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Soul Book

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started by Soul Book on 31 Dec 08
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  • Soul Book
    I just typed a search for "book" into the diigo toolbar, and i got back 67 results, the majority of which have nothing to do with Books.

    I do actually have a Tag named "book", with about 4 items tagged, so i kind of expected them to be near the top.. but they weren't in the top 50.
    The site i was looking for was called So it has "book" in it's URL, in it's page title, and in numerous places on the page.

    The sites i got first maybe did have the odd occurrence of the word "book" in advertising or links, but the pages weren't tagged "book" or related to books.
    So it was actually easier and faster to find bookfinder using google than the diigo search.. that can't be right!


    I don't know how its ranked right now, but can i suggest that exact tag matches (or plurals) should get the number one position, followed by words in notes/highlights, followed by page titles/urls, and then finally by the full text search?

    FYI: Search result 1 had 3 occurrences of "book" in the text only, #2 had 5 occurrences in the txt only, the one i wanted had 27 occurrences in the text, plus url, title and tags.
  • Soul Book
    on further checking, it seems like the results were just returned in the order they were added to diigo, with the newest ones first (if they contained the keyword anywhere).

    Doesn't seem like the most useful way to order search results.


    Oh, and i was talking about searching from the toolbar, or on the diigo site (or diigo & google).

    I never use the sidebar, as its faster to type in the toolbar, but i just tried the "tag" search in the sidebar, and that brings back just the 4 results i'd need. but the "search" search in the sidebar brings back loads of results (not in itself a problem, but it doesn't float those 4 to near the top).

    As a side note, having tag suggestions in the sidebar searchbox is really cool! any chance of getting those in the toolbar searchbox?
  • Soul Book
    bump, cos it got buried by the flood from Graham...

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