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Ted Sakshaug

Have some ColorFun! - 6 views

    mixing colors and other color activities
Jacques Cool

Can We Teach Creative and Critical Thinking? - Education - GOOD - 15 views

    At the heart of teaching critical and creative thought is the ability to ask the right questions to students. In turn, they need to be able answer in a way that demonstrates their ability to see the parallels and intersections; perceive linkages between historical moments, between the period and the art, between the circumstances then and now; to comprehend the relationship between "us" and "them", between "we" and "they," and, ultimately, whether dichotomies like "we" and "they" are useful-and, if so, how.
David Wetzel

Creative Ways to Use Podcasts in the Classroom - 17 views

    Strategies and techniques are provided for integrating podcasts lessons to promote the benefits of greater student engagement and alternative assessment.
Jennifer Garcia

Try It | Enquiring Minds - 10 views

    "So you like the idea trying out enquiry-based teaching and learning in your own school? "
Jerry Swiatek

Wanna Work Together? - Creative Commons - 0 views

    Pays tribute to the people around the world using CC licenses to build a better, more vibrant creative culture. [QuickTime] [Theora] * License your work License your work * License your work Find licensed works * A Shared Culture * Berkman Panel (Dec 2008) * Building on the Past * CC Brasil * CC+: Creative Commons and Commerce * ccSearch Screencast * Get Creative! * Mayer and Bettle * Mayer and Bettle 2 * Media That Matters: A CC Case Study * Mix Tape * Reticulum Rex * Science Commons * Wanna Work Together? * Wired NextMusic * Jobs * Events * Newsletter * Case Studies * CC Talks With... * Store * Top * Blog * Donate * Policies * Privacy * Press Room * Sitemap * Contact
Ruth Howard

A Tribe Called Next » Blog Archive » BROOKLYN SUPERHERO SUPPLY CO. - 0 views

  • superhero supplies such as; grappling hooks, bottles of chaos and gravity, capes, invisibility paint, jars of anti-matter, secret identity kits, deflector braclets and more.
  • love how the staff treat the products as real superhero supplies and customers as real superheros. They even get you to quote a superhero oath at checkout!
  • This concept store is the brainchild of literary Dave Eggers and like all of our favourite comic book heroes - it has a dual identity. In reality, the store is a clever front for the non-profit (youth orientated) creative writing and tutoring centre, 826NYC. To enter 826NYC, you actually have to go through a swinging bookcase in the BBS store. Proceeds from the BBS store fund 826NYC directly to help young people with their creative writing skills. Amazing. Marc Jacobs and Kenneth Cole have both designed crime-fighting outfits for fundraising events here.
    Hi this is a youth creative writing program but it's masquarading as a storefront filled with Superhero supplies!
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