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Clifford Ilkay

How is Diigo backed up? - 207 views

disaster recovery backups

started by Clifford Ilkay on 07 Feb 09
  • Graham Perrin
    > How many people work at Diigo?
  • Graham Perrin
    > How is Diigo funded?

    (Not confusing funded with founded) maybe asked in a 2008 interview,

    - a guess. I haven't watched the video.
  • Graham Perrin
    Subject: disaster recovery

    > what, if any, disaster recovery plan do you have?

    Good question.

    Search for backup leads to at least two topics of interest,
    one of which reminds us of the API,
    both of which consider backup/copy from a user perspective,
    neither of which address disaster recovery from a Diigo perspective (to include et cetera).

    I assume that Diigo have things well covered in terms of backups of databases etc. :)


    Defocusing from Diigo, but keeping a community perspective, I'm trying now to recall the name of a distributed storage technology that was envisaged maybe three or four years ago ... I'll have a dig around my mailboxes, see what I can find.

    (Notes to self: USENIX FAST, CrashPlan)
  • Graham Perrin
    Subject: disaster recovery

    > distributed storage

    I found what I was looking for. Probably best suited to a different topic,
    (but still related to backup) …
  • Graham Perrin
    > knowing a bit more about the company. helps to paint a picture, geographically.

    > disaster recovery is interesting. I don't equate scheduled maintenance and/or major upgrades with disaster recovery but still, this blog entry, and its updates, demonstrate a structured approach to resumption of free services.
  • Joel Liu
    Hi all,
    We didn't develop any new feature from July/08 to October/08, but we did one thing: make diigo database scalable and easy to recover if something bad happened.
    For back up strategy:

    1) Real time backup for ever node of the distributed database( in several servers)
    2) Dump the whole database and store it off site every month.

    Don't worry about your data, it's safe in diigo :)
  • anonymous
    In my opinion the most important thing any Diigo user needs to know is that there is an export function in Diigo. Diigo actually offers 5 different formats that you can use to make backups which can be found at

    I suggest that every Diigo user plans to export a copy of their data at least once a month, maybe weekly if you save a lot of pages. I believe one of Grahams links points to export discussions.

    Everyone should find a way to backup the data to your own computer for all of the web services you rely on.
    Clifford Ilkay wrote:
    > Apparently, Ma.gnolia didn't have any sane backup strategy so many people, your's truly included, have lost data when the Ma.gnolia server had a disk crash last Friday. I am not inclined to trust another company of unknown viability and with no disrespect intended, unknown level of competence, with my data without knowing a bit more about the company.
    > How is Diigo funded? What is the revenue model? How many people work at Diigo? Last but not least, what, if any, disaster recovery plan do you have?
  • Robert T
    Check the "About Diigo" pages. I think it says something about there being 12 in the diigo team.

    Your statement regarding the export function at diigo being the most important thing signifies a high level of wisdom.

    Why did you have to abandon us notebook users?
    Everything always seemed to work as advertised, it was bulletproof, and I never needed any help.

    And Joel Liu,
    Why doesn't anyone from diigo respond to current problems and issues presented in diigo user group threads? While the replies I have seen here (from diigo) are informative, they don't address problems we as users are experiencing. Too busy, don't care, or don't know? (Upon numerous attempts to shed some light on a real issue, all my user threads and emails remain un-answered!)

    (Not trying to make any enemies here with the diigo team, and my apologies if I am coming across as impatient.) But I've learned that I'm not alone in the fact that I feel like I'm searching for windows errors in their knowledge base. (And all I'm getting back is the all too common response that "No additional is available at this time.") THE WORST RESPONSE IS NO RESPONSE.
  • Joel Liu
    Hi Robert,
    We will catch up all problems and issues within 1 day.
  • Robert T
    Thank you Joel.....
    As I offered previously....

    Please feel free to log into my account and search for the following bookmark:

    "Mel's Diet Blog -RE-ADDED"
    Tags: BUG, *WEB on 2009-02-07 -All Annotations (6) -Cached -About
    in list: =RWT
    more from

    While a filter by tag will bring up the bookmark in a large list of similarly tagged bookmarks... No search (even using any keyword in the title "Mel's Diet Blog -RE-ADDED" will retrieve the bookmark!

    As you may be aware, after I couldn't find it originally, I re-saved the same web page and assigned it a slightly different name ("-RE-ADDED") suffux. This resulted in replacing the original bookmark. (I had expected there to be two separate bookmarks pointing to the same page, but maybe that assumption was wrong.) Regardless, what I ended up with was this one single bookmark which "hijacked" all the tags and annotations. (Nice that these annotations / tags were not lost, but Just like the original bookmark... This new / "replaced" bookmark still won't come up in any search.)

    And as I mentioned earler... I'm just looking for a new (well built) home for my Google Bookmarks.

    Sorry I went "off topic" here guys.

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