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Carri Bugbee

The True Evolution of Facebook Organic Reach Between 2013 and 2014 - 0 views

  • Reach is not public data, and very few people (likely less than 20 companies across the globe) have the ability to access a significant number of pages’ reach metrics.

    So most (if not all) of what you’ve read on the subject is probably irrelevant, or greatly exaggerated.

  • Among the 142 industries (Facebook page categories) we have in the sample, only 18 are up or steady. But among the 124 categories seeing their organic reach going down, there are still a lot of them reaching more than 15 or 20% of their fans organically for each post.
  • We focused on the Organic Reach metric for posts (the only one that cannot include paid reach) of over 6,000 pages. We then averaged Organic reach by industry and compared the results between the two periods (July 2013 & May 2014)
  • ...2 more annotations...
  • Overall, there are much more industries going down than up.
  • For example, the “TV Channel” category which saw its Organic reach climb from 15 to 20% between July 2013 and May 2014 has 17 pages in the sample and their average fan count is 372k.  So, it’s easy to tell page size is not creating any bias here!
Carri Bugbee

Experts: Social Data Is Key to Measuring Television Success - 0 views

  • Seevibes created its own “Seevibes Score” — a composite score that consolidates data on market share, social impressions, loyalty levels, engagement rate, frequency, and level of response — to gauge how a show is performing socially. “The level of audience engagement with TV via social networks with television has surged by 500% year-after-year. This can make it difficult to compare broadcast numbers over time,” explains Maisonnave
  • “These social data points are giving us a new barometer for success or failure when we’re talking about engaging TV audiences,” says Youngling. “Content, both programmatic and advertorial, is now subject to an entirely new set of consumer-driven metrics. We talked about must-see TV back in the Seinfeld days, and now it’s evolving into the idea of must-comment TV.”
  • “Twitter didn’t have to train or persuade people to change their behavior,” says Bugbee of the network’s television chatter. “It just had to capitalize on what people were already doing. I think that’s why Twitter’s so powerful: it’s easy, it’s obvious, and it’s open.”
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  • “There are calls to action in all sorts of programming that are encouraging people to get involved and continue the dialog with that programming,” says Youngling. “For brands, the data is really showing that it’s incredibly impactful and meaningful. When you give audiences the opportunity to interact, they will.”
  • “If shows don’t get good ratings they don’t stay on the air,” says Bugbee. “You see television encouraging social activity with hashtags on shows. Ostensibly, if I’m not watching Dancing with the Stars and I see a lot of posts from my friends who are talking about it, maybe I should tune in.”
Carri Bugbee

Montreal's Seevibes acquires French social analytics firm TvTweet, opens office in Fran... - 0 views

  • The service analyzes over 3,000 TV shows across “100%” of broadcasters and cable TV networks in Canada, recording 20 million relevant social media interactions each week. The idea is that clients – which currently include Quebecor Media, CBC, and Bell Media – can analyze posts and tweets, both for their own shows and channels, but also the industry over all, and adjust their social media strategy accordingly.
  • TvTweet, founded in Bordeaux, France in 2011, has found similar success in the European market, and is working with companies such as Orange, TF1 and NRJ12 across seven different countries.
Carri Bugbee

Tweets Provide New Way to Gauge TV Audiences - - 0 views

  • Twitter's 49.2 million U.S. users generally skew younger and are disproportionately in cities, for example, according to marketers and media analysts.
  • marketers see potential value in knowing which shows have Twitter enthusiasts. For some, it is becoming a factor when they purchase TV time: The theory is that if fans are engaged on Twitter that "means the ads are also being paid attention to,"
  • The stakes are high for Twitter, which is under the spotlight of an initial public offering of stock and has identified TV-related ad spending as a crucial revenue driver.
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  • "If your show is creating conversations on Twitter, it is more valuable, and you should get credit for that," said Rachael Horwitz , a spokeswoman for Twitter, which provided information to Nielsen to help create the new Twitter TV ratings.
  • At an industry event in Beverly Hills this summer, CBS Chief Research Officer David Poltrack id "word of mouth" interactions about TV mostly still occur face to face, not on social media. He said that while Twitter's importance is growing and CBS is "immersing" itself in it, "right now it is focused on a small segment of the population."
  • Nielsen says the number of people tweeting about TV was 19 million in the second quarter, up 24% over the year-earlier period.
  • "We are a national company and our sales come from the suburban market more so than the metropolitan areas, where [Twitter's] strength lies," said Michael Zuna , chief marketing officer of the insurer.
    marketers see potential value in knowing which shows have Twitter enthusiasts. For some, it is becoming a factor when they purchase TV time:
Carri Bugbee

Nielsen and Twitter Unveil Social TV Metrics, Showing How Little Tweets Line Up with Ra... - 0 views

  • ne thing is immediately clear: There is practically no overlap between the most-tweeted shows on TV and the highest-rated shows.
  • Seen through a Twitter lens, the No. 1 television show for the week of Sept. 23 to 29 was AMC’s “Breaking Bad” by a mile, with 9.28 million people seeing tweets about the show’s finale — but the episode wasn’t even among the top 20 in total viewership for the period, according to Nielsen primetime ratings.
  • But the divergence between the top shows Americans actually watch on TV and what they talk about on Twitter illustrates that there is not a strong correlation, today, between the two mediums. Only one show, two airings of NBC’s “The Voice,” appear in both top 10 rankings.
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  • the data shows the Twitter TV audience for an episode is, on average, 50 times larger than the authors who are generating tweets.
  • In its IPO filing, Twitter said the Nielsen Twitter TV Rating will “not directly generate revenue” but said, “we believe (it) will enhance our attractiveness to users and advertisers.”
  • Facebook, which has a total user base more than five times the size of Twitter’s, is playing catch-up to Twitter in trying to provide a similar guide for how social activity on its service relates to TV. Last week, Facebook began sharing weekly data about interactions among U.S. users for about 45 broadcast shows in primetime with ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC and a few other partners.
    There is practically no overlap between the most-tweeted shows on TV and the highest-rated shows.
Carri Bugbee

MediaPost Publications Nielsen Twitter TV Ratings Deliver Profile, Reach Of Viewers 10/... - 0 views

  • Nielsen says what is new here is determining “reach," the unique audience/impressions.
  • the entire Twitter TV audience for per episode is, on average, 50 times larger than the authors. If, for example, 2,000 people are tweeting about a program, 100,000 people are seeing those Tweets. Those 100,000 aren’t necessarily viewers of that particular TV episode.
  • Nielsen Twitter TV Ratings are a separate set of metrics to traditional National TV Ratings. They do not change traditional National TV Ratings. But many believe they will complement each other.
  • ...1 more annotation...
  • Twitter activity of TV in the U.S. has grown recently -- to 19 million unique people in the U.S. composed of 263 million Tweets about live TV in the second quarter of 2013 alone. This is a 24% increase in “authors” and a 38% increase in Tweet volume, according to SocialGuide.
Carri Bugbee

Twitter Acquires Trendrr in Quest to Own Real-Time Conversation - Digits - WSJ - 0 views

  • Trendrr calls itself a real-time company that processes and tries to make sense out of the data surrounding television, media and brands. Trendrr’s products — Curatorr and Trendrr.TV
  • Having sat at this intersection of TV and social media for years, we’ve analyzed data from lots of platforms. What makes Twitter uniquely compelling among these platforms is its connection to the live moment — people sharing what’s happening, when it’s happening, to the world. We think we can help amplify even stronger the power of that connection to the moment inside of Twitter.
  • Twitter in May rolled out new products that let advertisers target people on Twitter who had just seen their ads on TV. The update was born out of Twitter’s acquisition of Bluefin Labs, another social TV tracker. The move wasn’t so much a boon for media companies as much as a display of how Twitter can work on a second screen alongside TV.

Carri Bugbee

The Trendrr Blog » Blog Archive » New Facebook Data Strengthens Tools For Mea... - 0 views

  • Facebook has given Trendrr preliminary access to previously unanalyzed Facebook user engagement data on chatter relating to television content.
  • Our analysis reveals that there is a large amount of TV-related social activity on Facebook — in numbers approximately 5 times as large as that of all other social networks combined as measured by Trendrr.
  • Trendrr’s analysis of second-screen Facebook activity during one week in May** found that the volume of Facebook user engagement relating to television programming was 5 times as large as all other social networks combined.

    Activity related to broadcast television was 7 times as large, while activity linked to cable-television programming was 4.5 times as large as all other social networks combined.

    Second-screen activity levels on Facebook were particularly high among viewers of dramas and comedies.

  • ...2 more annotations...
  • Live events during airtime, such as sporting events, also showed dramatically higher levels of activity over other social networks — something that may be surprising for some marketers who view Facebook as a platform mostly for extended conversation.
  • Trendrr and Facebook are working on a public case study of TV-related Facebook activity as part of an effort to illustrate the full breadth of engagement on Facebook’s platforms. Ultimately, Trendrr hopes to begin incorporating this Facebook data into its Social TV Rankings charts.*
Carri Bugbee

Nielsen adapts to track 'TV-free' homes - Business - CBC News - 0 views

  • Nielsen Co. started labelling people in this group "Zero TV" households, because they fall outside the traditional definition of a TV home. There are 5 million of these residences in the U.S., up from 2 million in 2007
  • Unless broadcasters can adapt to modern platforms, their revenue from Zero TV viewers will be zero.
  • For the first time, TV ratings giant Nielsen took a close look at this category of viewer in its quarterly video report released in March. It plans to measure their viewing of new TV shows starting this fall, with an eye toward incorporating the results in the formula used to calculate ad rates.
  • ...3 more annotations...
  • he Zero TV segment is increasingly important, because the number of people signing up for traditional TV service has slowed to a standstill in the U.S.
  • Zero TVers tend to be younger, single and without children.
  • Then there are the "cord-nevers," young people who move out on their own and never set up a landline phone connection or a TV subscription.
Carri Bugbee

Twitter tied to ratings growth, finds new Nielsen-Social Guide study - Lost Remote - 0 views

    Nielsen - along with its new acquisition Social Guide - have released new data that shows a positive correlation between Twitter volume and TV ratings.
Carri Bugbee

Nielsen Agrees to Expand Definition of TV Viewing - 1 views

  • networks for years have complained that total viewing of their shows isn't being captured by traditional ratings measurements. This is a move to correct that.
  • decision to expand beyond traditional TV ratings measurement came out of a meeting in New York on Tuesday of the What Nielsen Measures Committee, a group that has been meeting for nearly a year.
  • By September 2013, when the next TV season begins, Nielsen expects to have in place new hardware and software tools in the nearly 23,000 TV homes it samples. Those measurement systems will capture viewership not just from the 75 percent of homes that rely on cable, satellite and over the air broadcasts but also viewing via devices that deliver video from streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon, from so-called over-the-top services and from TV enabled game systems like the X-Box and PlayStation.
Carri Bugbee

2013 Superbowl Ads Favor URLs, Hashtags -Not Facebook | Web Strategy by Jeremiah Owyang... - 0 views

  • 75% of Brands integrate second screen experience, up 7%.
  • Hashtags, presumably aimed for Twitter, dominate over Facebook. Hashtag integration in ads dominated the airtime, with 38% of ads including Hashtags in visual display on ads,
  • Summary: Expect Hashtags to Overake Corporate Websites in 2014
    Brands prefer deeper integration on their own website and leverage over-arching hashtags for events
Carri Bugbee

What You Need to Know About 'Social TV' Right Now | Commentary and analysis from Simon ... - 0 views

    "Merely tracking the volume of buzz," said Bluefin Labs VP-Marketing and Business Development Tom Thai, "without a deeper analysis of other factors, is very rudimentary." What matters is context; once a show gets traction, what else can the viewers who are chattering about it tell us about their other preferences as consumers? "If you're a CMO for an automaker vs. wireless carrier vs. laundry detergent," said Mr. Thai, "your audiences and needs will be different. The key next step is marrying social-TV data about the shows with data about specific brands."
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