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Suzie Nestico

COnceptual Framework of How Evaluators Make Everyday Practice Decisions - 6 views

    • Suzie Nestico
      Overall, the field of evaluation lacks evidence about how evaluators actually use their knowledge, experience, and judgment when deciding how to approach evaluations in their daily practice. The purpose of this article is to introduce a conceptual framework for studying evaluators' practice decisions in everyday environments.
Suzie Nestico

How a CPS teacher went from 'excellent' to 'do-not-hire' in one year | Ben Joravsky on ... - 17 views

    Interesting article about a teacher receiving an unsatisfactory evaluation for not keeping lesson plans in the designated location.
edutopia .org

Measuring a Teacher's Effectiveness Goes Beyond Test Scores | Edutopia - 5 views

    Transformational Leadership Coach and mother Elena Aguilar explains her version of evaluating a teacher's effectiveness. 
edutopia .org

Reflect on Your Social, Emotional, and Character Development Work this Past School Year... - 2 views

    A great checklist to reflect on your social, emotional, and character development work during the past teaching year.
Jacques Cool

Educational Leadership:The Effective Educator:Evaluations That Help Teachers Learn - 14 views

    A good system of teacher evaluation must answer four questions: How good is good enough? Good enough at what? How do we know? and Who should decide?
Reuven Werber

City Brights: Howard Rheingold : Crap Detection 101 - Information evaluation - 13 views

  • To me, the issue of information literacy could be even more important than the health or education of some individuals. Fundamental aspects of democracy, economic production, the discovery and use of knowledge might be at stake. Some of the biggest problems facing the world today seem to be far beyond the ability of any individual or community, or even the whole human race, to tackle.
    Evaluating the accuracy of information on the Internet
Carl Bogardu

National Evaluation Series - 5 views

    Apparently, Pearson is involved in developing a group that will work on a national evaluation for teachers. Pay for the development week is $350 a day and includes travel/lodging in some cases.
David Hilton

Reading, Writing, and Researching for History: A Guide for College Students - 5 views

    Useful guide for history educators.
Maggie Verster

Evaluating Technology Use in the Classroom - 0 views

    A simple checklist kind of approach to ICT use in the classroom. Very practical...
Kelly O

Evaluating Web Pages: Techniques to Apply & Questions to Ask - 0 views

    Evaluating web pages
Elizabeth Koh

Assessment Resource Centre - 0 views

    Defines the various types of assessments one can use.
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