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Carri Bugbee

Data Dive: US TV Ad Spend and Influence (Updated - Q2 2013 Data) - 0 views

  • TV ad spending growth continues to exceed the ad industry average, at least according to Kantar Media figures.
  • TV advertising has for now been able to withstand the digital onslaught that has contributed to plummeting print spend. (An analysis of TV versus online video consumption can be found here.)
  • TV currently remains easily the largest advertising medium in the US. (No huge surprises there.) Last year, PwC estimated that advertisers spent $63.8 billion on TV, about 75% more than they did on online ads and more than they did on all other traditional media combined.
Carri Bugbee

GetGlue Sale: Let the Second-Screen Shakeout Begin | Variety - 0 views

  • So what’s to become of the dozens of startups that came out of the second-screen craze? “There’s definitely going to be a lot of consolidation that happens,” said Jesse Redniss,
  • According to i.TV, GetGlue will remain a separate product while letting it benefit from i.TV’s “broader platform of partners and services.” Provo, Utah-based i.TV claims 15 million people use its TV app every month. ”Together, i.TV and GetGlue will reshape the social TV and second screen landscape,” i.TV CEO Brad Pelo said in announcing the deal.
  • In a fight for survival, ConnecTV has pivoted its strategy. Last week the startup, whose investors include 10 broadcast station groups, released an overhaul of its app refocused on a simple idea: It lets users “clip” six-second video segments from among 400 live TV channels and share them on Twitter and Facebook, via a link in email or within the app.
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  • ConnecTV’s previous app had signed up only 980,000 registered users; other social TV players are similarly tiny. U.K. second-screen import Zeebox, even with the backing of NBCU, Comcast and Viacom, has tallied only around 3.5 million registered users in the U.S. (it doesn’t disclose how many are active). Viggle, which rewards users for tuning in to TV, has made very little headway: It counted just 757,273 monthly active users for June.
  • An eMarketer analysis this month of several industry surveys conducted this year showed that just 15%-17% of TV viewers engaged in real-time socializing about the TV shows they were watching.
Carri Bugbee

Almost half of TV viewing to be app-based by 2020 | Rapid TV News - 0 views

  • In The Future of TV – A View from 2013, TDG asserts that in a shifting quantum media landscape video viewing will shift away from legacy pay-TV environments such as the living room television, and toward broadband and non-TV video platforms and app-enabled secondary screens such as tablets, which will in essence serve as second TVs.
  • the use of second screens like smartphones and tablets will pave the way to what it calls a full app-based ecosystem which will train users how to visit an app store, search and locate content, and download their own selection of third-party applications onto their devices.
  • pace of change it believes will be hindered by industry inertia, device replacement cycles, and resistance to change by the legacy TV viewing audience.
Carri Bugbee

SimulTV launches a single-screen 'second screen' experience | VentureBeat - 0 views

  • TV Guide rolled out an app to see what’s playing, watch whatever’s on, and also tweet, post, and blog about it. And that Apple is rumored to be releasing a mini-TV tablet to enable an iOS-style second-screen experience.
  • SimulTV’s solution is to combine both screens, right on the web. So your football game, Twitter conversations, Facebook messages, online search, and text and voice chat with others on SimulTV who are watching the same thing as you.
  • by this summer, SimulTV promises to have more than 100 channels, including ”top channels” from Latin America, China, Japan and Europe, plus 5,000 video-on-demand titles. The service is HD-quality, with picture-in-picture for the truly ADHD social TV aficionados, and according to the company, takes only half the bandwidth of typically required.
Carri Bugbee

SportStream wants to be your second screen while watching the big game | VentureBeat - 0 views

  • SportStream, which is backed by Seattle Seahawks and Portland Trail Blazer owner Paul Allen’s Vulcan Capital, aggregates social chatter about currently in-progress games with stats, scores, and rich data on what’s actually happening. The goal is a simple streaming second-screen experience: watch the game on the big screen, get involved in the dialog on the little screen.
Carri Bugbee

Viacom joins Twitter Amplify program to pump up second-screen volume (and insert more a... - 0 views

  • Amplify is Twitter’s name for partnerships with media companies that focuses on the second-screen experience: fans talking about events and issues on live TV shows. Ninety-five percent of “live TV conversation” currently happens on Twitter, the company said in a recent blog post,
  • Twitter is doing a very neat three-way deal between the NBA, which gets its highlights promoted, and in this case, the movie After Earth, which gets publicity and the chance to increase its Twitter audience via the embedded Follow @AfterEarth account.
Carri Bugbee

Can Twitter Save TV? (And Can TV Save Twitter?) - Forbes - 0 views

  • To its 200 million-plus active users, Twitter is many things: a social network, a short-form messaging service, a news wire, a tool for self-expression — even, some believe, a force for global political change. But the company itself seems far more keen to position itself among its users — and even better, potential users – as a TV companion, an indispensable tool to keep up with, discuss and even influence the outcomes of shows and live events like sporting contests and political debates.
  • The average price of an ad has been plummeting, down 46% in the most recent quarter.
  • Americans now comprise just one-fourth of Twitter’s participants.
Carri Bugbee

How Peel is shaking up the TV (and remote) industry - Lost Remote - 0 views

  • The app turns your smartphone or tablet into a universal remote, content recommender, and reminder platform. While the phone-as-universal remote concept is not new, based on Peel’s numbers, its users are both savvy and avid tv watchers, which is certain to intrigue advertisers.
Carri Bugbee

Making Moves: Dancing with the Stars Premieres with First-ever Facebook Broadcast | Mas... - 0 views

  • Mass Relevance partnered with ABC’s Dancing with the Stars to broadcast Facebook conversations throughout the show - for the first time ever.    
  • Public Feed API allowed Dancing with the Stars to capture conversations happening on Facebook from public feeds and sources. The Keyword Insights API allowed Dancing with the Stars to anonymize, break down, and transform status updates, comments, and likes into demographic data. For the premiere, this meant that as fans and viewers shared their thoughts on Facebook, Dancing with the Stars was not only able to showcase Facebook comments on-air, but also reveal a demographic breakdown of social chatter by age, gender, and location.
  • 88% of content produced on Facebook around the show was created by females.
ijenx bLOMDEZ

Watch Let the Fire Burn (2013) Full Movie - 0 views

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ijenx bLOMDEZ

Watch Besharam (2013) Stream HD Online - 0 views

    You can Watch Besharam (2013) movie online streaming in High Definition Now. Watch Besharam (2013) Movie Free Watch Streaming Full Movie In HD without Downloading, Get free Watch Besharam (2013) movie online with simple fill in sign up form by click the button image And Enjoy Watch Besharam (2013) Free Movie Stream only here.
Carri Bugbee

Google to sunset Google TV brand as its smart TV platform merges with Android - Tech Ne... - 0 views

  • Three years after launching the first generation of Google TV devices, Google is now looking to rid itself of the brand and realign its smart TV platform efforts more closely with Android. The move is part admission that Google TV failed, part hope that Android will eventually find its place in the living room.
  • They are calling it ‘Android TV.’”
  • Google announced earlier this year that it would update Google TV to the latest version of Android, which would allow developers to use the same APIs available on mobile devices.
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  • Google recently announced the latest version of Android, code-named KitKat, which could be available as early as next week.
  • So why did Google finally decide to rid itself of the brand? The upgrade to the latest version of Android seems to be the main factor, but chances are that the surprising success of Chromecast made the decision even easier.
  • Not only was Chromecast sold out for weeks, it’s currently the number one selling electronics device on Amazon ,
Carri Bugbee

Three reasons why Facebook can't beat Twitter for social TV | Econsultancy - 0 views

  • The branded nature of the most prominent Facebook posts when searching for terms means I’m really looking at mini PR statements. But in the heat of my favourite TV show, I’m not looking for PR, I’m looking for reactions, things I can agree and disagree with.
  • not only do the hashtags create no additional exposure; they have a negative effect on virality.
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