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Martin Burrett

Best Educators to Follow on Twitter 2019 - 5 views

    "After three months of nominating, the definitive list of educators to follow on Twitter is here, as chosen by you"
Martin Burrett

5 steps to becoming an education hero - 5 views

    "Helping to inspire those around us can lead to a very fulfilling and worthwhile life, and teaching is no different. Beyond inspiring and encouraging our students, the opportunities are there to share and inspire colleagues, who will mainly welcome new ideas, resources, or different ways of approaching situations."
Martin Burrett

11 Female Teachers Who Changed the World by @RichardJARogers - 0 views

    "From authors and actresses to CEOs and engineers: Women prove time and time again that they can perform any job just as efficiently and professionally as any man can."
Martin Burrett

Educators to Follow on Twitter 2018 - 2 views

    As choose by the Teachers of the UKEdChat community
Martin Burrett

2017 Online Conference - 2 views

    "Due to demand, we are delighted to announce details of our first online conference. Educators from around the world are invited to participate in this inaugural event, where the focus is on pedagogy, classroom practice, and ideas to improve teaching and learning. The event will take place over 3 days in October 2017 (24-26 October) - planned to be during the half-term holidays for most educators in the UK - but educators are also invited along to share in the incredible pedagogy that goes on in classrooms around the world."
Martin Burrett

April 2017 UKEdChat Magazine - 3 views

    Free and open online education magazine with top teaching tips, resources and ideas.
Martin Burrett

Map of Educators on Twitter - 2 views

    Map with over 2,000 educators from around the world. Add yourself via the free UKEdChat app.
Madeline Binder

Pinterest - 4 views

One of the greatest resources for teachers is Pinterest. If you need an invitation, please contact madeline@super-science-fair-projects.comI have so enjoyed participating and contributing.

pinterest teachers educators science fair

started by Madeline Binder on 28 Oct 12 no follow-up yet
Shari Sheppard

Teching to the Test? - 3 views

    Toilets on the Shuttle! Should we be "teaching to the test"? U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan says that "no teacher should have to teach to the test." Then why is Obama spending $360 million to developing new assessments to go along with standards adopted by almost all states? Read more:
Fred Delventhal

The Education Media Network | EdReach - 5 views

    EdReach provides a platform for passionate, outspoken educators- aiming to strengthen their voices by highlighting innovation in the field of education, through reporting critical educational news, providing commentary, and offering criticism of the educational issues of the day.
Megan Black

Activities - Educators - BullyBust - 13 views

    Resources for developing classroom and school wide anti bully programs and promote upstander behavior.
Suzie Nestico

Twitter Book Club Index - 10 views

    Fantastic list of edreform books all educators should read.
Roland O'Daniel

Teacher Evaluations: Publicly Naming Educators Tied To Performance Scores Hinder Reform... - 1 views

    Should teacher value-added information be released publicly?  I agree that evaluation decisions should not be based solely on one criterion but think something like value-added data should be public information. I would want to know this kind of information about my children's teachers. 
Claude Almansi

Digital Promise - Knowledge. Technology. Possibility. - 0 views

    "A new national center founded to spur breakthrough technologies that can help transform the way teachers teach and students learn. Educators Empowering you with tools to help you reach every single student. Innovators Making it easier for you to turn a great idea into a product that delivers results for learners of all ages. Researchers Translating cutting-edge research on how we learn into cutting-edge technologies that can help us learn. Citizens Preparing Americans of all races, regions, and backgrounds to succeed in college and a career. ..."
Ed Webb

Tenured Radical - The Chronicle of Higher Education - 3 views

  • there is little to no attention being paid to giving full-time faculty the training to teach students who have a wide range of capacities when it comes to what counts for normal classroom discipline:  sitting still for an hour and taking notes, being in crowded rooms where they risk being bumped and touched, overcoming obsessive behavior to get to class or hand in a paper on time, working in small groups with other students, or being in large classes with crowds of strangers.  It is also happening in a context in which being full-time faculty is becoming anomalous, and the financial “flexibility” of running higher education on per-course labor makes it unlikely that the vast majority of faculty will be eligible, or open to making unpaid time available, for the training that would make their classrooms accessible to autistic students
  • People with autism, Gilman notes, also tend to have disordered sleep, affecting the capacity to function at high-stress times of the semester when we assume that most students are pulling all-nighters.  They have difficulty relating to someone they are intimate with (much less an impatient, overworked faculty member who wants all students to act like the adults they appear to be), what they are experiencing and what is wrong, which would make even the most generous office hours not useful. So when we are putting together arguments for hiring full-time faculty in the next round of budget cuts and declarations from foundations that tenure is holding us back, think about adding this one in.  The demands on faculty to be well-trained, knowledgeable, creative and flexible teachers are growing — not subsiding — and attention to this will make all the difference in keeping our classrooms truly inclusive
  • colleges and universities don't have the infrastructure to replicate what these students have relied upon in high school
  • ...2 more annotations...
  • please don't generalize from specific autistic traits to all the students on the spectrum. Our autistic daughter isn't a visual learner, she's a voracious reader. Still, the number of times people have assumed that she learns in a visual or tactile way, in the style of Temple Grandin? Too many to count.
  • a good first step would be to listen to autistic undergraduates themselves and to put the needs they express first instead of responding primarily to the perspective of the neurotypical parents of autistic children. The perspective of autistic undergraduates, which seems to me to be the most important on the subject, is entirely missing from this post
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