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Graham Perrin

Library: advanced view fails to recognise comments as annotations - 2 views

Bug When the only annotation is a comment, advanced view fails to hint that there is an annotation

bug library advanced management view annotation comment hint gpd4

started by Graham Perrin on 15 Jul 10 no follow-up yet
Graham Perrin

Merge List - 28 views

Hey, i really if this issue allready been discused. but is there any way I merge list from my library . thank in advance

help list merge management ask workaround resolved

Graham Perrin

Lists not displayed anymore - 13 views

We had this bug in the past, (2009-10-03), lists missing from advanced view (management view) (pro edit display mode) of items within my libr...

list library bug UI user interface advanced management view

Isabelle Jones

My Languages: MFL Show & Tell: Favourite Tools For CPD In The Languages Faculty - 2 views

    Diigo at slide 4 of 18. Group permalink for this item: Group meta view
Graham Perrin

group: filtered by tag: management view: revise tags: add: reload: not loading - 13 views

Maybe helping to identify a point at which the load stalls: The most recent source of partially loaded

bug performance management view pro edit display mode tag revise add append page reload gpd4

Graham Perrin

group: pro edit display mode (management view): [√] select all: selects none,... - 26 views

The fix is confirmed in the sandpit group. Thanks. I applied a tag 973118 to all items matching and the end result of t...

bug resolved UI GUI group pro edit display mode management view check select all tick box gpd4 973118 984637

Graham Perrin

lists missing from advanced view (management view) (pro edit display mode) of items wit... - 16 views

> Associated lists are missing from each bookmark. The bug has recurred: (2010-07-03), Lists not displayed anymore. > manageme...

UI GUI inconsistency missing feature library management view pro edit display mode list group gpd4

John V

"Moving" Diigo Bookmarks? - 53 views

Hmmm... Not a bad idea. Thanks for the reply. I may resort to this until a better solution is discovered. Anyone else have any ideas?

bookmark management organization delete

Fred Hanselmann

Feature request: Open bookmark in a new page/tav - 47 views

I'll second this request. One of the very few things I don't like about diigo is having to middle click the links to get them to open up in a new tab/window. Allowing it as an option to be set so...

feature management wishlist

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