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Valree Martinez

Using Computer and Technology Resources in the Classroom - 25 views

started by Valree Martinez on 24 Sep 12
  • Valree Martinez
    As a host this coming week, I will be encouraging different technology tools that can be used within the instructional design process. I have highlighted the following page with a few examples of what resources that I was interested in. I would like for everyone to view the site and pick 2 tools that they would like to use in their classroom and why? Explain at what part in the instructional process you would implement these tools and who would you see yourself sharing these tools with?

    The following
    Remember students should respond to at least to 2 other students comments.
  • Diana Cedillo
    Is anyone else having trouble viewing the link?
  • Valree Martinez
    try :
  • Marivel Garcia
    I was able to explore the website it's really nice, I especially like how the learner can create a story and allow others to add or help continue the story.( inventionatplay ) Basically, by allowing the learner to invent and think critically it will open up the doors to life time learning.
  • Diana Cedillo
    Valree, I was able to view the website from the link you provide through Diigo. Thanks. I left you a comment on my favorite link. =-)
  • Yadira Flores
    I really liked the website it allows for students to use their problem solving skills, more than the multiple choice test. I think learners should be allowed to solve problems like it happens in real life and this website is perfect because they can use their imagination and hgo beyond. I enjoyed it and to tell you the truth it was kind of challenging.
  • Valree Martinez
    Thanks for your discussiion, I agree it does invite them to a lifetime of learning!
  • Sara Aldape
    Loved the website, it is student centered and will engage all learners.
  • Sonia Aldape
    Awesome website, it is student friendly which incorporates critical thinking skills as well as problem solving skills that students will use in real life situations. The games are engaging but at the same time makes the students interact with one another when developing a story by adding to the story. Love it for 4th grade writing.
  • Santos Alvarado
    A great website Valree, the games on the website are grade level appropriate, students will be engaged and be learning at the same time while playing a game.
  • Alberto Gonzalez
    Wow great website Valree, I'd enjoy using these games for my students and also can involve coroperative learning strategies in the classroom as well. This is sort of like flipped classroom instead of basic lecture. Great resource tool
  • Maribel Gracia
    This website was great. The games were very entertaining for the students to enjoy and work effectively with them. With more technology awareness, these types of website is very useful for students to enhance their knowledge while playing a game activity.
  • nora garza
    Awesome! I like the step by step directions on how to create a website.The games are great and the students are certainly going to be engaged. I recommend

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