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Conrado Gonzalez

Not enough testing...try testing the arts while you are at it...would you? - 1 views

What do you think of this idea to test the arts? Is it an insult to the 'fun nature' of the arts? Or Is it a way to validate the importance of the arts in our schools?

Conrado Gonzalez

From Distraction to Engagement - 26 views

I love technology. Having said that, at least at the elementary level I don't feel that it is a priority at all. At least nowhere where I have had the pleasure to work in. It is a gimmicky thing th...

technology Classroom Education integrating

Conrado Gonzalez

Teaching Coding to Middle and High School - 14 views

Loved the video Lupita. This weekend I was just talking about that with a close friend of mine. We both got into programming when we were very little but somehow didn't have the parental support at...

technology Education resources tools 21stcenturyskills techlearning

Isabel Cabrera

Digital Footprints and Digital Dossier - 25 views

To Adam, I think when something happens to these students they will remember the crazy old man that told them to be careful what they post. I have a teenager as well and I tell him, but he thinks ...

Digital Citizenship Classroom Education 21st century skills technology

Maribel Gracia

I-Need-My-Teachers-to-Learn - 12 views

Blanca, great video. Teachers and parents need to be aware with new changes especially in technology. Students are so advance in areas with technology and the world that sometimes we as adults lik...

technology education integrating tools

Sergio Perez - 13 views

Very useful website, Sergio. I've used Rubistar before especially when I have my students present. I loved the quizstar teacher tools. Thanks for sharing.

education technology classroom integrating

Alberto Gonzalez

Differentiating Instruction Using Technology - 3 views

Technology with Differentiating instruction in the classroom

Technology Classroom techlearning Differentiating

started by Alberto Gonzalez on 12 Nov 12 no follow-up yet
Joshua McDonald

Homework NOV. 11 - 2 views

I believe there will not be anything due until next week....the updated calendar shows that the next assignments will not be due until the 18th...hope this helps

R. Palomares

IPAD - 1 views

Diana, some greats apps for the IPAD include: "Mathboard, Math bingo, and Britannica-kids..."

Maribel Gracia

Kids Numbers Math Website - - 13 views

Nora, great website. Its awesome that a teacher can generate the worksheets so they can use them as a resource for their regular classroom or tutorials. Thanks for sharing.....

technology math classroom

Yadira Flores

Using Web 2.0 tools in Your Life - 3 views

Hi guys! This is the week that I will be hosting along with others in our group. Look at the website hosted by Discovery Education, take your time look at the video on the page it is a good overvie...

technology classroom tools web2.0

started by Yadira Flores on 23 Oct 12 no follow-up yet
nora garza

Using Computer and Technology Resources in the Classroom - 25 views

Awesome! I like the step by step directions on how to create a website.The games are great and the students are certainly going to be engaged. I recommend

Yadira Flores

Host this week - 5 views

Valree, I think you need to fix the link and take the link part off because it does not allow us to go directly.

Juanita Casanova

Stress - 1 views

Does anyone have any good ways to relieve stress? It is NOT even October, and I already feel like a need a week off.


started by Juanita Casanova on 24 Sep 12 no follow-up yet
Juanita Casanova - 3 views

I just reviewed it and registered for it. I hope to be able to start implementing soon in my class.


Noe Granado

How much do you let your students use technology in the classroom? - 12 views

I make sure technology is being used 100% of the time. Students are expected to either use Web 2.0 tools or if they have a better Web 2.0 tool they must share it with the classroom. They have acces...

Delilah Alegria

Ten Reasons why Technology is Vital to education - 9 views

I remember when we had to carry a bunch of textbooks to school, at school, and after school. My backpack was always heavy. I think that laptops are a good solution even though not everyone can affo...

Delilah Alegria

Japanese School Tests Robot Teacher - 6 views

Those are my exact sentiments. I think it'd be cool for a science class, so that the students can see how far technology has come, but not to actually be the teacher.

technology classroom

Salina V

Favorite Classroom Technology Application - 23 views

I like a lot, but if I had to chose I think I would say Prezi. While at first I really just thought about it as a different moving Power Point Presentation, as I started using it I noticed that th...

classroom technology

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