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Carri Bugbee

Twitter iOS Redesign Focuses on Streams, Media, TV and Photos - Mike Isaac - Social - A... - 0 views

  • real aim to is help guide first-timers who have decided to download the app after seeing hashtags or “@” signs on TV ads.
  • Instead of taking days or weeks to figure out what’s so cool about Twitter, for instance, a newcomer could instantly stumble into a conversation happening about their favorite prime-time drama, during the very moment that show airs.

  • Much of the idea behind the overall redesign is to combat the massive user churn and retention problems
    Twitter is experimenting with another stream dedicated solely to TV-related tweets and conversations, one which will likely find its way into Twitter's redesigned app.
Carri Bugbee

The Toad Stool by Alan Wolk: The Door To The Second Screen May Be Through The First - 0 views

  • consumers have been slow to adopt any of the tablet and smartphone-based companion apps created for TV. It doesn’t seem to matter much what functionality the apps offer: discovery, additional content, social intercourse or remote control: the number of viewers willing to both download them and then use them on a regular basis has remained quite small*
  • There’s an oft-quoted Nielsen stat about how 84% of people are using their tablets while they are watching TV. Which generally means “checking their email or posting something on Facebook because they’re not all that engaged with whatever’s on TV.”
  • That’s where an actual second screen app may come into play. Both to initiate turning the first screen additional content on and off, and, once it’s up there, to interact with it. (Because for certain types of programming, polls and quizzes are always going to be an option.)
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  • I still firmly believe that program guide functionality is what’s going to get the mass of viewers over to the second screen: it’s just easier to control your TV from a touch screen device that already has a built-in keyboard
Carri Bugbee

Viacom, Fremantle execs say second screen is key to broadcast strategy - FierceCable - 0 views

  • Viacom, for one, is actively using social media applications, such as a subscription-based app for MTV Europe and a soon-to-be-launched "Mon Nick Junior" application targeting preschoolers. It's also studying different demographics, particularly millennial and post-millennials, to glean ideas for additional multiscreen products.
    YouTube and the short-form video content in general is taking a more important place.
Carri Bugbee

Why Intel and TiVo Are Cautious on New TV Interaction - Digits - WSJ - 0 views

  • But negative comments about the feature continued. A more recent factor was the highly publicized revelations about surveillance activities by the National Security Agency.

    “What pushed me over the hump was the whole NSA sort of thing,” Huggers says. “I don’t want to go there.”

  • Not that Intel doesn’t plan to offer plenty of ways to personalize the TV-watching experience.

    For example, the company cites a Personal Profiles feature that helps switch between individuals using the device, so they have access to relevant content and recommendations. Another option lets users add favorites so they have access to recently watched shows, with the ability to instantly pick up in the program where they left off.

  • Still another feature, called Spotlight, integrates recommendations based on what’s trending in social media as well as curating content based on a user’s age, interest and time of watching, the company says.
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  • Some others besides Intel that have experimented with new forms of interaction are also acting cautiously, given their current level of reliability and other issues. One is TiVo, the DVR pioneer, which has focused more lately on developing interface that can control TV offerings from a multitude of sources.
    Why Intel and TiVo Are Cautious on New TV Interaction
Carri Bugbee

Inside the Asylum, One of the Most Successful Low-Budget Movie Studios - 0 views

  • Today, the dynamic between low-budget producer and content-hungry distributor has flipped. Netflix doesn’t just stream films—it wills them into existence. The composition of contemporary B movies is dictated by middlemen like Netflix and Redbox, international direct-to-DVD distributors, and cable networks like Syfy, all of which pad their offerings with Asylum originals tailored to their needs.
  • The nimble creative process is “cashing in on this shifting moment in film consumption between the demise of the video store and the rise of streaming,” says Davis.
  • Filtering in low-budget films with the high-budget versions “fuels this perception that there’s a wealth of new content.”
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  • When Latt runs down the list of the Asylum films slated for production in the first half of this year, it sounds like a list of hot-button search terms: zombies, sharks, haunted houses, talking dogs
  • We don’t really know the consumer. The consumer is too big and too fractionalized. All we know is we’re making a film for Netflix, and they tell us what they want.”
  • “This isn’t about trying to get you to watch our movie,” they wrote. “This is about gaming the system. This is about taking a stand. Against math.”
    The consumer is too big and too fractionalized. All we know is we're making a film for Netflix, and they tell us what they want."
Carri Bugbee

Twitter Acquires Trendrr in Quest to Own Real-Time Conversation - Digits - WSJ - 0 views

  • Trendrr calls itself a real-time company that processes and tries to make sense out of the data surrounding television, media and brands. Trendrr’s products — Curatorr and Trendrr.TV
  • Having sat at this intersection of TV and social media for years, we’ve analyzed data from lots of platforms. What makes Twitter uniquely compelling among these platforms is its connection to the live moment — people sharing what’s happening, when it’s happening, to the world. We think we can help amplify even stronger the power of that connection to the moment inside of Twitter.
  • Twitter in May rolled out new products that let advertisers target people on Twitter who had just seen their ads on TV. The update was born out of Twitter’s acquisition of Bluefin Labs, another social TV tracker. The move wasn’t so much a boon for media companies as much as a display of how Twitter can work on a second screen alongside TV.

Carri Bugbee

Intel Media opens offices in LA, New York in TV push - Yahoo! Finance - 0 views

  • While Intel has not said how much it plans to charge for its TV service, Intel Media head Erik Huggers has billed it as a premium product, with small bundles of channels and an attractive user interface rather than as a cut-rate option for consumers hoping to save money by canceling their cable subscriptions.
    billed it as a premium product, with small bundles of channels and an attractive user interface
Scott Monty

Social TV mentions in This Week in Social Media - 0 views

    Please have a look at the first 6 links in the "Industry" section of this post - each is suggestive, but together there is a cumulative effect.
Carri Bugbee

The future of storytelling: People want to befriend characters and influence their deci... - 0 views

  • “Technology is creating new opportunities to engage with narratives—but it’s not just about accessing more content in more places; it’s about the opportunity to bring stories out of the screen and into our lives,”
  • “We found audiences are more ready than ever to embrace new tech-driven possibilities for stories to impact us more deeply: allowing us to see new points of view, inspiring us to live better, and even changing the ways we think about brands.”
  • 78 percent of people want to “friend” a character digitally – meaning they would receive updates via platforms like Facebook or via SMS – and would like to be able to sway the outcome of a particular decision, as they would with real friends, perhaps.
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  • Other findings included that 87 percent of people want to be able to get more perspective on a story by seeing through a particular character’s eyes or changing the point-of-view altogether and switch to a different character.
  • 91% say narratives with a “real-time” story-world would motivate them to tune in more often to ensure they weren’t missing anything,” the report said.
  • 41 percent of people use a second screen at least once per week while watching TV. Additionally, 67 percent say that using a second screen to interact with TV content would increase their overall TV viewing. The most popular second screen activities while watching TV tended to be goal-oriented, such as earning rewards (80% interested), voting to decide a show’s outcome (79%), or making a purchase (76%).
  • 92 percent of respondents agreed that there was a “a real opportunity for brands to make ads feel more like a story or a game that they’d naturally choose to engage with”
  • people want a more immersive story-telling experience across different devices, and one in which characters continue to live out their lives,
Carri Bugbee

Facebook Toys With Twitter-Style Feed Order For Posts About Real-Time Events | TechCrunch - 0 views

  • It’s internally testing “Chronological By Actor,” a new way to display updates about live events so they appear in order from most recent to oldest, surrounded by feed posts ranked by its traditional relevance-sorting. It’s not ready yet, but the algorithm test denotes Facebook’s keen interest in stealing Twitter’s real-time social media crown.
  • It revealed it would start publicizing News Feed algorithm changes in blog posts, as well as two changes that have already been rolled out: “Story Bumping,” which bumps stories you haven’t seen yet to the top of the feed, and “Last Actor,” which shows you more feed stories about the people you’ve recently interacted with or viewed the profile of.
  • If you want up-to-the-second information about what’s transpiring in a sports event or breaking news story, Twitter wins. Y
  • ...3 more annotations...
  • Twitter works best when you’re glued to it in the moment, whereas Facebook excels at giving you the most interesting retrospective of what happened while you were gone.
  • Facebook came up with the idea for Chronological By Actor — a way to create a hybrid feed that integrates both relevance and real-time sorting.
  • The only problem is that Facebook said its tests of Chronological By Actor actually reduced Likes, comments, and other signals it uses to gauge News Feed success. That’s why the algorithm change hasn’t been rolled out like Story Bumping and Last Actor.
Carri Bugbee

MediaPost Publications Clyp Job: Invidi Teams With Ad Tech Start-Up To Build TV's Progr... - 0 views

  • the biggest developer of addressable TV advertising technology, Invidi, is partnering with Clypd, a promising ad technology start-up that wants to create  marketplace for buying and selling TV that works just like online’s programmatic exchanges.
  • a wide variety of technology players have set their eyes on transforming the $60 billion-plus TV advertising marketplace, including big agency holding companies, their trading desks, and online video technology companies such as Tremor Video, YuMe and, which is being acquired by AOL and recently became the preferred video ad-buying platform for Interpublic’s Mediabrands.
  • the reason the deal between Invidi and Clypd is significant, is that Invidi is the only player to have built and deployed the kind of addressable TV advertising technology that will enable advertisers and agencies to target and buy audiences the way they buy online audiences -- at the individual level.

  • ...2 more annotations...
  • Easier said than done. Unlike online, which has had a relatively seamless and simple-to-use tool for identifying, targeting and serving ads to individual users -- browser-based cookies -- TV’s infrastructure is old, convoluted and has so far lacked that kind of audience targeting precision.
  • One of the big obstacles, he says, is that unlike online where cookies have enabled such targeting and buying, TV wasn’t able to do it until a sizeable addressable TV advertising infrastructure was put in place. Based on its most recent contracts with TV distributors, Invidi claims to have agreements to distribute its addressable TV ad technology in about 80% of the non-over-the-air TV advertising marketplace.
    ad technology start-up that wants to create  marketplace for buying and selling TV
Carri Bugbee

Your iPad Is Now Your Kid's TV | Adweek - 0 views

  • The Walt Disney Co. last week unveiled perhaps the most radical tablet-related development, saying that its new Disney Junior series, Sheriff Callie’s Wild West, will stream to tablets before it ever hits the linear feed.
  • Thus far, the initial viewer-pattern data has been encouraging. “In the past year and a half, we’ve seen video viewing just skyrocket across mobile,” said Beau Teague, Cartoon Network’s senior director of user experience. “Our mobile viewing has surpassed even viewing on the desktop site.”
  • Some of that has to do with the weirdly obsessive way in which younger children (say, ages 2-8) tend to sample on-demand content.

    “We definitely see a lot of repeat viewing,” Teague said. “Kids will return to favorite episodes and favorite clips. They’ll seek out whatever the catchphrase was from last night’s episode of Adventure Time.”

Carri Bugbee

Video, TV and social: Meet the 5 startups that just graduated Turner Media's latest acc... - 2 views

  • Tomorrowish’s claim to fame is saying that it has the only social media DVR. The company takes the US East Coast conversation during prime time, curates it, saves it, and then brings it together with the West Coast airings.
  • For brands, Tomorrowish will give them more engagement with viewers on social media, sponsored content, and celebrity conversations.

    Diving into the Social TV, it will work across all platforms so that viewers can interact with shows on mobile devices, TV, or computers. There’s also a mobile API that developers can tap into.

Carri Bugbee

Cord-Cutting No Longer an 'Urban Myth': Pay TV Operators Drop 316,000 Subs in Past Year... - 0 views

  • In the face of customer losses, cable and satellite TV operators say they’re focusing on higher-value subscribers, willing to sacrifice bargain-hunting consumers who at satisfied with over-the-top video options like Netflix and free broadcast TV.
  • data clearly shows that cord-cutting is picking up the pace as the cost of cable and satellite TV service continues to climb skyward.
Carri Bugbee

MediaPost Publications Study: Consumers Prefer Netflix, Hulu, Redbox to TV Everywhere 0... - 0 views

  • More than two-thirds of smartphone and tablet users haven’t downloaded their pay-TV provider’s app, and nearly three-quarters never buy movies to watch from the VOD service.
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