Leek on 29 Sep 11 no follow-up yet
Jason Finley

Group Moderation - 53 views

Thanks Sandy. I understand the rationale behind that...but for me, because we live in such an immediate world, I am afraid that by having to wait for moderation it discourages people participating...

help groups


New bookmarks not appearing - 29 views

Please check whether you upload an empty file.

bug help

Bruce Fryer

My Library (web) won't show up. - 99 views

Hi Sandy. The problem is more persistent than ever. I am using Mac 10.5.8 and Firefox 6.0.2. I have taken a couple of screenshots which open up in Preview but when I Select All and Copy, th...


Leon Kehoe

Adding multiple bookmarks within a list to a section - 156 views

I am creating a list of bookmarks for my colleagues, I wanted to create a section for bookmarks that are only accessible internally. Now you explain it I understand the purpose of sections, they're...

sections organising organise help

Xyzzy Magic

Bookmarks suddenly not showing up under the tags I chose...? - 48 views

Just checked -- working perfectly now, thank you!

bug help

Aarne Hagman

Problems in searching with tags - 30 views

It seems to be that delay: Bookmarks appear after some hours or so! I will follow the situation - Thanks for Your attention!

bug help tagging

mei yang

How the save pictures function works underline? - 23 views this web page explains the function I described above better... I am trying to look through the source codes of Diigo 5 to get the a...

help Firefox


Missing Descriptions, Missing Bookmarks - 25 views

>>>>(1) Some student bookmarks do not display a description, even though the description appears in the student's "edit" dialog. Did they select "share existing annotations" When they share bookma...

bug help inconsistency educator frustrated bookmarks descriptions


Avatars Not Associated With Bookmarks - 21 views

Do they change their avatars or upload their avatars for the first time? This issue is maybe caused by the uncleared cache. Can you please clear the cache for testing?

bug help educator avatar profile bookmarks resolved


Resolved | Web Highlighter in Chrome is opening mostly off-screen -- suggestions welcome! - 31 views

Happy to hear that it is finally resolved. If you need any help,please kindly let us know.

Web_highlighter chrome help zoomy resolved


Diigolet has stopped working - 75 views

Thanks! Working well again now!

diigolet help Mac OS X


My avatar became the photo of a woman i've never seen - 16 views

Having checked in database,the problem was caused by the wrong filename of your avatar. We have removed it. Now you can upload any image as your avatar as long as you like.Sorry for any inconvenien...

bug help avatar

Shaun N/A

Unable to import Firefox 4 bookmarks into Diigo Bookmarks - 58 views

So i've been trying to import my firefox 4 bookmarks as a html file into Diigo but after waiting for say, 10 minutes, Firefox throws up a blank webpage. If I go back and check in my library, none o...

Windows XP bug help inconsistency bookmarks import firefox mozilla

started by Shaun N/A on 17 May 11 no follow-up yet

Diigo toolbar did not install - 51 views

Can you please contact us at and we will send you an file for installation?

Diigo toolbar IE8 Vista help

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