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Matti Narkia

Holick explains how Vit D made the Dinosaurs extinct - Prof. Marshall's Perspective - P... - 0 views

    On 29th September, Dr Michael Holick appeared on the "Coast to Coast" radio show, hosted by George Noory:

    As many of you can't afford a subscription to listen to the whole show, I have edited the broadcast into an MP3 file of short snippets, so that we can (intelligently) discuss what was said. There is a "beep tone" to separate each snippet of info.

    You can download it from:

    First is the introduction, setting out Dr Holick's overview of Vit D.
Matti Narkia

Take or avoid vitamin D supplements? - Forums - 0 views

    "Hi! This is Amy Proal. I wrote the article referenced at the start of the thread about vitamin D.

    Dr. Marshall is not concerned with vitamin D toxicity. Rather his molecular modeling research has clarified the actions of the two vitamin D metabolites 25-D and 1,25-D. The Vitamin D Receptor (VDR) is a fundamental receptor of the body - it controls the expression thousands of genes, as well as the activity of the innate immune system and the antimicrobial peptides. If you think of the VDR as a switch, 25-D (which is a corticosteroid) turns it off (inactivates it) and 1,25-D turn it on (activates it). What is commonly believed among vitamin D researchers is that if people supplement with extra vitamin D it will be converted into 1,25-D and activate the VDR. Unfortunately, Marshall's work revealed that the type of vitamin D derived from supplements and sun remains, for the most part, in it's precursor form 25-D. This means that the extra vitamin D we get from fortified food products and supplements is turning the VDR off, not on. That causes a decrease in immune function and gene transcription."
Matti Narkia

Can a Treatment for Sarcoidosis be Helpful for CFS or Fibromyalgia? - 0 views

    Is the MP Treatment for Sarcoidosis Helpful for Other Chronic Diseases?
    MP's Vitamin D Theories Are Not Supported by Lab Studies.
    Updated July 2, 2008

    "The MP treatment plan was originally designed to treat an inflammatory condition known as sarcoidosis. The treatment consists of using the drug Benicar, combined with the avoidance of all sources of vitamin D, and eventually adding various antibiotics, especially minocycline. After being used by sarcoidosis patients for some years, it was then theorized and claimed that the treatment could treat other inflammatory conditions. Eventually it was also claimed that it could treat fibromyalgia and CFS, conditions which are not recognized by the medical literature as being inflammatory in nature. "
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