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Carri Bugbee

Google Adds TV Episodes and Schedules to Search Results - 0 views

  • Google will now include listings of television episodes and on-air dates in its search results.
  • This new data will be displayed alongside the existing information in Google’s database that already details a show’s network, cast, theme song and main characters.

  • change also extends to TV shows no longer in production.
Carri Bugbee

Tweets Provide New Way to Gauge TV Audiences - - 0 views

  • Twitter's 49.2 million U.S. users generally skew younger and are disproportionately in cities, for example, according to marketers and media analysts.
  • marketers see potential value in knowing which shows have Twitter enthusiasts. For some, it is becoming a factor when they purchase TV time: The theory is that if fans are engaged on Twitter that "means the ads are also being paid attention to,"
  • The stakes are high for Twitter, which is under the spotlight of an initial public offering of stock and has identified TV-related ad spending as a crucial revenue driver.
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  • "If your show is creating conversations on Twitter, it is more valuable, and you should get credit for that," said Rachael Horwitz , a spokeswoman for Twitter, which provided information to Nielsen to help create the new Twitter TV ratings.
  • At an industry event in Beverly Hills this summer, CBS Chief Research Officer David Poltrack id "word of mouth" interactions about TV mostly still occur face to face, not on social media. He said that while Twitter's importance is growing and CBS is "immersing" itself in it, "right now it is focused on a small segment of the population."
  • Nielsen says the number of people tweeting about TV was 19 million in the second quarter, up 24% over the year-earlier period.
  • "We are a national company and our sales come from the suburban market more so than the metropolitan areas, where [Twitter's] strength lies," said Michael Zuna , chief marketing officer of the insurer.
    marketers see potential value in knowing which shows have Twitter enthusiasts. For some, it is becoming a factor when they purchase TV time:
Carri Bugbee

How Intel TV failed -- pay attention, Google and Apple | Internet & Media - CNET News - 0 views

  • or Internet-based TV to be a competitive option, it either needs to be cheaper than cable and satellite or it needs to provide the content that subscribers want in a better way.
  • For the companies still working on Web TV, it would mean charging less than traditional competitors for a service while paying more than traditional competitors to offer it.
  • for a Web TV offering to be truly Web TV, it would need to offer all the channels consumers want alongside the "over-the-top" video capabilities like Netflix and Hulu that they associate with Internet viewing.
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  • The idea of an online player taking over has affirmed cable and satellite companies' positions in the landscape and made all players realize what they could lose by rocking the boat, said Brannon.
  • The prospect of new tech competitors reiterated how important the traditional distributors are -- with their massive subscriber bases -- to media companies, who need as many people watching their programming as possible -- all while measuring how many of them there are -- in order to raise ad rates, he said.
  • average U.S. consumer packs in nearly 60 hours of media content each week, and more than half of that -- 35.1 hours -- is traditional television, according to Nielsen's latest cross platform report.
  • amount of time spent watching traditional TV has shrunk from a year earlier, supplanted by more time spent watching video on the Internet, game consoles, and mobile phones.
  • As Intel proved, the easy part was creating a new technology to deliver television with a user interface that beats cable and satellite. Test versions of OnCue have been deployed in Intel employees' homes for months.

    The hard part is content. Be it TV shows, sports programs, or live events, content is expensive to produce and it's expensive to license.

Carri Bugbee

Your iPad Is Now Your Kid's TV | Adweek - 0 views

  • The Walt Disney Co. last week unveiled perhaps the most radical tablet-related development, saying that its new Disney Junior series, Sheriff Callie’s Wild West, will stream to tablets before it ever hits the linear feed.
  • Thus far, the initial viewer-pattern data has been encouraging. “In the past year and a half, we’ve seen video viewing just skyrocket across mobile,” said Beau Teague, Cartoon Network’s senior director of user experience. “Our mobile viewing has surpassed even viewing on the desktop site.”
  • Some of that has to do with the weirdly obsessive way in which younger children (say, ages 2-8) tend to sample on-demand content.

    “We definitely see a lot of repeat viewing,” Teague said. “Kids will return to favorite episodes and favorite clips. They’ll seek out whatever the catchphrase was from last night’s episode of Adventure Time.”

Carri Bugbee

Apps For Mobile Viewing Challenge Cable Operators, TV Networks | Fox Business - 0 views

  • Media companies also want to gather and crunch all the data about viewing habits they can to sell to advertisers. The companies receive less high quality data when people watch network programming through an app from Dish Network or DirecTV instead of using their own apps.
  • "Both sides are paranoid. The operators think that if the programmers can create a one-to-one relationship with the consumer, some day they peel off and become their own HBO," said an executive at a media company involved in content negotiations who was not authorized to talk to the media.
  • Ad sales on the platforms are still small and hard to estimate, but revenue is expected to grow as more viewing moves to mobile devices
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  • There's also fear from operators that if programming providers build up large audiences through their own apps, they could one day go "over the top" or dispense with cable. One of the most closely watched issues in pay TV is when popular streaming service HBO Go will go direct to consumer.
  • usage of these apps is still small compared with how many people watch TV the traditional way. But it is growing quickly. The "Watch ESPN" app is available in 55 million U.S. homes and has been downloaded 24 million times, ESPN said, and minutes viewed on the app on mobile devices is up more than 6.5 times from two years ago.
    "Both sides are paranoid. The operators think that if the programmers can create a one-to-one relationship with the consumer, some day they peel off and become their own HBO," said an executive at a media company involved in content negotiations who was not authorized to talk to the media.
Carri Bugbee

Why Facebook and Twitter Are Fighting Over Your Television - Claire Peracchio - The Atl... - 0 views

  • TV is still the biggest, commanding roughly $70 billion in annual advertising.
  • Nielsen reports that online video accounts for a small portion of time spent watching TV, just over 2%, even after including YouTube, Netflix, and Hulu.  
  • Facebook and Twitter have the same grand strategy to cut a slice of that $70 billion. Unike Netflix and Hulu, their plan isn’t to take attention away from TV, but rather to attract more attention to TV advertising.
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  • In the lead-up to its IPO this fall, Twitter launched Amplify, which partners with TV channels to pump promoted tweets and short video clips (co-branded by an advertiser and network) into feeds where users are likely to be tuned into the channel. Nielsen has reported that these doubled-up ads translated to a 58-percent-higher purchase intent for consumers.
  • In 29 percent of episodes surveyed, Twitter activity boosted live television viewership in a “statistically significant” way, and 48 percent of the time, higher TV viewership led to a higher tweet volume.
Carri Bugbee

Video, TV and social: Meet the 5 startups that just graduated Turner Media's latest acc... - 2 views

  • Tomorrowish’s claim to fame is saying that it has the only social media DVR. The company takes the US East Coast conversation during prime time, curates it, saves it, and then brings it together with the West Coast airings.
  • For brands, Tomorrowish will give them more engagement with viewers on social media, sponsored content, and celebrity conversations.

    Diving into the Social TV, it will work across all platforms so that viewers can interact with shows on mobile devices, TV, or computers. There’s also a mobile API that developers can tap into.

Carri Bugbee

Making Moves: Dancing with the Stars Premieres with First-ever Facebook Broadcast | Mas... - 0 views

  • Mass Relevance partnered with ABC’s Dancing with the Stars to broadcast Facebook conversations throughout the show - for the first time ever.    
  • Public Feed API allowed Dancing with the Stars to capture conversations happening on Facebook from public feeds and sources. The Keyword Insights API allowed Dancing with the Stars to anonymize, break down, and transform status updates, comments, and likes into demographic data. For the premiere, this meant that as fans and viewers shared their thoughts on Facebook, Dancing with the Stars was not only able to showcase Facebook comments on-air, but also reveal a demographic breakdown of social chatter by age, gender, and location.
  • 88% of content produced on Facebook around the show was created by females.
ijenx bLOMDEZ

Watch Let the Fire Burn (2013) Full Movie - 0 views

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ijenx bLOMDEZ

Watch Besharam (2013) Stream HD Online - 0 views

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Facebook Wants To Kill TV; Twitter Merely Wants To Steal From It - Business Insider - 0 views

  • Facebook has gone to war against TV, claiming it has a bigger audience and better measurement. It's hoping to eventually transfer the hundreds of millions of dollars currently being wasted on non-measurable TV commercials and funnel them into Facebook ads
  • More recently, Facebook has moderated its stance — perhaps because it saw how cozy Twitter was becoming in TVLand?
brihaspathi times

Prabhas going to marry before Baahubali part1 - 0 views

    Prabhas is all set to to bid adieu to bachelorhood soon. Yes, He can end up being tying this nuptial knot possibly before the release of \'Baahubali\' part-1 if the sources need to be believed.
Carri Bugbee

Twitter Gets TV Tie-Up Deal With Comcast - Peter Kafka - Media - AllThingsD - 0 views

  • The gist: Later this fall, Twitter users will start to see a “See It” button on messages about some of Comcast-owned NBCUniversal’s shows, like “The Voice.” Clicking on those Tweets will open up a Twitter “card” with more information about the shows, and Twitter users who are also Comcast pay-TV subscribers will be able to record or watch the show directly from their computer or mobile device.
  • “We want to make the conversation on Twitter lead to consumption,” said Sam Schwartz, Comcast’s chief business development officer.
  • The deal also includes an “Amplify” advertising deal with Twitter, where Twitter and NBCUniversal will both sell ads against short video clips from the programmers’ shows.
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  • But Schwartz said the two companies should be able to get the button to appear using hashtags fairly shortly, and may even have that ability ready for next month’s launch.
brihaspathi times

Happy Birthday Kamal Hassan, Anushka and Trivikram - 0 views

    Today its special day for movie lovers because three legends are celebrating their birthday's today - they are acting legend South Indian great actor Kamal Hassan garu, Creative director Trivikram Srinivas garu and beautiful yoga teacher turns actress Anushka.
Carri Bugbee

Netflix Needs Cable, But the Feeling Isn't Always Mutual | Variety - 0 views

  • Netflix is banking on getting on cable set-top boxes to hit aggressive growth targets in the next few years — but not every U.S. operator is eager to play ball with a company they view as a rival.
  • John Malone, whose Liberty Media owns a stake in Charter, has dismissed the notion that MSOs should pair up Netflix. At the company’s annual investor day this month, he said cable operators should team up to create a Netflix-like subscription VOD service, criticizing the industry for being slow to respond to over-the-top competitors.
  • Longer term, Netflix projects that it can be two or three times larger than HBO’s current linear base — with 60 million to 90 million subs in the U.S. Hitting those numbers would likely require pay TV deals, to reach consumers who don’t want a separate box for streaming Internet video.

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  • The thinking goes like this: Cable customers are watching Netflix anyway on other devices, so why not plug the service so they don’t have to switch over to an Apple TV or Roku?
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