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Carri Bugbee

Time-shifted TV viewing becoming the norm | Advanced Television - 1 views

  • ost people currently prefer to watch “must-see TV” at the time of broadcast, the signs are that this will soon change.
  • But there are strong pointers to a not-too-distant future where time-shifting is the default behaviour for most viewers, most of the time, and live viewing is mainly reserved for event TV.
  • On-demand is seen more as a catch-up facility, with 70 per cent of on-demand users claiming they only use on-demand services to catch up on programmes they have missed. In addition, the availability of on-demand services on other screens is key to many, with 47 per cent of on-demand users stating that they often use on-demand services to watch programmes when they are not in front of a TV set.
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  • PVRs are seen as more convenient and reliable than on-demand TV viewing.
  • The social opportunity to “media-mesh” with live content is also a factor that will surely continue to influence viewing choices.
brihaspathi times

Balakrishna's awesome look with Bike in Legend - 0 views

    It was heard that director Boyapati Sreenu specially designed a bike and a car for Balayya babu for his forthcoming film 'Legend'. This bike was designed by the Harley Davidson. You just watch it Balayya awesome look with Bike.
Carri Bugbee

Facebook Wants To Kill TV; Twitter Merely Wants To Steal From It - Business Insider - 0 views

  • Facebook has gone to war against TV, claiming it has a bigger audience and better measurement. It's hoping to eventually transfer the hundreds of millions of dollars currently being wasted on non-measurable TV commercials and funnel them into Facebook ads
  • More recently, Facebook has moderated its stance — perhaps because it saw how cozy Twitter was becoming in TVLand?
Carri Bugbee

Can Twitter Save TV? (And Can TV Save Twitter?) - Forbes - 0 views

  • To its 200 million-plus active users, Twitter is many things: a social network, a short-form messaging service, a news wire, a tool for self-expression — even, some believe, a force for global political change. But the company itself seems far more keen to position itself among its users — and even better, potential users – as a TV companion, an indispensable tool to keep up with, discuss and even influence the outcomes of shows and live events like sporting contests and political debates.
  • This “second screen experience” turns TV into a participatory activity, allowing Twitter users to broadcast wisecracks, critiques and theories in real-time; the networks, in turn, share the behind-the-scenes worlds of writers’ rooms and dressing rooms, 140 characters at a time.
brihaspathi times

Happy Birthday Kamal Hassan, Anushka and Trivikram - 0 views

    Today its special day for movie lovers because three legends are celebrating their birthday's today - they are acting legend South Indian great actor Kamal Hassan garu, Creative director Trivikram Srinivas garu and beautiful yoga teacher turns actress Anushka.
Carri Bugbee

Your iPad Is Now Your Kid's TV | Adweek - 0 views

  • The Walt Disney Co. last week unveiled perhaps the most radical tablet-related development, saying that its new Disney Junior series, Sheriff Callie’s Wild West, will stream to tablets before it ever hits the linear feed.
  • Thus far, the initial viewer-pattern data has been encouraging. “In the past year and a half, we’ve seen video viewing just skyrocket across mobile,” said Beau Teague, Cartoon Network’s senior director of user experience. “Our mobile viewing has surpassed even viewing on the desktop site.”
  • Some of that has to do with the weirdly obsessive way in which younger children (say, ages 2-8) tend to sample on-demand content.

    “We definitely see a lot of repeat viewing,” Teague said. “Kids will return to favorite episodes and favorite clips. They’ll seek out whatever the catchphrase was from last night’s episode of Adventure Time.”

Carri Bugbee

Netflix Needs Cable, But the Feeling Isn't Always Mutual | Variety - 0 views

  • Netflix is banking on getting on cable set-top boxes to hit aggressive growth targets in the next few years — but not every U.S. operator is eager to play ball with a company they view as a rival.
  • John Malone, whose Liberty Media owns a stake in Charter, has dismissed the notion that MSOs should pair up Netflix. At the company’s annual investor day this month, he said cable operators should team up to create a Netflix-like subscription VOD service, criticizing the industry for being slow to respond to over-the-top competitors.
  • Longer term, Netflix projects that it can be two or three times larger than HBO’s current linear base — with 60 million to 90 million subs in the U.S. Hitting those numbers would likely require pay TV deals, to reach consumers who don’t want a separate box for streaming Internet video.

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  • The thinking goes like this: Cable customers are watching Netflix anyway on other devices, so why not plug the service so they don’t have to switch over to an Apple TV or Roku?
Carri Bugbee

Twitter Gets TV Tie-Up Deal With Comcast - Peter Kafka - Media - AllThingsD - 0 views

  • The gist: Later this fall, Twitter users will start to see a “See It” button on messages about some of Comcast-owned NBCUniversal’s shows, like “The Voice.” Clicking on those Tweets will open up a Twitter “card” with more information about the shows, and Twitter users who are also Comcast pay-TV subscribers will be able to record or watch the show directly from their computer or mobile device.
  • “We want to make the conversation on Twitter lead to consumption,” said Sam Schwartz, Comcast’s chief business development officer.
  • The deal also includes an “Amplify” advertising deal with Twitter, where Twitter and NBCUniversal will both sell ads against short video clips from the programmers’ shows.
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  • But Schwartz said the two companies should be able to get the button to appear using hashtags fairly shortly, and may even have that ability ready for next month’s launch.
Carri Bugbee

Montreal's Seevibes acquires French social analytics firm TvTweet, opens office in Fran... - 0 views

  • The service analyzes over 3,000 TV shows across “100%” of broadcasters and cable TV networks in Canada, recording 20 million relevant social media interactions each week. The idea is that clients – which currently include Quebecor Media, CBC, and Bell Media – can analyze posts and tweets, both for their own shows and channels, but also the industry over all, and adjust their social media strategy accordingly.
  • TvTweet, founded in Bordeaux, France in 2011, has found similar success in the European market, and is working with companies such as Orange, TF1 and NRJ12 across seven different countries.
Carri Bugbee

TV x Twitter: New findings for advertisers and networks - 0 views

    1. #hashtags in TV ads drive positive brand conversation.

    To analyze the impact of hashtags in TV ads on Twitter earned media, we studied more than 500 television commercials in the consumer electronics category. We analyzed over 63,000 comments in response to those ads, across more than 100,000 television airings.

    We found that hashtags drive significantly more earned media for brands. TV ads with hashtags had 42% more Tweets about the ads than those without hashtags.

    2. Twitter keeps viewers tuned in to advertising.

    3. Twitter makes TV ads more effective.
    People love to watch TV with Twitter. During recent events like #SuperBowlXLVII with over 24.9M Tweets about the game and halftime, or last season's finale of "Pretty Little Liars" with a record-breaking 1.9M Tweets (as measured by Nielsen's SocialGuide) it's clear that TV and Twitter are better together.
Carri Bugbee

Why Intel and TiVo Are Cautious on New TV Interaction - Digits - WSJ - 0 views

  • But negative comments about the feature continued. A more recent factor was the highly publicized revelations about surveillance activities by the National Security Agency.

    “What pushed me over the hump was the whole NSA sort of thing,” Huggers says. “I don’t want to go there.”

  • Not that Intel doesn’t plan to offer plenty of ways to personalize the TV-watching experience.

    For example, the company cites a Personal Profiles feature that helps switch between individuals using the device, so they have access to relevant content and recommendations. Another option lets users add favorites so they have access to recently watched shows, with the ability to instantly pick up in the program where they left off.

  • Still another feature, called Spotlight, integrates recommendations based on what’s trending in social media as well as curating content based on a user’s age, interest and time of watching, the company says.
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  • Some others besides Intel that have experimented with new forms of interaction are also acting cautiously, given their current level of reliability and other issues. One is TiVo, the DVR pioneer, which has focused more lately on developing interface that can control TV offerings from a multitude of sources.
    Why Intel and TiVo Are Cautious on New TV Interaction
Carri Bugbee

Limited-Series TV and the Web: A Perfect Marriage | Seamus Condron | - 0 views

  • You want your new definition of social TV? There you have it. It's not a useless check-in app, it's short, sometimes sweet, sometimes powerful, highly consumable content. When you marry that with TV content that shares the same characteristics, you have a bright future for quality television and its second screen.
  • Limited series, anthology formats, and binge viewing Netflix shows are beginning to resemble how one-offs like the Super Bowl or the Grammy's behave on the Web, where there's a groundswell of conversation for a limited period of time.
Carri Bugbee

Millennials Watch Video On Smartphones - Business Insider - 0 views

  • YuMe conducted a study that tracked how millennials consume media, finding that 13% watch video content on their smartphones while they work, while another 13% watch while they shop. In total, 94% of millennials are multitasking (and likely distracted) while viewing content.
  • Smartphones and tablets, not televisions, are the gateway to a millennial audience. Millennials recall brands at a much better rate when they're on mobile devices, and they think of the TV as old-fashioned. In fact, only 3.1% of millennials consider brands that advertise on TV as being "modern."
  • More than twice that number think of smartphone advertisers as having "modern" brands.
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