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Carri Bugbee

Dunkin' Donuts Wants to Combine Twitter Passion With TV Spots | Adweek - 0 views

  • Dunkin’ Donuts today is launching TV spots called #MyDunkin, featuring the brand’s passionate Twitter fans.
  • We’ve found in the last few years that letting consumers talk about Dunkin’ is far more powerful than any brand message we could put out.
  • You can use the mobile app to find a local Dunkin’ and receive geo-targeted offers. The mobile offers change as you go from market to market while using push notifications for location-based targeting.
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  • Look at our relationship with [mobile-social maps app] Waze. We’re intrigued with the social components of Waze where people tweet about local street traffic and Dunkin’ Donuts espresso.
Carri Bugbee

Three reasons why Facebook can't beat Twitter for social TV | Econsultancy - 0 views

  • The branded nature of the most prominent Facebook posts when searching for terms means I’m really looking at mini PR statements. But in the heat of my favourite TV show, I’m not looking for PR, I’m looking for reactions, things I can agree and disagree with.
  • not only do the hashtags create no additional exposure; they have a negative effect on virality.
Carri Bugbee

Google to sunset Google TV brand as its smart TV platform merges with Android - Tech Ne... - 0 views

  • Three years after launching the first generation of Google TV devices, Google is now looking to rid itself of the brand and realign its smart TV platform efforts more closely with Android. The move is part admission that Google TV failed, part hope that Android will eventually find its place in the living room.
  • They are calling it ‘Android TV.’”
  • Google announced earlier this year that it would update Google TV to the latest version of Android, which would allow developers to use the same APIs available on mobile devices.
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  • Google recently announced the latest version of Android, code-named KitKat, which could be available as early as next week.
  • So why did Google finally decide to rid itself of the brand? The upgrade to the latest version of Android seems to be the main factor, but chances are that the surprising success of Chromecast made the decision even easier.
  • Not only was Chromecast sold out for weeks, it’s currently the number one selling electronics device on Amazon ,
Carri Bugbee

Facebook Wants To Kill TV; Twitter Merely Wants To Steal From It - Business Insider - 0 views

  • Facebook has gone to war against TV, claiming it has a bigger audience and better measurement. It's hoping to eventually transfer the hundreds of millions of dollars currently being wasted on non-measurable TV commercials and funnel them into Facebook ads
  • More recently, Facebook has moderated its stance — perhaps because it saw how cozy Twitter was becoming in TVLand?
Carri Bugbee

Twitter Gets TV Tie-Up Deal With Comcast - Peter Kafka - Media - AllThingsD - 0 views

  • The gist: Later this fall, Twitter users will start to see a “See It” button on messages about some of Comcast-owned NBCUniversal’s shows, like “The Voice.” Clicking on those Tweets will open up a Twitter “card” with more information about the shows, and Twitter users who are also Comcast pay-TV subscribers will be able to record or watch the show directly from their computer or mobile device.
  • “We want to make the conversation on Twitter lead to consumption,” said Sam Schwartz, Comcast’s chief business development officer.
  • The deal also includes an “Amplify” advertising deal with Twitter, where Twitter and NBCUniversal will both sell ads against short video clips from the programmers’ shows.
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  • But Schwartz said the two companies should be able to get the button to appear using hashtags fairly shortly, and may even have that ability ready for next month’s launch.
Carri Bugbee

Your iPad Is Now Your Kid's TV | Adweek - 0 views

  • The Walt Disney Co. last week unveiled perhaps the most radical tablet-related development, saying that its new Disney Junior series, Sheriff Callie’s Wild West, will stream to tablets before it ever hits the linear feed.
  • Thus far, the initial viewer-pattern data has been encouraging. “In the past year and a half, we’ve seen video viewing just skyrocket across mobile,” said Beau Teague, Cartoon Network’s senior director of user experience. “Our mobile viewing has surpassed even viewing on the desktop site.”
  • Some of that has to do with the weirdly obsessive way in which younger children (say, ages 2-8) tend to sample on-demand content.

    “We definitely see a lot of repeat viewing,” Teague said. “Kids will return to favorite episodes and favorite clips. They’ll seek out whatever the catchphrase was from last night’s episode of Adventure Time.”

Carri Bugbee

Netflix Needs Cable, But the Feeling Isn't Always Mutual | Variety - 0 views

  • Netflix is banking on getting on cable set-top boxes to hit aggressive growth targets in the next few years — but not every U.S. operator is eager to play ball with a company they view as a rival.
  • John Malone, whose Liberty Media owns a stake in Charter, has dismissed the notion that MSOs should pair up Netflix. At the company’s annual investor day this month, he said cable operators should team up to create a Netflix-like subscription VOD service, criticizing the industry for being slow to respond to over-the-top competitors.
  • Longer term, Netflix projects that it can be two or three times larger than HBO’s current linear base — with 60 million to 90 million subs in the U.S. Hitting those numbers would likely require pay TV deals, to reach consumers who don’t want a separate box for streaming Internet video.

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  • The thinking goes like this: Cable customers are watching Netflix anyway on other devices, so why not plug the service so they don’t have to switch over to an Apple TV or Roku?
Carri Bugbee

Can Twitter Save TV? (And Can TV Save Twitter?) - Forbes - 0 views

  • To its 200 million-plus active users, Twitter is many things: a social network, a short-form messaging service, a news wire, a tool for self-expression — even, some believe, a force for global political change. But the company itself seems far more keen to position itself among its users — and even better, potential users – as a TV companion, an indispensable tool to keep up with, discuss and even influence the outcomes of shows and live events like sporting contests and political debates.
  • This “second screen experience” turns TV into a participatory activity, allowing Twitter users to broadcast wisecracks, critiques and theories in real-time; the networks, in turn, share the behind-the-scenes worlds of writers’ rooms and dressing rooms, 140 characters at a time.
Carri Bugbee

i.TV Drops GetGlue Brand, Launches 'tvtag' App | Cable Television News | Broadcast Synd... - 0 views

  • Almost three months after striking a deal to acquire second screen TV app specialist GetGlue, i.TV has "retired" the GetGlue brand while introducing a new brand and social TV app called "tvtag" that will enable users to share, comment on and react to what they’re watching.
  • Tvtag will aggregate the i.TV second screen audiences from GetGlue, DirecTV and Nintendo (via the Nintendo TVii feature that’s baked into the Wii U console and Wii U GamePad). i.TV CEO Brad Pelo said the move will give tvtag access to an aggregate, potential reach of about 10 million users.
  • The new app replaces the GetGlue platform with one that  lets users “tag” moments within individual TV shows and sporting events with comments, doodles and memes. Keeping some of the old GetGlue features in place, tvtag will still let users “check in” to a show to unlock digital stickers, while also integrating user polls tied to TV content and the ability to share show-related info on Twitter and Facebook.
Carri Bugbee

Twitter says TV tweeters make better viewers » Digital TV Europe - 0 views

  • Twitter users recall TV advertisements at a far greater rate than non-users, according to an upcoming study from the social media platform.
  • There’s a 37% increase in ad recall among people watching TV and tweeting,” he said, adding that users tweeting about TV shows are doing so through their airing not during commercial breaks.
  • Delegates were told that four out of five US viewers are regularly using another device while watching TV.

Carri Bugbee

Viggle CEO on Dijit Acquisition : 2nd Screen Society - 0 views

  • Viggle Jan. 29 acquired Dijit Media, which builds and distributes a programming discovery service (NextGuide) for the Web and the iOS platform, that helps viewers search, find, and set reminders for their TV shows and movies, anywhere they’re available.

    “In a world where consumers have more choice than ever about where, when and how to watch programing, we are bringing to market a comprehensive platform to get the right show in front of the right person at the right time — wherever it is airing,” Consiglio said.

Carri Bugbee

Facebook opens up its social TV data for the first time in partnership with UK analytic... - 0 views

  • Facebook today announced a partnership with UK-based social TV analytics company SecondSync.
  • The partnership is a big deal because it means Facebook’s social TV data will be made available outside the company for the first time. In two weeks, SecondSync plans to share initial results in a white paper titled “Watching with Friends” with a full analysis of how people are using Facebook to engage with TV.
    The partnership is a big deal because it means Facebook's social TV data will be made available outside the company for the first time.
Carri Bugbee

TV x Twitter: New findings for advertisers and networks - 0 views

    1. #hashtags in TV ads drive positive brand conversation.

    To analyze the impact of hashtags in TV ads on Twitter earned media, we studied more than 500 television commercials in the consumer electronics category. We analyzed over 63,000 comments in response to those ads, across more than 100,000 television airings.

    We found that hashtags drive significantly more earned media for brands. TV ads with hashtags had 42% more Tweets about the ads than those without hashtags.

    2. Twitter keeps viewers tuned in to advertising.

    3. Twitter makes TV ads more effective.
    People love to watch TV with Twitter. During recent events like #SuperBowlXLVII with over 24.9M Tweets about the game and halftime, or last season's finale of "Pretty Little Liars" with a record-breaking 1.9M Tweets (as measured by Nielsen's SocialGuide) it's clear that TV and Twitter are better together.
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